Sunday, January 31, 2016

Watching The Big Thaw Sunday Selfie

We are watching all that white stuff turn to green...well, its snow and its melting to reveal all my grass!

We had a lot of rain today, and temps in the 40's. That makes for a muddy sloppy mess, but I am glad to see my grass again. Minko seems to be enjoying the thawing too...though he doesn't have to go and use it fur his litter box; I think its because then he might be able to sneak a chance at going out through my doggy door and snag him some grass to chew...OMD will he have a surprise, its still all short and yucky, BOL!

I got to chase varmints in my back wooded area, naughty critters. I can also do that where ever I pawlease, not just in shoveled pathways, BOL! And when I had to go out to do some privacy pawlease, my peeps actually had to call me back, cause I was having fun sniffing all the long neglected things back there, and putting new pee mails on stuff, too:)  Who cares what my peeps agenda is! BOL! (They said it was still too cold to leave me out there, even with my heated nest...sigh...)

Growlmy I would really like to have that cookie now...pawlease??
                                                        (And yes I got my cookie, BOL!)

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Sunday Selfie From The Couch

We have had only a dusting of snow, but...OMC! The poor furs and their peeps who live where that blizzard called Jonah is walloping about and lashing out with all its snowy fury. Yikes!

We hope evfurry one there will be safe and stay warm as they hunker down to wait it out.

Pawppy has furmily and furends in that area...we will try to call them to check on them.

The kitties  had to hunker down  on Friday, but I had a lot of fun being an inspector and snoopervisor!
Early in the morning, there was stomping of feet that we did not recognize on our back steps...that can only mean (trouble),  fun and excitement in my the kitties  ran off and hid, but I barked my song of joy and jumped up to see who was coming to my den!

They made lots of noise in the kitchen and even more in the bathroom.OMD!
They stole the kitchen faucet...really?? But now there is another one there, Phew, I can still get water:) And its quieter in there, too...the old tap was dripping and a few times it even dared to spray water in the faces of growlmy & pawppy, BOL!! One night growlmy heard a crack, and then she had to really work hard to get the tap shut off...a ring had broken...sheesh...good riddance then.
They hope this new one will serve them fur many water filled years:)

Then growlmy and pawppy had to scramble and take evfurrything out of the pantry. OMD! What a way to have to do the so called spring was forced upon them:) That is the only way those intruders could get at the pipes and stuff that serve the water to the bathroom...oh the joys of living in an old (1907), farm house...sigh...
Those dudes put their dirty boots all over the bathroom floor, and even left prints inside the tub, wow. They had to take apart the faucet in the was dripping and dripping and making our water pump work way too often. So now the electric bill should improve. We don't have a water bill, cause we have a well, out here in these rural parts.
Then...and its a good thing I can go outside to know what..., they stole the toilet...took it right out of our den and said it was going to the toilet graveyard...sheesh, after all those years of good service? It was stamped inside with 1948 as the time of its birth...should it not have gone to a toilet museum instead?? Pawppy said no way was he going to put it in the garden as a planter, BOL!!
That old monster toilet was running so much that it was going to run away right out the den said Growlmy one day. so now there is a new potty in there! Sparkling and white:) And it flushes with a big whoosh, and then there is silence! OMD!! No more runaway potties, BOL!!

OK, now Growlmy has to go to work, so we hope you all have a wunderfur  Sunday!

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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Watching Snow On Sunday Selfies On A Cold January Sunday

Its Sunday again, and that means time to do a selfie!
I am going to be bored today and it seems a few more days, too...we had quite a bit of snow, but most of it was gone after some warmer weather and rain even, but today its cold at 12F and the snow machine has started its engines again, we might have 6 inches...nope not fun fur me, I do not care fur it...though I know some pups do love it...
So I watch from my staircase seat, and wonder when will spring arrive so I can enjoy my nice soft warm grass?

OK, here I am and then I will go and do a quick business run outside, come back in and snooze the day wait...I will have to bark once in  a while at the kitties, and the neighbors outside, and maybe when my pawrents come back inside from snow cleanup duties, BOL!! Our squirrel dudes are hibernating it seems, have not seen any yesterday or today...boring.....
Soon all my grass will be covered in a white blanket...sigh...

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Kitties And Me Altogether Selfies!

Yup, even Pipo let me get up close to him...sort here are some not to often seem pictures of the three of us altogether.
The lighting is bad, though, cause growlmy doesn't use a flash, and it was a dark and dreary wet day. Worse yet, there is snow and ice coming after the rains stop...I sure hope the sun comes out of hibernation some time soon.....

Hmmm, do you think they want me here?
Pipo wants to whap me, I think.

I will just try to act suave...that will win him over...I hope!
Minko is whispering in my ear not to mind Pipo too much...BOL!What does he know about whaps from a kitty smacky paw?

Growlmy, somehow I don't feel too welcome here...

No, not too welcome at all!

Is this a good pose? Pipo isn't stink eyeing me here...

Maybe I will try to nap a bit.
Sigh...Pipo is telling Minko that they need to make me leave...see his smacky whapping paw? Sheesh!
Maybe I will just have to do a solo selfie while I am still here...
Bye kitties, are you happy now?
No one will try to make me feel unwelcome here in my nest I hope. Can I have a treat now?
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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Furst Sunday Selfie Week Of 2016!

This is the furst Sunday of that means its the furst Selfie Sunday time too!
This selfie shows my opinion of cleaning all the pretty  and festive things up and 'hiding' them until next time...

'Clean up' means I keep hearing excuse me you're in the way...

This one shows why, in a way I am glad it *is* all ovfur till the next time, BOL! I felt so 'barrassed to be wearing this get up...

We had some sun puddles today, they felt nice and warm on my aging bones...and since there is snow on the ground ( not too much, but its still cold and it *is* snow!), having warm sunbeams is impawrtant!

Since we just dogabrated New Year's, that means it is also a brand new year to start off with Sunday Selfies! I woof my thanks to the  Kitties Blue who host those fun Blog Hops each week!

Starting up a New Year of Sunday Selfies, hosted by The Cat On My Head

Friday, January 1, 2016

I Wish You All A Yappy And Happy New Year!!

Wow, It is now January First, 2016!

Happy New Year to you, all my pals and their families!
May you find blessing each day as you travel through this new set of days, weeks and months.

I wish you health, happiness and peace!