Sunday, April 10, 2016

Tilt-a-Whirl-Topsy-Turvy-Snowy-Sunday Selfie

Yup, its tilt-a-whirl here, not just me, but the weather, too...all mixed up. The season says Spring on the calendar, but when I look outside its more like January, at least it was yesterday morning.
Growlmy was at work on Friday evening, and when she drove back home it took a longtime, she had to 'crawl' home, it was slippery on the roads and whiteout conditions, she could hardly see where she was going. At least she didn't meet up with any deer, sometimes they are all over the roads when she comes home.
When I got up on Saturday morning, there was about 5 inches of snow on my back porch steps. Sheesh...I have a hard enough time on stairs right now, snow and ice don't help...but I was in need of getting out I went even befur growlmy could clear them off...and, well she decided it warranted some pictures. No privacy here folks.

Saturday after the storm was over, the sun came out for a time, and melted a lot of the snow...and with growlmy;s help, the sidewalk and driveway were once again all clean and bare...but this morning, the snow and sleet had resumed. Sheesh. It was 28F. Brrr! Now in the late afternoon, its raining...ugh.
On Tuesday growlmy has to do a 120 mile round trip, she hopes the weather will be quiet and cooperative:)
We all hope that on the 28th and 29th, the weather will be nice and pleasant, that is when unfurbro the younger will be graduating from Grad school...who wants to watch that all shivering and wearing  snow boots?
Boss-boy said he still has his snow tires on...OMD! Who told him it was prudent to dawdle with that aspect of his car maintenance?? BOL!

With regards to my wobbly tilt-a-whirl self, well, slowly I am getting better, thanks for all the POTP. At least I can keep my noms down, and I am going into the kitchen to beg morsels when growlmy is fixing meals there...I just love those crunchy salad items, BOL!
Growlmy isn't leashing to guide me down the steps to the grass outside anymore, though the stairs in the house are still blocked off.
She giggled when she saw the tracks I made in the snow..they are all crooked, I guess I would fail a sobriety straight line walk if  a policeman wanted to know if I was inebriated, BOL! But I am interested in the goings on in my yard, and went way to the back to sniff where those pesky tree rats were scurrying about. Grrr.

All my lab work came back perfectly normal, so that at least is great news to know. That means I can have the dental...way later I hope, BOL!

Backyard, April 9, 2016

Side yard, April 9, 2016. Growlmy's van has less snow than pawppy's car, cause she drove home about halfway through the storm...The strong winds blew off a lot of snow from our weeping cherry tree.
*My* wood pile...the tree rats love to tease me from the top of this pile...Grrr.
Very cold daffies and bluebells; they were hoping to show off their pretty blooms, not buried in deep snow.
This is the third time this brave mini daffie has been covered in a snowy blanket.
Oh, NO! Snow:(
Well, if I squint enough, maybe I can be brave and go down these snowy steps...
Off I go...
A bit wobbly...

Almost there...
I made it!

Sniffing to find some grass...

My pawprint.
And there is growlmy's boot-print beside mine!

This snow is cold...
And deep...
But I am doing fine, growlmy!

See, I got all the way ovfur to my fence to do well, you know, BOL!

Closeup Wobbly Selfie
My stance is wide to keep my balance better...

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  1. I are so glad I ain't havin to put up wif dat cold stuff!

    And I's glad to hear ya's a lil better, even if ya are still wobbly. I don't move on my own at all really - I need my wheels or my momma to help me or else I am dragging my hind end and my momma hates dat.

    1. I wish it would nevfur come back...ts mostly gone now, the rain washed it all away...

      Sorry you are still so immobile, good thing you do have those pawsome and helpfur wheels.

  2. I have filed a complaint with Mother Nature about this mixed up weather. Great snowy selfies. Glad your blood work was good!

    1. I will add my pawtograph to that complaint.
      Thanks fur the woofs and I am pawleased to meet you here.

  3. Mistur Jack Freckless iss Purrince Siddhartha Henry here! Mee lives uppy inn centre east Canada an wee iss havin MORE snow today!! PHOOEY!! So mee coe-miss-eratess with you about thee snow....
    An yesterday inn mee bloggie mee ad mee paw printss inn thee snow on mee patio! Grate mindss fink alike rite?
    An wee had thee coldest April on record here all so.
    Wishin you all thee best an sendin POTP.....
    Sinseerlee, Purrince Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

    1. Hello there!
      Nice to meet you. We live in Michigan, but Growlmy comes from Southern Ontario.
      Our Canadian furmily peeps tell us that we always are sending them our weather, esp they grumble about the bad weather, BOL!

      How cool that we had simuilar bloggies this week:)
      Thanks fur the POTP...and thanks fur visiting!
      Did you know I have two meezer brofurs?? They are here:

  4. We're sorry to hear you still have the wobblies. That must be terrible!

    Our seasons are all messed up for sure! Ghostwriter is craving some nice warm weather to do some gardening.

    1. Those wobblies are slowly getting better, growlmy can see it in how I act...and I do eat better again, now.
      She only wishes i would try to do things like running out the door or down the steps at a slower pace...

      I just wish there was some nice sunshine to warm my geriatric bones up a bit, BOL!

  5. Snow!!! brrr too cold for me,xx Speedy

  6. Mee-you Mistur Jack wee wunderd where you lived because wee have furendss inn tht State all so! an yur Growlmy is frum Southern Ontario? KEWL!! Mee LadyMum was born inn Hamilton an lived inn Owen Sound til shee was 10 yearss old. Then shee went back to Hamilton fur 29 yearss an then moved back here when shee terned 40 an been here 20 yearss now. Shee sayss Hammytown (her nickyname for the place) iss HUGE n too big an noisy fur her now.Maybee our weather just keeps circullin around all of us!! Mew mew mew....
    Mee just found yur Meezer Brofurss bloggie! It iss a pleasure to furinallee meow with youss'.
    Pleeze get well soon Mistur Jack!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an {{{hugs}}} LadyMum

    1. BOL! Your LadyMum must be of the same vintage as mine:) (From the mid 1950's)
      Hamilton driving is a nightmare according to growlmy..she prefers Toronto, there are too may one way streets in Hammytown. Now growlmy gets lost in Brampton too...where she went to highschool...and London is also strange to her now, after being gone from there ovfur 28 years...

      I am doing some better...thanks!

  7. I am glad you are feeling better and that your blood work was good. Sorry I chuckled a little that you can't walk a straight line :) I hope your Meowmy has a safe trip tomorrow.

    1. Nope, I still cannot walk a straight line, maybe i nevfur will anymore...and the stairs are still a problem...sigh...if only I would take them slower...growlmy is wishful thinking, cause I am a Jack Russell Terrier, BOL!

      Growlmy had a great road trip.

  8. paw print & boot print fotoz iz reel lee kewl !!! we iz buzzed happee yur lab werk came bak aye oh kay & still crossin all 984 for travelz two growlmy two morrow...ther.... home.... & everee wear in between ♥♥♥

    1. Growlmy liked those prints too...and growlmy had a wonderfur trip...great weather and no troubles.

  9. We're glad you are doing better and hope you will soon be through this. Can't be any fun to wobble.

    1. I am getting used to the wobbly gait, but I need to slow my speed from 5th gear to maybe second...

  10. Your Selfies are so cute, Mr JF. Unbeliefable how much snow has fallen. Hope it melts away soon. Stay warm! Sunny Pawkisses :) <3

  11. Hope yer dizzies git better soon... da wobbles and all dat cold snow stuff sure don't mix!!

    1. Thanks!
      At least the snow is gone and there is nice warm sun to bask in lately...though yesterday and tomorrow not so much...

  12. OK Our one wish is you have a good day for the graduation. IIt's a big day - I hope it all goes well!