Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rolling In Goodtimes And In Rollback Mode ~ Late For Sunday Selfies...

So late in fact that its now Mardi Gras, AKA Fat Tuesday, or Pancake Day!
Hmmm, no pancakes were made here, not seen those for well ovfur a year. Sheesh. My pawrents do not eat those anymore, they have changed their eating style to grainfree and so pancakes while they can be made with flour from coconuts or other nuts...growlmy just keeps things much simpler. Pawppy needed to change his eating habits for health reasons and so now the whole furmmily is on board...it works better that way:)

Even I eat grainfree noms, as well as the kitties, BOL! Its good noms though; do not be fooled, I love it!

Even though its is Mardi Gras, pawrty time, my peeps do not 'do' that, nevfur have...though years ago, growlmy made some pictures of me in Mardi Gras garb...when I see them now, I can see how much darker my furs were then, BOL! I am an old dude now...but I still have fun and live a lively life! At least when I am not napping couch potato style...OMD!

The other night when growlmy was furry late coming home from her work, I ran all around the house in the dark at breakneck speed...the grass was still green, as the snow had melted, though now its snow covered again...we are having a see-saw winter. Springlike one day and deep arctic the next. Sheesh!

Which is why I am so furry late posting this selfie blog...growlmy was too bogged to blog...
we are all fine and well, just all tied up in not doggy (or kitty) things...life gets in the way I guess, even though its not anything horrid like being sick or injured.
Just hang in there and eventually I'll come out of the rabbit hole, BOL!

Well, here are my Rolling Good Times, roll-back selfies:

I need to do what??

You must have been kidding, growlmy, right??

Well if I get a good cookie, its not that bad, if I do say so, BOL!

Begging for cookies equals equipment failure!

This is much better, and its my Mardi Gras Selfie!


I rolled all the way to this blog hop, hosted by The Cat On My Head!


  1. I'm hangin' in there Mr JF Sir. I know you're there. My Mum's having another op on her eye soon so we are going to be absent for a bit again but we'll be back. I love your Mardi gras pics even if they are old ones. You could put one of those in my Enid's dress up contest. You look great ..... especially in that mask. You look like Our Dame Edna, aye?? Have Growlmy and Pawppy managed to keep all that weight off???

  2. dawg dood....itz see saw her two...last week in de 50's...two day....brrrrrrrrrrrrrr....itz veree veree brisk

    ewe R rockin yur mardi gras maskz...hope ya getted a lot oh biscuits for them !! ♥♥♥

  3. Those are great selfies. You have lots of Mardi Gras props. I have a photo of a dog that looks almost like you on my Mardi Gras post. :)

  4. Purrfect Mardi Gras Selfie, Mr JF. You are looking sooo COOL :D Pawkisses :) <3

  5. We missed Mardi Gras entirely because ghostwriter was working too. We're just now catching up on reading everybody's doggie blogs. You look really nice in your beads and sparkly mask!

  6. I guess dat are da advantage of bein a white dog - your furs stay da same color.

    Pawsome pics by da way!

  7. We think you and your kitty siblings had loads of fun for Mardi Gras.

  8. Dude you look pawesome in your Mardi Gra garb. Thank you for the birthday card. Fenris LOVES it.