Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pawppy Came Home In The Big Snow! And Now Its Also Sunday Selfie Time!

Pawppy came home on Feb 24th. Boy was I glad to see him! I jumped fur joy and tried to kiss his nose...but instead I almost bumped it off his face...BOL!

I love to wash pawppy - aka - give him my loving kisses

It was in the middle of a snowstorm...the most snow we have had this winter...though growlmy said thankfurly it was somewhat less that what some peeps had out east a few weeks ago.
He is doing well, and should make a complete recovery.
Thank you to all of you, my furends, all the pawyers and POTP helped so much, and were truly appawsiated a lot:)

Growlmy shoveled and shoveled in shifts...4 times on the 24th, and once again on the 25th before she went to work. She said it felt like she had already done her shift...A kind neighbor came by with his plow and helped, that was a blessing fur sure. There was a total of over a foot...maybe even 16 - 18 inches.  But by Friday, it was a lot warmer and the big melt we are in the mid 50's and the sun is out..soon the snowbanks will be much lower and maybe I will see my grass again...but...I heard the weatherman say we might get another dump of snow on Tuesday...sigh...Winter is trying hard to get in a last laugh.

On the POTP  pages, growlmy found this lovely badge:
Thanks Ann, from Zoolatry

I also want to wish a good pal of mine a Happy Birthday!
He also lives in Michigan as I do:)

Happy Birthday to YOU, Dakota! I hope you had a great dogabration of your spawsial day! Woofs!!

Here are my snowy pictures...from early on Feb 24th, before pawppy came home, through Feb 27th...
Charlie, I would gladly send it all to you down under...but well, its melting!

Feb 24th, the beginning of the 'Big Snow'.

You can still see the tops of the grass...

I am hurrying back inside. Too cold and snowy.

Oh, goody, the door is open!

Later in the day...growlmy shoveled again, and um, the sidewalk was all covered by the time she did it all...sigh...

But, I still have to go outside to do...privacy pawlease...

Sheesh, I do not like this at all...

And the snow keeps coming...

Feb 25th, OMD! Too much snow.

I had to go out, and no way could I wait till growlmy cleaned it up...

Gotta go, gotta go!

Growlmy, I need some privacy pawlease!

Sheesh, where did all this come from...Growlmy had it all cleared out last night!

A pup cannot go too fast in this heavy deep snow...

My backyard.

I think I will head back inside.

Slow going, BOL!

Way in the back of my yard.

Feb 25th. Well, the snow has stopped and my back steps are cleared... Finally!

Growlmy got part of the sidewalk cleared so I can walk/run now:)

But the cars are still buried...OMD, She has to dig one out to go to her work!

Saturday, Feb 27th. Its warming up! The sun is out...maybe snow will melt?!

Sheesh, growlmy, you still didn't get it all cleaned up?

Growlmy waited til Feb 27th to dig pawppy's car out...he wasn't going to be using it anytime soon...BOL! Looks like a snow avalanche happened!

The front of pawppy;s car...It took growlmy over an hour to dig it out and finish clearing the driveway...

Then...she still had to finish this part of the sidewalk. I put my mark there to remind her, BOL!!

Its all clean now!

I am cold so in I go!

This looks way better than the pics from Feb 24/25...

While I was outside I tried to make a selfie...This one isn't too good, eh?!

Hmmm, better...but, well I will try one more time!
Hooray! Here is my snowy weekend Selfie!

You know what?? Today it started out sunny and later though it was cloudy the temps were in the 50's! Then it started to pour...bucket and buckets...All the snow is gone except where growlmy piled it up...OMD!!
And good grief, the forecast calls for more snow ....just in time to have March come in like a lion...sigh...

This Snowy Sunday Selfie Blog-Hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. All dat snow reminds me of when I lived in Bawston - BRRR! We didn't get any of dat white stuff this year.

    So glad your pawppy are home.

    1. We are used to lots of snow and other bad winter weather, but sometimes its a bit grass is visible today as it got warmer and rained a lot...but tonight and tomorrow more snow is coming...UGH!

      We all are glad about pawppy being back home too:)

  2. Your growlmy sure worked hard to remove the snow. We so hope you don't get anyone. All of ours has finally melted, but it took weeks and weeks. We know how happy you are to have your pawpy home. We wish him a speedy recovery. Your selfies turned super. Thanks for hopping. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. Yup, it sure was a big job...
      Believe it or not,its all gone right now...but more coming over the nest 36 hours or so...maybe 6 inches...OMC.

      We are ovfurjoyed that pawppy is back home and on the mend:)

  3. We are so happy that your Pawppy is home! We just know that you will take good care of him as he recovers. Poor Growlmy has so much snow to shovel! Hurry up spring, MJF needs sunshine!

    1. I was so glad too.
      Yes, I want spring to hurry up too:)

      Sunshine feels so good on my ancient bones, BOL!

  4. Wow! Our snow is almost gone, except for the big piles that Dad shoveled. But we're supposed to get more later today. We're so glad your Pawppy is feeling better!

    1. It is all green here right now, too...we had 57F yesterday and lots of rain...but tonight and tomorrow, more snow...sheesh.

      I was super happy to see pawppy again.
      He is at the office today...something about the kitties being too clingy when he tries to work from his home confuser at the desk. (He can telecommute...)

  5. Love that photo of you and Pawppy!!!! Soooo happy he is home!!! xoxo DakotasDen

    1. Its my kissing style, BOL!!

      I was ovfurjoyed to have him back home. Now he grumbles when I am sleeping in the 'pathway' from his recliner or desk to the kitchen, go figure...BOL!!

  6. Great selfie with your Dad. I don't want to see snow- I am sorry you got stuck with so much at the worst possible time.

    1. That is what growlmy calls the law of just had to be that way...and now that its all gone, we are in the works for more...maybe another 6 inches...sheesh:(

  7. dawg dood...we iz buzzed happee yur pawppy getted ta come home; we noe him & yur mom iz buzzed happee two....we hope him continmews ta get better & better each N everee day & him stayz on de roadz health & ree coveree ♥♥♥

    1. Thanks!
      I was super dopper happy too! Buzzed as you say:)

  8. Your Growlmy needs a medal for doing all that work shoveling that heavy snow. Why if it is going to warm up and melt in a few days Lee says to me "Wills Live With It". Shows how much I am appreciated.
    Glad your Pawppy is on the mend and doing better
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Thanks SWTS!

      You know she had to do that shoveling work again, yesterday...we had about 10 inches, sheesh. Also ice and sleet. YUCK.

  9. That is a ton of snow that growly had to shovel. She deserves a medal for all that hard work. So happy that pawppy is home and we hope he is feeling so much better. Hugs to all.

    1. Tanks Buddy!

      Well, on days like that she does not have to go to the gym to workout, it happens in my own driveway, BOL!

  10. Have fun with all that snow. I will the warm weather. MOL!

    1. Fun in the snow?? Not I, BOL!
      Pawleased to meet you!

  11. Glad yer Pawppy is home... we's wishin' him a speedy recovery...

    Whut a lot of snow!! And whut a ton of work all dat shovelin' and shovelin'... hope ya didn't get too much more on Tuesday...

    Love yer selfie, Freckles!

    1. Thanks, Finley! I was ovfurjoyed to have Pawppy back home again:))

      We got about 10 inches of snow ice and sleet on Tuesday. All other chores and fun stuff was put on hold to do the cleanup work...UGH. At least growlmy was off work that day. You know what, its snowing again, OMD!

  12. So you got the March lion and we got the lamb? Guess we'll reverse it at the end of the month.

    Hope your dad is recovering and your mom is not overdoing it.

    1. Yup, that lion roared through here fur sure.

      Pawppy is doing quite well, now, Thanks!