Sunday, August 30, 2015

Selfie From The Wobble Zone

My eyes are not nearly oscillating as much anymore...but I still have those stupid wobbles and this morning when I almost fell down again after trying to put all my furs back in place with a shake. I am eating almost evfurrything again, and begging too, BOL!
I don't need the meds anymore either, Hooray!

Thanks to all fur your wonderful outpouring of POTP!!
Now if I only could get growlmy to get to reading/commenting on those almost 87,000 blogs she is behind with...OMD! Even she has got to respond to about 870 comments in my blog, and as many in my kitty brofurs' blog...sigh...eventually...

I can't hop too well right now, but this is a Blog Hop, BOL! Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Woofless Wobbly Wednesday

I am wobbling through the den, i just got up...

I feel a bit steadier here, BOL!

And still sending out lots of thanks fur all the POTP that you sent my way. I appawsiate it furry much!

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wobbly Selfie Reporting In Furry Late

Yup, I am here late, way late, BOL!
I am reporting good woofs, though:)
I am still a bit wobbly, esp on stairs, and of course each night I go to sleep at the top of the stairs on the guard my peeps from evil whilst they sleep...None of us furs are allowed in the bedrooms, due to allergies is the given excuse, so we nevfur get to know the coziness of beds and snuggles under the covers...oh could be worse:))

After a long nap, if I shake out my furs, I might keel ovfur, and if I run too fast to get outside to chase something, well, lets just woof that is looks least I can now do my 'privacy pawlease' without falling ovfur!

I am eating, though not quite the vacuum cleaner of my noms as I was, maybe from the antibiotic which I am still taking fur a few more days.
I do beg fur my treats once again:)
I pester the kitties too, sometimes, BOL! Hey, they get into my spaces!

I did spend a lot of time looking like this:

Sleeping is one way to stop spinning...a sleepy selfie indeed...

Maybe this tilt-a-whirl stuff is stopping?? A Selfie?? Hmmm....

Squinting helped to keep me straight...

At least now my eyes are less oscillating, and they are open again...but my head is still in tilt least not tilt-a-whirl! This is my selfie this week, a tilted one, OMD!!

I entered in Nellie's Blog(The Cats From Hell)  'Finish the Sentence' game.  (I am training for a......)And I won!! How cool is that!

This is what I posted there:
I am truly training to learn how to shake my furs out without keeling over…since I now have this silly head tilt and drunken gait…sheesh…
But I really want to train to stay upright on the stairs going down is interesting. to say the least! I sleep at the top of the steps to guard the door against intruders to my pawrents bedroom…
Thanks fur all the POTP on my behalf. I am getting better…slowly but surely:)

Nellie sent me a fun cartoon as my truly is a tilt-a-whirl image, BOL!

Since I *am* feeling less wobbly, here is a less dizzying image, BOL!

Wheeeeee! Wanna spin with me??

Thanks once again fur the huge outpouring of POTPand concern:)
Wow that was so loving of Blogville to even post about it on their POTP site. I am feeling so humbled by all the love!

I wobbled over to The Cat On My Head to join the Selfie Blog Hop

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Woof-Wooble-Wobbly-Not So Woofless Pupdate On Wednesday

I have my leash on, even though I am in my yard so growlmy can help me stay steadier when I try to walk around.
Woof…wooble-wobbly woofs…Ooohhhhh….I am spinning…..gotta go lie down again...

I’ll let growlmy take ovfur again…

What was happening on August 18th:

Thanks so much from the bottom of my heart for all the pawyers, and POTP. Wow! Even from furs and peeps I do not know. I am touched and feeling your care and concern. Thank you all *very much*!
Thanks Whitely too, for making a link in your blog for MJF. So much appreciated.
Even Dogster Pals from of old have come by here and on his Dogster page to send their thoughts and encouragements.
I am overwhelmed!

Please accept my thanks here, there is no way right now I have time to thank you all in person…since well, I work, and Minko needs to be fed and medicated 3 - 4 times a day…add MJF into that schedule, Oh MY…

My eyes are brimming with tears thinking about all the outpouring of love, and your comforting and encouraging words. Thank you all again so very much!

Aug 18th in the evening:

Well, not too much has changed, other than MJF has eaten two treats…and barfed them up again, BOL! Poor dude.

He did keep his meal down when I fed it to him spoon by spoon, after mushing it up. And today agin, he will let me feed him spoon by spoon…I should get a different job, feeding critters by spoon…like the work I already do at the nursing home, BOL!

The vet man said he thinks MJF has ‘old dog syndrome'…aka  vestibular disease/syndrome.
He also maybe thought his eardrum was ruptured. He said it could be a tumor or head injury but those were less likely causes.

He gave MJF a steroid shot, some antibiotics in case his eardrum is ruptured and some meclizine to help with the dizziness. So far no changes noted. He still staggers about, and stairs are a real challenge, and there is no avoiding them here in our house, so sometimes I guide him with the leash, or I carry him. Going down is much harder…
The vet thinks this will resolve over time, and that is what others have related to us as well…from their own experience. I had no idea this was so common. Yikes:(

~August 19th~

I hope that when I have to go to work next, (tomorrow), that he will be some better…At least hubby gets home shortly after I leave.

He seems to be getting a teeny bit better, he ate a couple treats by himself…but not his regular food as yet…unless I feed it. His eyes are darting at a slower rate, but his head is still tilting…and when he tries to go potty…he refuses to squat, stubborn terrier stuff, OMD!
He even barked at something he heard, and sang a song with the ambulance that went by…
The varmints out back are likely having a hey-day since MJF doesn’t run too well right now, let alone even pay them heed, BOL! Poor dude.

He still is stumbling like a drunkard, and he looks at me as if to say, what is happening to me?

On a side note, MJF weighed in at 24.8 pounds, which is a loss of about 5 pounds from his last checkup (about a year ago), at his old vet office. He is on a low glycemic, grain free kibble, and it seems to have made good progress helping him back to his ideal weight.

Well, I need to carry MJF outside once more before getting our weary bones to bed…

It might be a day or two before I post again due to my work schedule...

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Pawyers Needed Pawlease ~ MJF Is Furry Sick

Growlmy here.
MJF is furry sick…last night when I came home from work, there was no MJF to greet me. Strange. His food bowl was full and his treats were still on the floor.
Hubby said that while he really didn’t  know if he was not right before this, but when he sat down to eat his own supper, MJF tried to run outside,  He bumped his head on the way out. When he came back in he seemed dazed, and shakey.
This was still going on when I was back home, hours later. He was also jerking his head a bit, and his eyes too. They go back and forth in a manner called nystagmus. Likely this makes him dizzy and not wanting to eat. He does drink, though. He walks like he is drunk. YIKES:(

He can hardly make the steps to go outside…so I put on his leash and take him out slowly, and to keep him upright. OMD:(
I even had to carry him once, Wow.

He may have had a stroke, a head injury or he might have a condition called vestibular syndrome.

So off the vet we go. It is a new vet office, since we have changed vets on account of Minko…who also is sill not eating on his own…sheesh, now there are two furs here that need to be fed as MJF does eat if I make his food all mushy and feed him with tiny spoonfuls.He has kept down two small meals like that…about a 1/4 cup of his grain free kibble mixed with water to a mush of about 1/2 cup.

We here covet your pawyers and good thoughts.
At 13 years, never having been sick, other than breaking a tooth this is scary territory for us.
I am so scared this means that maybe we are getting to the goodbye time…I sure hope not, OMD:((

Taken a few days ago before I got sick...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Big Ears and Eyes Selfie On Sunday ~ And Another Big Schnooter, too!

Yup, its selfie Sunday again!
Growlmy caught me trying to sniff the camera, well, almost, BOL!
Those angles sure can make things all distorted, but well, that makes them fun too!

What are you doing with that camera, growlmy??

My kitty brofurs made some birthday cards for Astrid and Lisbeth, 2 of the kitties at The Cat On my Head, aka Kitties can go and wish them a Happy Birthday, by visiting the link below.

 I have joined the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop at The Cat On my Head

Monday, August 10, 2015

Head In The Bag Selfie On Sunday

Getting ready...

See my right paw on the shutter stick?? Those selfies sticks are great, BOL!


Growlmy says *this* is a better selfie...

My kitty brofurs won a prize and it came in this bag, more like a big envelope…I could smell kitties and other sniffs on it, so I had to investigate…well, it caught me! And while I had no way to see the shutter button, I woofed at another paw to snag the image fur me…using a selfie stick...what a cool idea! Then with the booty on the floor at last, I could take this selfie, and the naughty stick-to-my-schnooter-bag was on the floor as evidence that I didn’t rip it to shreds…when I was a wee one I might have wreaked havoc on that, though, BOL!!

While my furblings were having a sort of kitty picnic, I tried to crash their pawrty but they weren’t  gullible enough to allow that, BOL! So I just teased them…and then went outside fur better  doggy things to do, like chasing varmints!

I am linked up to the regularly featured Sunday Selfies, Hosted by The Cat On My Head. Its their 52 week…a whole year of selfies already!! OMC!

Congrats to Kitties Blue on their one year annifursary of hosting Sunday selfies!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Woofless Wags On Wednesday

Wagging at growlmy as she just came home...

Hurry, I want to kiss you!

Did you bring me any treats?

Waiting at the gate...

And waiting...sheesh, she takes forevfur to unload the provisions...

Sunday, August 2, 2015

I am Back! And Its Sunday Selfie Time!

I am back! At least I hope so…it seems the dogretary has lots of excuses for not being around much of late...
Growlmy was getting to the point of blogging withdrawal symptoms, BOL! Actually she was beginning to feel like a real growlmy, cause she had more time to pay me attention and I did whine and woof her a lot to play, scritch and allows quality belly rub time. Not to mention giving me lots of treats, BOL!

I know I have missed a lot of blog posts, I shall try to answer all your comments, and then go and comment in your newest blogs, there are just too many to start where I left off..sorry about that.
Growlmy’s confuser got a ‘heart and brain transplant’, so now its like a new machine! machines have hearts and brains??She sneezes a lot, and somehow coffee got inside the laptop’s keyboard…OMD:(
 When one sneezes the eyes stay closed, so who knows where the ‘spray’ goes when the sneezes come without enough warning to cover up. Are not allergies a fun thing…UGH:(

Tonight when growlmy actually had some time, the weather decided to throw an electrical storm over our home, so of course that made for more off line time…sigh…but we did need the rain, howevfur, this deluge is rather a bit much in such a short time. We got about an inch in a short time

I hear a lot of noises muffled by the trees in the back of our yard, they are doing road construction on the bridge, the bridge in front of the burned Bedford Mill, that burned down a little ofur a year ago. Pawppy being an engineer, thinks maybe there was a lot of damage to the infrastructure of the bridge…now our wee village of Bedford sports a traffic light, BOL!

Road Construction ahead...

This morning I got to bark these dudes or maybe a dude and a gal…they were strutting and calling their loud raucous calls to each other…in the field across the street from our den. They are Sandhill Cranes.

Growlmy saw a dragonfly, so glisteningly beautiful in the sunshine…so it also obliged  for a selfie today!

Dragonfly bowing for a selfie!

I saw the moon in daylight the other day…that was fun...I barked it to make sure it was not a hot air balloon.

I got a selfie, too…a sniffing the lens kind, BOL!

Once again I am joining up to the regular feature on Sundays; The Sunday Selfie Blog Hop.

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