Monday, June 29, 2015

Liebster Sunday Selfie And Growlmy's Done It Again

I am selfishly watching the hummingbird get a picture, but the selfie timer was on instead.

Yup, growlmy went and tried to have a battle with the treadmill...of course she lost:(
She is all scraped friction burned on her knee and shin...and she did this on Friday night; wow, she said she had a lot of (not) fun at her work the past two evenings. But she said she would have felt the ouchies just as much at home as at her work so off to work she went.

Here are some gruesome pics...

Fur some reason, though I tried to give her my healing MJF-Sir Lick-a-Lot kisses and licks, she was not allowing that at all.


And Part Two of this posting is:
Yes, My good pal the furmouse Westie known as the lady of many dresses (My title fur her, BOL), aka Whitely nominated me fur this waward a long while now I decided to woof growlmy to help me do this afur the whole busniness gets buried in busyness!

Firstly, Thanks fur the honor, Whitely!

And you all can read her blog here: Whitely

She ordered these they are in her own dialect, but its still easy to translate, so read on!

Dere's some rules dat come wif dis award, so here dey is:

1. Fank da person who nominated ya and link to dere blog.

Yup, I did that!

2. Give readers 11 random facts bout yourself.

I'm 3 inches too tall fur a JRT
I am 13 years young!
I have dual dogtizenship: USA & Canada.
I hate to get in a car/vam...even though I can jump high, I have to be lifted into the vehicle.
I used to bark at all water towers I saw along my road trips.
Even though growlmy is my dogretary I actually am boss boy's pup, a birthday present when he turned 12. He cannot have me in his apartment, besides I would be bored in there...
I like to nosh on crunchy veggies in fact I beg for them, BOL!
I bit growlmy once when I was about one year old...she treid ti make me get off the couch when i was asleep on it...the nerve.(Growlmy says I have resourse guarding trouble and a do not distrurb sign...sigh...)
I bark the large concrete bison that someone has in their yard if my stroll goes along that route.
I had to loose a tooth in 2014, because I broke it off, but its my secret what I broke it on:)
I also bark at thunder and firecrackers...with my hackles all one should disturb the peace around me.
I do the same for hot air balloons, I go ballistic in fact. I have to make them sail away.
Imagine my horror when my barks failed to scare the balloon away and it landed right in the field in front of my den!

3. Answer 11 questuns from da blog of da person who nominated ya.

1. What are your favoritest treat?
Lettuce ribs, yogurt and about anything inbetween!  Growlmy says I love anything! Except apples...

2. What are your favoritest toy?
My unstuffed stuffies, and Minko my kitty brofur!

3.  Has ya ever killed anything?
Fur sure... rabbits, groundhogs, snakes, a baby robin and a young coon. Can't get my jaws on any willing squirrels though...and I have no idea why growlmy gets annoyed when I hone my skills in this department.

4.  How barky is ya?  Quiet, medium, loud, or Whitley-level?
Barking is my bestest hobby, the louder the better!

5.  Do ya get scared of storms or does ya ignore em?

As I woofed above, I bark em clear out to hthe next county, maybe even the next state!

6.  What are your favorite nap spot?
My bed on the loveseat, or under growlmy;s chair when I am dogtating to her   my blog postings...

7.  Do ya like summer better or winter?
I think though I don't care fur the excess heat, I do hate that deep snow we get, so I would say least we have good AC.

8.  Who are your favorite peep?
Growlmy, Pawppy, followed by Boss boy and my Auntie

9.  What are da furthest from home ya has ever been?
Washington DC

10.  Do ya like baffs?
No thank you pawlease...

11.  Do ya ever watch TV?
If I hear a doggy on it.

4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers for dis award (those wif fewer dan 200 followers is recommended).
I have to bread]k the rules herem because growlmy just cannot deal with all the hunting fur new nominees...and so may pups already did this...she doens't know any new blogging pups either...being a terrierist, I get to do that BOL!

5. Come up wif 11 questuns for your nominees.
Again, I have to cut my dogretary some slack, so if you read this and want to take a nomination fur yourself, hjust answer the ame rules and questions! Then I and other will get to know you quite well!

6. List dese rules in the post along wif said nominees and da questuns ya wish em answer.

Yup, I did this, BOL!

7. Notify your nominees.
Not applicable!!

8. Eat a cookie (I added dat one).
Growlmy, Its cookie time, OK!! Crunch, munch...yup I got me a cookie!

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Sunday Selfies For Father's Day

It is Father's Day today!
How I love my pawppy!
But...fur some reason there are hardly any pics of me and my Pawppy...go figure!
Well, there are a couple of good ones from last winter, so I will recycle those:))

Sorry that these are not 'real' selfies...but well, its not a regular Sunday either, BOL!!
We are joining the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop anyways!

This is the Father's Day Edition of the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop, Hosted by The Cat On My Head

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Woofless Digging On Wednesday

This is some trash...Hmmm...Not from my peeps...windy day brought it to me fur a sniff inspection...

I think I need to...


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Sunday Selfies ~ Flag Day Archival Style

Today is June 14th. That is the day after Pawppy's birthday...and Flag Day!
Well, the weather outside is not at all conducive to putting out our flag on the veranda, its pouring and windy.
Growlmy is working, too, so she helped me sniff through my 'archives' and we decided to put up this oldie  for my Flag Day Selfie:

Picture taken in 2010

Last night there was a tornado warning while growlmy was working. She had to help move all the residents out of their rooms into the hallways. Just imagine this:
Fortyfive residents in beds, wheelchairs and all kinds of staff from the housekeeping and dietary depts. And the only view of anything nasty outside was the doorway at the end of the hall to the parking lot...anyways we could have had a pawrty there, growlmy said...just dig out some icecream from the freezer and bake a cake and enjoy the hour of confinement...gotta make the best of a bad situation:) At least other than extra work, all was fine, and God spared us from anything awful:) PTL!!

Remember: Fly your Flag!!

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

Bosley ~ A Brofur Fur Me??

This is Bosley:
Growlmy, pawppy and I went to see him this afternoon...(That must have been why I had to have a bath yesterday...), anyways, I was quite excited to be able to go and have a doggy visit again:)
Furstly I left lots of pee-mails so evfurryone who comes after me will know *I* was there, BOL!
Then I hunted some good sniffs under a bush, and when I came up fur air, eeuuww, there was a tick crawling on me...sheesh, this shelter is so rural they can't keep up with tick control on their grounds.
Then the shelter lady let us inside the big doggy meet and greet/playroom.
There were several other ladies there, too. Then...Bosley came inside the room, too. I perked up and we exchanged sniffs and a few wags. Bosley appeared to be a young dude, about the same height as me, but thinner. A nice terrier mix.

Well, we decided to circle each other, to see who could get in the most sniffs of the good parts, OMD! I won...he smelled a doggy!

Then I got a bit pushy and humped him...oops...I furgot my manners...and he snarked at me. So I stopped...and went ovfur to pawppy, Bosley came there too, and then I  tried the same maneuver as befur...and got snarked at again, This time Bosley decided to leave me and went to stand behind his lady. And totally ignored me the rest of the time, no tail wagging, no playing...he seemed to say, 'nope I do not think you will make a good roommate/brofur.' (When he furst had seen me he wagged his tail and did a great doggy grin...)

When I tried to go back to see him he just walked the other way...sigh...

One of the ladies present there was a doggy behaviorist. She told my peeps she felt that I was displaying this dominance behavior because I was feeling anxious and perhaps insecure.
She thought that this was my way of indicating that after 13 years I didn't truly want to have a live in brofur, despite of what Growlmy & Pawppy were thinking about it.

They all did say I was not aggressive or nasty, just being needy of being an only pup.
They said I was a handsome dude, and looking furry well and healthy even at my age. Well, of course!!

Well, this ends the hunt fur a furbling fur little old peeps are bummed, but well, better to have one happy pup than two that are unhappy or not getting along.

I went home and took a nap:))

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Woofless Wednesday With A Lot of Woofs

Today is My Gotcha Day!! The thirteenth one already, how the time does fly!
Minko gave me a kissie, and Pipo even sniffed me without any hissing or smacky paws.OMD!!
See how my tail does wag? BOL!

I got some pics from My Dogster pals too:

Cooper and hus furmily sent this cheerful and fun one:
My I was a teeny dude then...

This one was sent by a 'club' I belong to :

I was having a great day, nice warm weather, varmints to chase and bark, and just a good day of relaxing...then I got taken to the bathtub...really growlmy, on my Gotcha Day?? She said something about not wanting a stinky pup if I need to go anywhere in her van...whatevfur growlmy, but did it have to happen on this day? Grrr!

Growlmy and Pawppy are going to check out another pup, soon...oh-oh!Another terrier type of course. The quest fur a furbling fur me continues...

Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Froggy Selfie On Sunday!

There was a froggy on my patio today. I woofed growlmy to help it make a selfie so I could be a froggy selfie, BOL!

Lets see now, a chicken, a spider and some other strange selfies have entered my blog...
Froggy; joining today's Sunday selfies, wait: Ribbit
I tried to get Froggy to be with me in my selfie, but no he wasn't having it...
So here is my solitary frogless selfie!

It was a beautifur day yesterday, I got to be out helping and snoopervising my peeps for hours as they did lots of yard it was yard-guard-duty without being all fun is that!

Befur the peeps started working, growlmy tried to 'capture' a hummer on the nectar feeder:
This is Mrs Hummer, Mr Hummer didn't stick around because Pipo tried to climb outside the window, (it was open and unscreened for a good image), so both Mr & Mrs Hummer flew burds!

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