Sunday, February 22, 2015


Interruption at my window viewing post...fur a selfie, BOL!
Well, I was looking out the window, then I was asked to interrupt that pastime to make a selfie fur ya'll to I shall get back to my barking work.

I am joining the Cat On my Head Sunday Selfie Blog Hop!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentine's Day Selfies

Hi, Ya'll!!  I hope you had a furry nice Valentine's Day!

I am still having a happy thinking about all the fun at the Heart 2 Heart dance that I attended yesterday:))

 That dance and banquet that Murphy and Stanley hosted for the Heart to Heart dance was so much great fun...but today I am just relaxing, BOL! I danced myself to exhaustion...and ate till I couldn't anymore, OMD!!

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's Day! A Dance And Some Other Fun Stuff, Too!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!

I was supposed to be dressed for the Heart to Heart
My dress wear is my spawsial 'collar'.

Any gals ready to go dancing with this bachelor??

Whitley taught me how to do a fun dance...right now I feel a tad bashful about it...

Promise not to giggle?

Here is a pup who came along with me, BOL!

She's my spawsial Valentine's Pup!
And now the fun part...introducing MrJackFreckles The Break-Dancing-Terrier!

OMD! Cover your eyes if its a bit much! My fur coat is a bit sparse, BOL!

Shake your booty!! Roll your body, Rub your back, and repeat!

Wow, who knew, dancing is FUN! Now I just need someone to teach me those fancy dressed up ballroom dances, OMD! Are they like this: You put your right paw in, you take your right paw out, and you shake it all about...♪
You put your left paw in; you take your left paw out and you shake it all about...  ♫
You put your whole self in and you take your whole self out then you shake yourself about...       ♬     ♪

Oh-Oh! Growlmy says the curfew is being enforced...good thing I was getting a bit terrieristiaclly silly, BOL!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Eve ~ Heart to Heart

This is a throwback picture cause growlmy was working the past two days...and even now its 220am and she says she didn't know a dance was such an amount of work, BOL!
I do not have an offurcial dance pawrtner, so any wallflowers may join up with me, for one or more dancing am not sure I even know *how* to dance, OMD!!

OK, Off to beddie byes fur me!

Its also not only Valentine's Day, its the Gotcha Day of my kitty brofurs! And the snow is flying again, which also cuts into blogging time...and pawppy & growlmy have their own 'date' fur supper...hmmm, too bad I do not have the keys to the confuser, BOL!

Woofs &  ♥
Woof with ya'll later!

Here is a link to my Dancing/Valentine's Day Blog entry:

Have fun ovfur there, too!!
Back to the ballroom.....

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Woofberry Valenteeny Wednesday

Are Ya Kidding Me??

Pffttt to the whole idea of a Monkey Dude...


So you got my stink eye...

Well, OK, as long as there is no Monkey.
Like this? Sheesh I am all tired out now...

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Snowy Sunday Selfie

I am remembering all that snow by showing you a selfie I took that morning...saving it fur now, BOL!

And now I have to show you how I thanked pawppy fur all his hard work to clear the sidewalk and driveway:

And...since its coming up to Valentine's is a love picture/selfie:

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Remembering Keighty - She's A Pretty Angel Pup Now

Just a brief note here...

Many of you may know the Dogster furmily, that makes picture mementos for furs there, on Dogster and in Catster. Redford, Cooper, Nina, Forrest, Mick and some good kitty members too, Tundra, Manytoes, Rory and Lynzee. This morning their beloved doggy sisfur Keighty, passed away.

So we here are sad with them and send them our sympathy at this difficult time.

You can pay them a visit by clicking on this link:  Keighty

Here is a picture of Keighty...

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

S'no Woofless Wednesday...Sort Of...

Second day of snow, digging resumes, this was as much as the first dig-out...about 17inches total from this storm.
See, Charlie, there is a sidewalk, BOL!

Drifting around the side to the front of the house. That was cleaned out the night before. OMD!
More drifts and where are the stairs??

Picture taken from the patio, snowbanks in the foreground from shoveling it off...
Wanna grill?? BOL!
A to go and snoopervise pawppy.

I can smell pawppy's tracks...

He's there somewhere!

Growlmy thinks she is going to get a good picture...BOL!

I think I will not get furry far here...

They still are at it?!

I think I need to go into the warm den...

Off I go, too cold fur me out here...

We sure do have a long sidewalk.

I am going in through my doggy door...can you see me?

That snow drift was over growlmy's knees...we sure have a snowy mountain range here!

Aren't they done yet? (It isn't often that our porch gets this much snow...)

I can't even go down the steps without drowning in the snowy depths...The front walk hasn't even gotten started yet.OMD!

They sure are taking a long time...sigh...(Pardon the sad state of our porch floor, it took a beating over the past summer and now we need to repaint it.)

I shall go inside where its warm.
Yeah! The steps are back!

And the front walk has returned as well!

Thanks for taking this not s'no wordless Wednesday snowy tour!