Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Tuesday's Sunday Selfie Christmas Card For All My Pals and Their Furmilies!

Wow, Growlmy got an early Christmas present from Apple:))

Her confuser got back from the confuser hospital, and she didn't have to pay a penny...well except for the gasoline to drive the 100 mile round trip, BOL!
The 'brain' that lets the confuser know to recharge from electric power or to be on the battery was dead so that was replaced...and also the logic board was unable to be properly logical (!) so that too was replaced. That would have cost major green papers, almost the whole $$ of new confuser!
Thanks, Apple and Merry Christmas to you!

And now on to the thing I am here for: My Christmas Card to YOU! (That means anyone reading this, BOL!)
It had to be a triple selfie, on account of the time constraints, sheesh. But its OK, I love me my kitty brofurs and they are part of my furmily! Just like Bloggerland!

Merry Christmas!!

(You are free to *take* this image and repost it in/on your own pages...if growlmy has your E-Mail addresses she will also send you the same card that way.)
Don't even ask her about getting any snail mail cards out yet, BOL!! She is going to be the latest ever she has been with those, OMD!

I am furry late hopping here, but it is part of the Sunday Selfies, hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. guys...yur card iz total lee rockin awesum !!!! Merry Christmas two everee one bak at cha N we hope de dood in red iz good two ewe all ♥♥♥

  2. Thank you for the card, I love it. I think you all look great.I am going to display them all on Dec. 24th because I am too stupid to know how to set up a permanent display.

  3. The card is lovely! Happy holidays you three and your family too!

  4. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... that card sure is pretty. You look great mate and so does Pipo and Minko. I'd seen it already cause you did send it to me. How lucky am I?