Sunday, December 27, 2015

Post Christmas Sunday Selfie

This is the Sunday between Christmas and New Year's Day, so I am still being festive...and I was telling Minko some secrets that I didn't jump in his box for Boxing day, I didn't chew the wires like he does, and I wonder what you'll get fur your birthday on the, you will be 11 that day. My other secret is a wish that you will stay healthy and get to be eating by that growlmy can spend more time with *me*, BOL!!

I secretly hopped ovfur to The Sunday Selfie Blog-hop, hosted By The Cat On My head


  1. Happy Happy Holidays!!!!!
    Lots and Lots of Kisses

  2. You're a good doggie looking after Minko like that. We doggies always got punched in the nose by Maddie cat when we tried to be friendly.

  3. Crikey Mr JF Sir ... Don't you look smart? AND being so nice to the Minko cat too!

  4. We are sending wishes for good health for both of you in 2016 Mr. Jack Freckles! You are looking very handsome in your scarf!
    Marty and the Gang

    1. Thanks! We sure hope we all have good health for always:)

  5. you are such a good woofie and you look precious in that bandana!! xoxo DakotasDen

  6. dawg dood...thoz bee total lee awesum wishes for yur brother ♥♥♥ N ya noe....ewe R rockin that scarves ~~~~ :)

  7. Oh you are sooo cute! Happy New Year to you all!