Sunday, December 6, 2015

I Am Forced To Post Old Selfies

I don't think this tie fits too well,,,

Tie looks better on Murphy my doggy cousin:)

I have to dig in my archives once again...not because growly is so busy, but her confuser had ti go to the confuser first se thought it was something to do with my kitty broker trying his teeth on yet another cord, because the battery was not charging...but new cord, still no charge. And when she looked closely there was no light at the connection either, no matter whose cord she put on there, even at the confuser she knew it was furry sick, BOL! It needs a new little circuit board for the battery brains and likely a new battery too....these MACs need spacial care sometimes, as you cannot just buy a new battery to put in, its too complicated appawrently, so it had to stay in the hospital...oh well, growlmy has access to her iPad, but its not cooperating too well with google, so she cannot put in new images...but she *can*   me keep in touch with all my pals so I can bark with you:))

I think I heard growlmy say she can't make her cards now either...cause when she gets her confuser back, she will be furry busy with work and other any cards she sends out will be regular store cards...sigh...oh well!
Maybe she might be able to make one to post on my blog though, that would be super, I think:))

The weather is nice too so that means good sun puddles to while away the hours...

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  1. Nothing much worse than computer problems. Hope it gets fixed soon.

  2. Lookin' handsum in dose photos, evfun if dey's old.... and Murphy's lookin' cute, too!

    Hope yer Momma gits her confuser back soon... confuser problems is aggravatin'!!

  3. We were a bit confused about the confuser hospital but we finally figured it out and became unconfused. We're glad because we're usually confused anyway. :)

  4. You still look the same, Mr JF, I've seen no extra wrinkles yet and that tie looks beautiful on both of you :) Pawkisses :) <3