Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Cards, 2015

I will try to get as many as I can on this page...furgive me if yours isn't here, it would just be my dogretary's fault fur not paying enough attention...or not knowing exactly how to get some of them on here...and that is the truth she can be super duper dense...

We got lots more, but when growlmy realized she should get them scanned, well the store was closed and we do not have one of those gadgets here...sigh...

Thanks to all who sent cards, by way of email, or snail-mail! There are more kitty specific ones on my kitty brofurs' blog...right here...
Merry Christmas!!

Growlmy has to work, Christmas and then Sat and we may not be here too much...
I might get a late selfie in as I do not wish to stop with those...and my kitty brofurs are both turning 11; Pipo on Dec 26th and Minko on Dec 29th. Holiday time is furry busy around here...and extra even; since Boss-boy and unfurbro the younger are both here too:)
At least Growlmy will be off for Jan 1st:))


  1. Thank you for making a collection of cards. It is nice to see them.

  2. you are so sweet!! Thank you for including us!!! We have to put up our snail mail cards and the other email cards that we received that didn't make it onto our video........hoping to get that done for tomorrow but you know how THAT goes!! Hope you are having a wonderful Christmas! We love you! xoxoxo DakotasDen

    1. Thanks, Caren & Dakota and Cody too of course! BOL!
      It was a good day!

  3. CRIKEY Mr JF Sir ... Growlmy had to work on Christmas Day AND Saturday AND Sunday! I'm sorry she wasn't with you and Your family but what a blessing it would have been for all of the older people she was caring for. I bet she made their day very special and I know she'll make your day special too.

    1. Well, after those working days she was off Mon, Tues and Wed, to recover and relax and get ready for New rest fur the wicked, BOL!
      She did have a bit of fun with her residents, she even had on a sillier hat than I had to put up was a penguin...and no there are *no* pics of that...And then she had on a way silly headband fur New Year's Eve...and you guessed it, no pics either, BOL!
      Just use your imagination!

  4. Replies
    1. I did, Boss boy was there and so was Pawppy and unfurbro, too! And my kitties....