Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sunday Selfies Way Late on Wednesday...BOL!

Growlmy went and left me to the care of pawppy and she went to visit her sister and her Aunt.
My doggy cousin lives with her sister, he sniffed all her luggage, he knew that I was supposed to be with her...but only my smells were on the luggage not the real me...sigh...
She had lovely weather, sunny and warmish fur the early part of November...she has made this trip fur many years, and some of them were in bitter cold or even snow storms...this trip was great, other than a few showers on the way home.

It was her Aunt's 96th Birthday!
I will show her to you soon...
Firstly my selfie!

When Growlmy got back there was a package from The family of 15 Cats and Meowing...and they even put a doggy toy in there just fur me, OMD!!

Thanks Miss Ellen! I took it to bed!

Arendina W...Nov 7, 2015 Happy Birthday!!

Look closely and you can see the candle on her own cake !

My Growlmy and her  Aunt

Ok, I have to let the kitties do their selfies, then growlmy has to go to bed cause she has lots of chores to do tomorrow...including taking me to my new vet ...fur my regular checkup...I shall run to the far back of my yard...well I would, but the rains have started...I hate getting wet, I shall just go and wag my tail fur the vet peeps!

I am hopping with The Cat On My Head


  1. Wow, she looks great for 96! I'd never guess she wuz dat old.

  2. Wow! Happy birthday Auntie! Great to see you back, MJF!

  3. Your Mom's Aunt looks amazing for her age. I am glad your Mom had a nice trip. You look so cute in bed with your toy- thanks for posting about it. I am glad you like it :)

  4. dood...yur toy looks mega kewl, az does yur selfeeez az does growlmommmy's food serviss gurl sayz we could all hope ta look that good at 96.....troo lee ....we iz glad yur mom hada grate time !! ♥♥♥

  5. Happy birthday to yer Momma's aunt and yer Momma, too! Momma's aunt sure don't look 96!
    Great selfies, Freckles! Hope all went well at yer visit to da vet!