Sunday, November 22, 2015

Snowy Times Selfies!

Yup, you heard me correctly. We had snow. About 8 inches of it...heavy and wet as yesterday while it was all coming down, the whole day long, the temp was hovering around freezing, just above. So the snow that came down was melting at the lower level of the blanket into a wet the sun was out a lot and while the blanket was oh so pretty, it sure was COLD! It only got to abut 26F today. Brrr! So I was glad to have a warm den, and no enforced yard duties. When my peeps went to church, I got to stay inside with my kitty brofurs. I did go outside to watch the peeps clean up yesterday and today again. So I sat on the porch and shivered...growlmy says I am silly to want to snoopervise them in the cold weather, while I could be inside staying cozy.

The snowy things outside decided to commandeer growlmy's selfie taking machine...

How am I supposed to read this thermometer??

Even our weathervane got dumped on!

Our trumpet creepervine

In the midst of the falling snow, Brrr!

My snowy backyard

My back steps, early in the day, befur the snow was finished, but growlmy had to clear them off...

Later even more snow had fallen and I was in a big hurry and didn't wait to have them cleared furst, BOL!

The latest wood pile, the one from last year was burned to make room for this one!

Growlmy's van sort of got buried...
Some of the snow was already melting in the sunshine,but earlier it was really all white!
Front fence

Dogwood in the foreground, weeping cherry behind it.

I am watching growlmy to make sure she doesn't slip on the icy road...and I want to bark her to hurry-up as I am cold, Brrr!

This is our old house, nobody can seem to get it properly insulated due to poor we even have to shovel off the edge of the roof!

The snow plow still has not been here...
Pretty snowcapped weeds!

Wanna come sit on my patio?
My patio was cleared fur me:))
Even some paths were made out onto the grass,though I do not know where my grass is right now...I had to walk all ovfur the patio to try and find it, BOL!

This fly was not too smart...
Hmmm, I do not think I like the taste of the snow.

Hurry up growlmy I am cold and I will not go inside until you do. I don't wanna miss anything, BOL!

Watching and waiting

And waiting.....

This is what I think of snow and cold. So there! Pffftttt!

I shivered and hopped to The Cat On My Head for Sunday Selfies.


  1. My momma are gettin PTSD flashbacks. Post Traumatic Snow Disorder from livin in Bawston.

  2. we had 8 inches too! Poor Dakota couldn't find a place to poop!!! Keep warm guys!

  3. Wow! Do you think some of that snow will head our way? We only got a sprinkling and the sun is melting it!

  4. dood...we due knot much care for snowz either...tho it iz kinda like a sno cone if ya bring sum inn side, put it ina dish N add toona juice !!! hope de stuff meltz fast & heerz two a happee all ewe can eat pie day on thurzday ♥♥♥

  5. That is too much snow for before Christmas. I think you need a little coat to wear outside and boots too :)

  6. The fly wasn't frozen, was it, JF :D Cool...very cool Selfies :) Warm Pawkisses :) <3