Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Dona Nobis Pacem ~ God Grant Us Peace

Yes, Peace, so tenuous, so needed and seemingly out of reach for many. May the wars cease and the swords be turned into plowshares, as stated in the Bible. Then we will truly know peace everywhere.
Growlmy prays that yes, May The Lord Grant peace upon our earth.

This Peace Blog is linked up to Mimi Writes, She is the hostess of this gathering of peace loving bloggers.

Dona-Nobis-Pacem - Peace and Power of Love

I had not ever heard of this before, so its the first peace blog I have done.
Here is my globe and wish for peace.


  1. Yay, a puppy for peace! Love your peace globe!

  2. A terrierist for peace? Now I's seen everything!

    BOL, just kiddin of course. Well, kinda. We's a feisty bunch.

  3. Such a wonderful Peace Globe...we join you today in blogging for peace.

  4. Welcome to the Peace Globe community :) A peace pup is always a great start :)

  5. I adore the colors on your peace globe. It's epic!!!
    Thank you for participating and welcome to the peace globe movement. I hope you've enjoyed today and felt the peace vibe.

    Peace to you and yours,

  6. That is so pretty. You have done such a good job on your peace post, as have your feline siblings.

  7. Peace?? I'll have a peace of whutevfur Momma's eatin'...

    Oh, ya means like peace and quiet... dere are times wiff Miss Barkaholic dat would shure be nice!