Sunday, October 11, 2015

Canadian Thanksgiving Selfies

It is Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow, October 12th.
So I wanted to woof Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian furends and to growlmy too of course!

Growlmy was furry thankfur to find this furry pretty Dahlia, in fine form still, so it is the selfie I chose fur her to put up in this weeks blog hop:))

A last beautiful Dahlia; The selfie image fur today!

Gourds in the sun!

Can I choose one, Growlmy?

I wonder how tasty these are?

Is this one a diffurent flavor?

Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian furends!

Pawppy is painting the porch so I have to be leashed up again fur a few days, or I may turn into a grey pup, BOL!

Pawwpy didn't believe me when I told him I wouldn't jump on the porch to have a sunbath...shucks...

My Offurcial Selfie

I am linked up with The Cat On My Head for the Sunday Selfie Blog Hop


  1. Why do humans never believe their furkids? You are obviously very trust-worthy.

  2. Great selfies! Especially that last one. :)

  3. Cute pics Freckles! And happy Thanksgiving to your growlmy!

  4. Be careful. Take it from me, Chester, gourds taste terrible! They live forever in the compost pile too! We're still finding intact ones in there from last year!

  5. your selfies are simply delightful!!!!! Don't eat the gourds! xoxo

    1. Tanks, and I was only sniffing them to make sure they were acceptable! BOL!

  6. Wonderful pictures, Freckles! We hope you are feeling much better. We had a pawsome Thanksgiving up here and thanks for the good wishes. Take care!

    1. Back at ya, Buddy!
      And you know i need a new dogretary...thanks so much fur that get well card you sent to me! It sure looked like me, but the kitty was the wrong color, BOL!!

  7. Cute selfies, Freckles!!! And whut a purdy flower! My Momma has a dahlia, too, but she cut it way back last month, so no blooms right now.

    Happy Canadian Thanksgivin' to yer Momma!

    1. Thanks!

      There are several blooms on both our plants, now...soon growlmy will have to take them inside to overwinter them...for the fourth year!
      Nothing grows too well fur her, but those seem to thrive under the guidance of her not very green thumbs...more like grey ones, BOL!

  8. Lovely Selfies, JF. We have pawprints on the stairs...I wonder where they came from..MOL :D Pawkisses :) <3

  9. Oh Mr Jack Freckles you sure are a digger, well you sure put your nose to the ground to find me. I got hacked right after I put up my post on Monday. I have major big time company software on my puter as Lee works for a global company and still my blog got hacked. The only thing the bugger touched was my BLOG! My BLOG what the heck why did they want to take over my BLOG! Our software contained it and Lee's employer swept my BLOG clean. Lee just has to put in the disc to revive it to consciousness. We closed it for a couple of weeks. One we did not want any followers to go buggy nuts and two Lee is having knee surgery on the 20th so I got to help her and we might not be able to get around to all our friends.
    You found where I design my own backgrounds and backgrounds for craft and home and garden blogs and animations. I just work off of that site. I had just sold a background and had not hidden it because I was working on my own Christmas one.
    Blogville Fun was designed by several bloggers to raise money to help animals and we did for awhile but we have not used it lately ~ did you find that one also?.
    Are you successful at Drying Gourds ~ I love the way they look as Ornamental Bird Houses. We have never got them to dry nice. And the real tiny gourds are great for Christmas decorations.
    Oh and the hack come in off of Gospel of Goose which she did not know she had been hacked. Que Sera, Sera Mr Jack Freckles.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. OMD:(
      I am so sorry about getting hacked. How awful.

      I am a digger dog indeed..a terrier!
      I think you have an idea of that yourself, Sweet William...BOL!

      Well, Growlmy and I wish you well, and your Mom Lee, too. We hope the surgery goes well.

      Yes I did find the other blog too, but I thought the one with your sweet picture on it was the west to woof in:)

      I have not evfur seem growlmy dry gourds...and this is the furst year they are even here as decoration...we have had some bigger ones, though.


    2. Well if you find the trick to drying them let me know. My gourds always mold.