Saturday, September 12, 2015

Happy Birthday To A Great Pal!

Its Happy Birthday to my well known blogging furend, Whitley!
She is thirteen young years today, a teenager, she furnally caught up to me, BOL!
She is having a pool pawrty today, good thing she is in Texas and not here, the weather is cool and cloudy, at 60F.  Good thing we don't have a pool, it might soon have ice on it, OMD!! BOL!

I helped growlmy make Whitley a prezzie, here it is fur all of you to see, too...she sure does have a happy grin, well, why not, look at all those yummies there, and balloons to pop too!

Well, growlmy my dogretary who I recruit to type fur me has to go outside, and I need to go and snoopervise her yard work.
What are you doing way back there growlmy??