Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wobbly Selfie Reporting In Furry Late

Yup, I am here late, way late, BOL!
I am reporting good woofs, though:)
I am still a bit wobbly, esp on stairs, and of course each night I go to sleep at the top of the stairs on the guard my peeps from evil whilst they sleep...None of us furs are allowed in the bedrooms, due to allergies is the given excuse, so we nevfur get to know the coziness of beds and snuggles under the covers...oh could be worse:))

After a long nap, if I shake out my furs, I might keel ovfur, and if I run too fast to get outside to chase something, well, lets just woof that is looks least I can now do my 'privacy pawlease' without falling ovfur!

I am eating, though not quite the vacuum cleaner of my noms as I was, maybe from the antibiotic which I am still taking fur a few more days.
I do beg fur my treats once again:)
I pester the kitties too, sometimes, BOL! Hey, they get into my spaces!

I did spend a lot of time looking like this:

Sleeping is one way to stop spinning...a sleepy selfie indeed...

Maybe this tilt-a-whirl stuff is stopping?? A Selfie?? Hmmm....

Squinting helped to keep me straight...

At least now my eyes are less oscillating, and they are open again...but my head is still in tilt least not tilt-a-whirl! This is my selfie this week, a tilted one, OMD!!

I entered in Nellie's Blog(The Cats From Hell)  'Finish the Sentence' game.  (I am training for a......)And I won!! How cool is that!

This is what I posted there:
I am truly training to learn how to shake my furs out without keeling over…since I now have this silly head tilt and drunken gait…sheesh…
But I really want to train to stay upright on the stairs going down is interesting. to say the least! I sleep at the top of the steps to guard the door against intruders to my pawrents bedroom…
Thanks fur all the POTP on my behalf. I am getting better…slowly but surely:)

Nellie sent me a fun cartoon as my truly is a tilt-a-whirl image, BOL!

Since I *am* feeling less wobbly, here is a less dizzying image, BOL!

Wheeeeee! Wanna spin with me??

Thanks once again fur the huge outpouring of POTPand concern:)
Wow that was so loving of Blogville to even post about it on their POTP site. I am feeling so humbled by all the love!

I wobbled over to The Cat On My Head to join the Selfie Blog Hop


  1. We were so worried! That must be a terrible thing to have; being dizzy all the time. Now we hope you start to feel better soon! Please keep us posted. Oh, and happy Dog Day!

  2. dawg dood.....we still send de manee blessingz oh st francis yur way N we hope bye thiz time next week de wobbleez haz stopped all two gether.....pleez ta get well, bee well stay well N howlz ta pipo N minko pleezXXXX

    1. Well, not too wobbly any ore, just a bit 'drunk' now and then...
      Thanks fur all the purrs!

  3. So happy to hear ya is feelin' better, Freckles! We've been prayin' ovfurtime 'round here dat ya would feel better & dat da dizzytizzys will go all away soon!

    Love ya buddy! (And I thinks ya is right-- it is probullee da Auntie Biotiks dat makes ya not so hungree-- dey has dat effeckt on us 'round here...)

  4. You're looking better MJF. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. Remember that it takes time to recover from this so have patience!

  5. you precious woofie!! We are so happy to hear you are feeling at least somewhat better and you are looking good!
    That was so sweet of Nellie to make that for you, Nellie is super thoughtful that way!
    We wish we could see you in pawson to give you kisses, we will just have to send them virtually.
    Love from all of us!
    Happy National Dog Day!

    1. Thanks so much!
      Hey, we are not *that* far from each other you know...only about 3 takes us about 8 to gt to my Auntie and 12 to get to my Grannie, BOL!

  6. So glad you are doing better! Keep up the good work. :)

  7. Glad you're on the med! You sure had us worried!!!!

  8. So glad you're startin to feel better!

  9. I'm glad to see you're feeling better and begging for treats! Those antibiotics can make for a swishy stomach.

    1. I am almost back to my silly self...just a bit wobbly now and then..

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  11. Oh Mr Jack Freckles, mes was in the middle of posting and Mommy had to goes and gets Jo Jo in from outside. And she did not know where my post went, so wes started over!
    Mes glad yous feeling better and that yous enjoyed your cartoon! Wes KNOWS that the POTP Works!

    1. BOL!!
      Thanks so furry much!
      The POTP is a great thing!

  12. Glad you're startin to feel better!
    The cartoon Nellie´s mom did for you is really FUN :)