Thursday, July 2, 2015

Woofless Wednesday...Not Today Though! Happy Birthday Canada!

Today is Canada's 148th Birthday! Happy Birthday Canada!
Growlmy put out her big flag on the porch, and she has a garden stake that's a flag, too!
She has several magnets on her fridge and she has keychains in use all the time with flags on them...and some pins for her, she must enjoy seeing the Maple Leaf Forever!! (That's the name of a nice song, too...)
Canada in official years is a lot younger than the USA!!
That Birthday is on the Fourth of July...howevfur grwolmy has to work, no celebrating except maybe a bit with her residents that she takes care of. She will likely wear some stars and stripes scarves and a couple red/white and blue necklaces.

 I will be here barking at all the fireworks...

Growlmy went to the 'Urgent Care' the day you saw those ugly leg images...she had a hot red swelling starting up. Cellutitis:( So now she is on 2 antibiotics by mouth, and another applied to the wounds. Its slowly getting less red and swollen:)

She and pawppy went to the airfield this evening to see what was happening at the Field Of Flight. Our annual balloon festival and air show...which growlmy has to miss, oh well, it isn't like she nevfur saw it before, BOL! Next year she will be off so she can look forward to it then. She and her coworkers trade you wins some and you loose some.
Flying right ovfur Growlmy and Pawppy...

A fish flying? Oh, my!!

This Balloon was coming down.....



Flat and ready to be folded up.

Very appropriate for Canada Day! OMD!!

A Thunderbird on display

Pawppy went up to look in the cockpit.

Inside the cockpit of the Thunderbird on display. They couldn't sit in it though...sigh...
At the same airfield there is a 'School of Aviation', there are some of the little planes they use, my Oma called them 'mosquito's'! BOL!

There is always a 'Midway' at this event...

It got really dark close to sunset, but no rain, just a cool wind, July One and growlmy had her jacket on, BOL!

Well, I need to let her go and be catretary for my kitty furblings....
Which evfur country you celebrate a Birthday for, I hope its safe, fun and wonderfur!


  1. dood...happee bee lated canada day...ew iz rockin that scarves ya noe.....thanx for sharin theeze fotoz...we reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel lee like de ....drum roll fish !!!! go figure huh...... ☺☺ looks like a fun fun time !!!!! ☺☺

    Heerz two a climbin catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

    1. It was great ovfur ther, said pus allowed there unless they are 'air Dogs' or service pups.

  2. So glad your Mom went to the doctor and got meds! I will be barking at the fireworks too! (at home!!)
    Happy Belated Canada Day!
    Barks and licks and love, Dakota

    1. Thanks!
      She knew fur sure the only way it would get better was with medicines.

      I barked up a ton, did you??

  3. Happy Canada day everyone. You sure look patriotic Mr JF Sir. Did you get to bark those balloons?? Looked like a fun day. I'm pleased to hear Growlmy's poor sore leg is getting better.

    1. Hi, Charlie! Thanks!
      I barked..and barked.....and then I barked!

  4. Ya sure does look cute in all your Canada gear!

  5. The picture of the sunset and dark sky was probably the start of the wind coming my way. We love seeing hot air balloons, we don't see to many anymore with the river giving them updrafts they sometimes have a hard time around the hills of Cincinnati. Lee's grandmother was a dairy farmer on 166 acres and I am sure that farmer who lost cows to the storm is hurting. Hope your legs get better everyday doesn't grawlmy know exercising is dangerous..
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

    1. Hello, SWTS!

      I didn't mean to send bad weather your way...sorry about that.
      Your storm mess looks worse than the mess we had here a few weeks ago.

      We are fairly flat and open here, so balloons do well here.