Sunday, July 5, 2015

Airplanes! Balloons! Fireworks!

I thought it might be fun to show you some of the things I had to bark at past Friday, Yesterday, and even today. Then you can all come ovfur to help...if we succeed these things will vamoose by tomorrow, BOL!


Heritage Flight: P-51 and F-22Renowned Air Show performer Vlado Lenoch flew the North American P-51 “Baby Duck” owned by the Warbird Heritage Foundation in formation with the F-22 Raptor Demonstration Team during our 2015 Air Show.
The U.S. Air Force Heritage Flight (HF) program presented the evolution of USAF air power by flying today's state-of-the-art fighter aircraft in close formation with vintage fighter aircraft.
An HF performance involves a current USAF fighter piloted by an Air Combat Command trained military HF pilot and flown with a historical warbird piloted by a trained and certified civilian HF pilot. The HF features  formations of modern fighters flying with World War II, Korean, and Vietnam era fighters such as the P-51 Mustang and F-86 Sabre, dramatically displaying our U.S. Air Force air power history and proudly supporting our Air Force's recruiting and retention efforts. In 2010, the Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation (AFHFF) was formed to keep this popular program flying.
United States Air ForceIt really is amazing to see our “old” and “new” in formation. It helps show the span of over 70 years of the United States Air Force. Seeing a World War II Era P-51 Mustang flying alongside the ONLY fifth generation fighter on Earth, the F-22 Raptor, is certainly a spectacle to see. It is also a touching tribute to those who have served our country.
Do not miss this chance to see history in flight during our air shows, perhaps in your locale!
F-22 Raptor
... flown by Major John Cummings, displayed a little of its enormous power and weapon storage for the crowds at The Field of Flight performance.
P-51 'Baby Duck'

Heritage Flight - P-51 Mustang, F-22 Raptor, F-4 Phantom & F-86 Sabre
What a big machine! And there were two of them, right in our own Air National Guard Base! (Which is on the same acreage as the airport where all this takes place.)

The ever-popular"4CE" Aerobatic Team. Battle Creek was one of the first air shows to host this team formed by world renowned aerobatic pilots back in 2012 . The team is lead by Matt Chapman in the Embry Riddle Eagle 580 with Jack Knutson ("Firebird" Extra 300S) and Rob Holland (MXS) flying the wing positions. Bill Stein rounds out the formation flying his Zivko Edge 540 in the slot position. This performance is filled with tons of aerobatic formation passes, solo maneuverssquirrel cage maneuvers and the heart-stopping switchblade cross.

Squirrel Cage Maneuvers?? We need this crew to get rid of nasty tree rats all ovfur the world,BOL!!

F-22 Ground Crew

Those were some of the featured airshow demonstrations...there were lots more, as the whole thing is about 5 hours long!
Even a special school bus rigged up with rocket engines, OMD!

You can even buy one for yourself, BOL!

Fun and learning for young and older too!
This year they had a  dog competition called Ultimate Air Dogs. Dogs jumping/flying into a pool...not fur me thank you furry much...Whitely and Finley might like it...

And of course Balloons, Plenty of them:
Here are some bird's eye views:
Always awesome to see!

 This is a fun balloon, if you like kitties:

 Here is some info about this balloon, called 'Alley Cat':

Susan Stamats Hot Air Balloon Susan Stamats is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She saw a hot-air balloon and then she was hooked. She now has been a licensed balloon pilot since 1986 with over 2400 hours as pilot-in-command of a balloon.
Susan flies the "Alley Cat" balloon. She has participated in every event at the Battle Creek Field of Flight Hot-Air Balloon Competitions except one. She says her balloon crew is the Best in the World!

A couple of the evenings, they light up a lot of balloons with their engines. Its quite the sight, growlmy saw it herself a few times in the past.

And then...the end of a satisfying weekend to dogabrate The Fourth Of July...Fireworks!

OK, There is all or most of the doings around here this weekend...and growlmy missed all of it, BOL! She didn't make any of these pictures, they were 'harvested', BOL!

At least it is quiet here tonight, and all will be normal once again:))
Growlmy will get Labor Day off, but, well there is just not much happening on that day, other than all the stores will be laboring to get the kids all fitted for the new school year! Hey that's still weeks away!



  1. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... you got to bark at all of those???????? You had the best day ever, aye??????

    1. Well, these are all the things we missed on account of growlmy;s work, sigh...

  2. Ok, I's definitely headin over to help ya bark!

    1. Yup, the more noise the sooner they will leave, BOL!

  3. Wow! What a wonderful day! Thanks for all the pictures. We really enjoyed them!

    1. Growlmy hopes to be able to go next year she will be off, having had to work it this year.

      Its fun to see them in your mind though...

  4. Wowwzers! Mommy wishes she was there for that! Her Daddy was a Pilot when she was little and she has a fascination with anything that flies and especially balloons and she LOVES to goes to airshows. Wes don't get too many of those around here.

    1. This is the furst ear f=growy has missed being there for the air show in d=several year again she will get to go she hopes!

      Growlmy was at an air show in Trenton AFB when she was 4...eons ago, like 187 years or something like that...

  5. dawg dood...what an awesum post !!! manee thanx for sharin de storee & theeze fotoz !!! N ya noe...we just bet ewe COULD due air dawg !!! we bet ewe could jumpz 900 feetz !! ♥♥♥


    1. Thanks!
      I could do air dog if there was no water in that pool...I *hate* to get wet...they should make a landing area with foam blocks:)
      Then I could jump 9 thousand feet! BOL!