Monday, June 29, 2015

Liebster Sunday Selfie And Growlmy's Done It Again

I am selfishly watching the hummingbird get a picture, but the selfie timer was on instead.

Yup, growlmy went and tried to have a battle with the treadmill...of course she lost:(
She is all scraped friction burned on her knee and shin...and she did this on Friday night; wow, she said she had a lot of (not) fun at her work the past two evenings. But she said she would have felt the ouchies just as much at home as at her work so off to work she went.

Here are some gruesome pics...

Fur some reason, though I tried to give her my healing MJF-Sir Lick-a-Lot kisses and licks, she was not allowing that at all.


And Part Two of this posting is:
Yes, My good pal the furmouse Westie known as the lady of many dresses (My title fur her, BOL), aka Whitely nominated me fur this waward a long while now I decided to woof growlmy to help me do this afur the whole busniness gets buried in busyness!

Firstly, Thanks fur the honor, Whitely!

And you all can read her blog here: Whitely

She ordered these they are in her own dialect, but its still easy to translate, so read on!

Dere's some rules dat come wif dis award, so here dey is:

1. Fank da person who nominated ya and link to dere blog.

Yup, I did that!

2. Give readers 11 random facts bout yourself.

I'm 3 inches too tall fur a JRT
I am 13 years young!
I have dual dogtizenship: USA & Canada.
I hate to get in a car/vam...even though I can jump high, I have to be lifted into the vehicle.
I used to bark at all water towers I saw along my road trips.
Even though growlmy is my dogretary I actually am boss boy's pup, a birthday present when he turned 12. He cannot have me in his apartment, besides I would be bored in there...
I like to nosh on crunchy veggies in fact I beg for them, BOL!
I bit growlmy once when I was about one year old...she treid ti make me get off the couch when i was asleep on it...the nerve.(Growlmy says I have resourse guarding trouble and a do not distrurb sign...sigh...)
I bark the large concrete bison that someone has in their yard if my stroll goes along that route.
I had to loose a tooth in 2014, because I broke it off, but its my secret what I broke it on:)
I also bark at thunder and firecrackers...with my hackles all one should disturb the peace around me.
I do the same for hot air balloons, I go ballistic in fact. I have to make them sail away.
Imagine my horror when my barks failed to scare the balloon away and it landed right in the field in front of my den!

3. Answer 11 questuns from da blog of da person who nominated ya.

1. What are your favoritest treat?
Lettuce ribs, yogurt and about anything inbetween!  Growlmy says I love anything! Except apples...

2. What are your favoritest toy?
My unstuffed stuffies, and Minko my kitty brofur!

3.  Has ya ever killed anything?
Fur sure... rabbits, groundhogs, snakes, a baby robin and a young coon. Can't get my jaws on any willing squirrels though...and I have no idea why growlmy gets annoyed when I hone my skills in this department.

4.  How barky is ya?  Quiet, medium, loud, or Whitley-level?
Barking is my bestest hobby, the louder the better!

5.  Do ya get scared of storms or does ya ignore em?

As I woofed above, I bark em clear out to hthe next county, maybe even the next state!

6.  What are your favorite nap spot?
My bed on the loveseat, or under growlmy;s chair when I am dogtating to her   my blog postings...

7.  Do ya like summer better or winter?
I think though I don't care fur the excess heat, I do hate that deep snow we get, so I would say least we have good AC.

8.  Who are your favorite peep?
Growlmy, Pawppy, followed by Boss boy and my Auntie

9.  What are da furthest from home ya has ever been?
Washington DC

10.  Do ya like baffs?
No thank you pawlease...

11.  Do ya ever watch TV?
If I hear a doggy on it.

4. Nominate 5-11 bloggers for dis award (those wif fewer dan 200 followers is recommended).
I have to bread]k the rules herem because growlmy just cannot deal with all the hunting fur new nominees...and so may pups already did this...she doens't know any new blogging pups either...being a terrierist, I get to do that BOL!

5. Come up wif 11 questuns for your nominees.
Again, I have to cut my dogretary some slack, so if you read this and want to take a nomination fur yourself, hjust answer the ame rules and questions! Then I and other will get to know you quite well!

6. List dese rules in the post along wif said nominees and da questuns ya wish em answer.

Yup, I did this, BOL!

7. Notify your nominees.
Not applicable!!

8. Eat a cookie (I added dat one).
Growlmy, Its cookie time, OK!! Crunch, munch...yup I got me a cookie!

This Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is hosted by The Cat On My Head


  1. Mes LOVES learning more about yous Mr Jack and mes thinks that is a wonderful picture if yous. BTW hissy old Licorice (he lived with Mommy and Daddy before mes gotted here and was the love of my life) was my human brother's cat. He came to lives with them when my brother was 13 and lived with Mommy and Daddy for the same reasons as yous!.

    1. Hi, Nellie!
      There is nothing new under the sun is there? BOL!

  2. dawg dood...yur watchin a what !! ??? N if ya think we iz knot gonna tell minko what ewe said....well, guess a gain !!! ♥♥♥

  3. Ya built growlmy once?? BOL, my momma wishes it wuz only once wif me and Finley.

    1. And I tried a few other times, too...and I grump at the vet peeps too...I am a *bad* pup...BOL!

  4. What?? You don't like apples??? Seriously? I love them! Left a comment on your other blog that your Mom needs to get that checked. We feel awful for her and send her love and healing licks and purrs!

    1. Apples?? Bleah, BOL! My doggy cousin loves them! I like tomatoes!! OMD!

      Growlmy went to the urgent care today. Cellulitis. Shucks. Meds for 2 weeks...

  5. Growlmy really did do battle with the treadmill. Is the treadmill still in one piece? Why that must have really made some noise when that happened. I think there should be some yellow tape around the thing because that is definitely a crime scene. Now about hot air balloons I understand your barking, why one got caught in my giant oak a couples years ago, it was terrible.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  6. BOL, the treadmill is not complaining, nor revealing any crime evidences...
    Growlmy hopes for 2 things ovfur the next few days...rain, heavy clouds and winds blowing away from our den...which while being 8 miles away from the locale of this 'Field of Flight', is close enough to have many things come within touching distance...

    It sure would have been bad to see one of those H.A.B.'s caught in a tree.

  7. Ouch! Doesn't Growlmy get enough exercise running around at work? One of the nurse's aids ghostwriter works with got one of those mileage meter things and found she walked as much as nine miles on a busy shift!

    1. She thought so too,but she could tell that she needed to do some specific styled to her own body exercises...flexability being one...ha-ha...if she was more flexible she could have escaped the naughty treadmill with less scarping on her shin...
      She only works part time, 3 evenings a week...and even so she feels like she lives in there...OMD!

      Nine miles! Growlmy thinks some shifts she puts in 109 miles, BOL!

  8. OMD ..... Growlmy...... are you ok???????? Crikey ..... you look worse than me. You gotta take it a bit slow on those treadmill things. Oh ..... you poor thing. That looks horrific. You shouldn't be going to work, should you? You need to rest that. In a nice comfy chair with your poor sore leg raised up on a fluffy pillow, Mr JF and the kitty blokes snuggled up next to you, a nice cuppa in your hand and Pawppy waiting on you. Did you need staples??? Crikey ..... I hope not ..... they're cruel things those staples.
    Take good care of her Mr JF. Don't be too demanding, aye?? By the way ..... apples, mate!! They're real good stuff. You gotta get Growlmy to chew 'em a bit first and then give you just a bit at a time. I didn't like 'em at first but I love 'em now. Mum has one every morning on the way to the beach. She always gives me little bits and I can't get enough of 'em now. I even eat the cores.
    Crikey Growlmy ..... take care, aye???

  9. No staples Charlie...none!
    No threads just has to heal on its own...

    And she did not listen and off to work she went. She i s a stubborn wonder she got me a stubborn terriersist, she knows what to expect, BOL!
    Nope, apples are not fur me, BOL!