Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Was The Featured Blog On Pet Parade 92!!

I was snooping around in blogger land early today and then I found out I was on the Pet Parade 92!
Now all of my fellow bloggers will know all about the failed adoption attempt. BOL!

Hosted By Rascal & Rocco

Well, I don't have a lot of woofs, actually, growlmy and pawppy were gone most of the day, so I did yard duty.
When they got back, growlmy was needing to give drinks to her newest babies, plants to be potted up or put into the gardens.
So of course I helped her...then she saw me having a grand roll on the ground. Ahhh, so good to put deaded smells on my doggy body. Growlmy came to see what it was that got me rolling, and it was Eeeuuwwwww! A big dead snake. YUCK, she yelled and shooed me off...and then she took it away, too. Sheesh, peeps do not understand us pups at all...
Pawppy shook his head and said to growlmy: And we wanted another dog?? BOL!!

Growlmy does not have a camera in her old hello/goodbye cell phone, so no pics were made of dead snake nor of me in rolling mode.
At least I did not try to eat it, growlmy said...the question in her mind is: How did that snake get deaded??

And now she needs to get to her bed, its a working day fur her tomorrow...

Thanks again fur featuring me in the pet parade Rascal and Rocco!


  1. Ewwww snakes!!!!! Congrats on being featured!!!

  2. Mes saw yous! Yous ROCKED!!!!

  3. Congrats on bein da featured blog!

    A deaded snake?? How cool, I's never seen one of dem.

    1. Thank woofs!
      It was a long garden snake...not a young one like I sometimes scare out of their nests.

  4. Sounds like the perfect time for a roll. Get your smell over that dead ol stink, very logical. So glad you came over and found out your were on the Pet Parade! I can't find your email so if you could email us rascalandrocco (at) gmail (dot) com we can send you a nice badge, should you want one. Pleasure to feature such a handsome pup! ~Rascal and Rocco

    1. Dead/stinky = Roll on it!

      I think growlmy emailed you our address...