Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hi-Ho ~ Its Selfie Sunday Time!!

 Yup, it sure is...hop number five this month, like a bonus selfie Sunday, BOL!!

A bit too sideways, reject!

Where's my other ear?  Reject!

Sheesh, now I cut off my ear...reject!

Ahhh! I got  a good one this time!

Its been rather soggy here, but I am not grumbling too much, knowing what some folks are enduring...howevfur, the neighbor girl had an open house last evening, and she got rained out...and its still pouring now...
At least we got our lawn mowed just in time.
The other neighbors opened up their pool...and it was like asking for soon as the cover was off, the sky opened and dumped buckets into it, BOL!

I got to go in the van yesterday...hey, I thought it was to go to that pawlace where I can meet and greet other pups...but no...we got out at the big pet supply store. They had a mobile clinic while I sort of got to meet some other pups, I also got a muzzle on my schnooter, (cause I hate it when there are too many peeps trying to touch me...), and some dude took...stole...some of my life blood. Growlmy said they were checking for heart worm and Lyme disease.
While I was standing in line, I was excited and wanted to meet all the pups..I was polite and didn't bark or lunge at any of the others, but there were a few there who barked and lunged...OMD! There were even some pups there who ignored all the others, they looked like well mannered statues, BOL!
Then we got to go straight back adventure I would have passed on if I had been asked, but of course I wasn't given any chance to woof my opinion.....!
They also re-registered my microchip, its that old; OMD!!

Minko my kitty brofur and buddy is doing a bit better, so that is good news. I would not want to try to be buddies with Pipo, he swats me with his smacky paw too much and he hisses too...even though I mostly ignore Pippo, I would like fur once to get close to him and snuggle like I do with Minko!

Well, I have to go and patrol the yard now, its guard duty  time! WOOFS!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Selfies On Memorial Day Weekend

This is Memorial Day Weekend...and since I am way late as usual, its already Memorial Day...
I wish you all a day that you think long and tahnksfully about why we are free here in our land. Memorial Day is for remembering that freedom is furry expensive, it costs lives..way too many have made and are making sacrifices.
Thanks so much service peeps for all you do/did to help our land stay strong, brave and free.
This is a solemn day, furry different that last Monday which for Growlmy was Victoria Day. But ovfur the almost 28 years she has lived in this country, she has learned to appreciate its true meaning.

Here is the selfie intended for this blog hop:

A bit of a glare at Growlmy who disturbed me from a good dig in an old varmint den...

This is my 'chicken selfie' displayed especially for the hosts of this Blog hop, BOL!

This Sunday Selfie Blog Hop is Hosted By The Cat On My Head

Monday, May 18, 2015

Happy Victoria Day Selfie

This is Victoria Day...if you are Canadian that is, BOL! Well, growlmy is so we alsyas get to somehow note that dogabrations of both countries spawsial in May there is Victoria Day and Memorial Day...and in July there is Canada Day, (known as Dominion Day until 1982), and Independence Day...there are some others but those are the major ones.

So here is a recycled/relic-selfie to commemorate the birthday of Queen Victoria.
Growlmy worked all day Sunday and when she was here at home there was all kinds of things to prevent real selfies to be know, the usual excuses...
So this is my entry into the Sunday Selfie blog hop, even though its already Monday, BOL!!

This Blog Hop of Selfies Is Hosted By: The Cat On My Head

Saturday, May 16, 2015

I Was The Featured Blog On Pet Parade 92!!

I was snooping around in blogger land early today and then I found out I was on the Pet Parade 92!
Now all of my fellow bloggers will know all about the failed adoption attempt. BOL!

Hosted By Rascal & Rocco

Well, I don't have a lot of woofs, actually, growlmy and pawppy were gone most of the day, so I did yard duty.
When they got back, growlmy was needing to give drinks to her newest babies, plants to be potted up or put into the gardens.
So of course I helped her...then she saw me having a grand roll on the ground. Ahhh, so good to put deaded smells on my doggy body. Growlmy came to see what it was that got me rolling, and it was Eeeuuwwwww! A big dead snake. YUCK, she yelled and shooed me off...and then she took it away, too. Sheesh, peeps do not understand us pups at all...
Pawppy shook his head and said to growlmy: And we wanted another dog?? BOL!!

Growlmy does not have a camera in her old hello/goodbye cell phone, so no pics were made of dead snake nor of me in rolling mode.
At least I did not try to eat it, growlmy said...the question in her mind is: How did that snake get deaded??

And now she needs to get to her bed, its a working day fur her tomorrow...

Thanks again fur featuring me in the pet parade Rascal and Rocco!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Whining Woofs For Woofless Wednesday

Yup, I am whining, growlmy is bummed and there will not be a brofur here, at least  not the one we were hoping fur. Shucks. Sheesh:(

Well, yesterday, growlmy suddenly grabbed my leash and car safelt harness...I know something was up, car trips fur me are rare...
We did not take the route to the stabby rooms, nor the highway that goes to my auntie and doggy cousin.
I do not think I evfur went the way we went, BOL!

So after a 10 mile trip, we stopped and I was allowed to go with growlmy into this building. Hmmm, interesting sniffs and smells here, not to mention sounds. So I left a pee mail or two, and then I got to go inside. My ears perked up and my nose twitched...and I could see a kitty behind  a glass door...hey, no more kitties, pawlease! Well, then the lady behind a desk said I had to go back outside to wait...hey, not fair, I wanted to visit wherevfur those smells and sounds were emanating from.

Growlmy put me in the car...( It was my furst trip in her new van!)and went back into that building.

*She* got to stay and have a visit with that pup, Domino.  A JRT/Boston Terrier mix.
He was all boingy-boingy and full of beans and the dickens! 9 1/2 months old.
A kisser, too, like me!
So growlmy said, yes, I want to adopt this dude!
Ok, Step two was next. I got to meet him...Back into the building, in a large playroom. Another lady was there with Domino on a leash and a second lady told growlmy to sit down and she took me on my leash...and I got to go and try to see/sniff Domino. But.....
He was not having it at all. He put his long tail underneath his belly so it touched his chin, and would not let me get close at all. Not in the 15 minutes or so we were in that room. Nope, if I got too close he started to bark and those ladies said he was scared of me...OMD:(
Scared of little old me, sigh...
They worried that he might even resort to fear aggression.
And he had been playing vigorously thorough the fence with his kennel mates. The ladies thought maybe he had not had enough socialization...and they were going to try and work with him, even to the point of finding him a kennel mate to share his den with. Well, I wanted to be the one, but those ladies said, no they didn't think it was a good match, but to keep looking there for some other pup. Well, of all things :(
There were no other pups in there close to what growlmy thought she wished to have fur to be my furbling, not even a lady pup. None at the other local shelter either...and none in the city where boss-boy lives.

You can't really tell, but Domino is about 1/2 my size!

Maybe we shall have to start with a baby pup, but she really wanted to do a rescue.
So now you know why I am whining, and growlmy is bummed...I just had to be a whiney-woofy blog-poster, today...

Since I already whined & woofed so much, I guess I can let you know that I had fun today, helping growlmy mow weeds and grass in my woodsy part of the yard. She had to take advantage of a day that finally was sunny, BOL!

Hence we are way, way behind on visiting all of my pals in Bloggerland.....maybe growlmy will just leave comments n the newest blogs after she reads, them, there are about 40...yikes! Here I whine again, BOL!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jack Sunday Selfies On Mother's Day

Jack in The Pulpit that is...
They grow wild in the woodsy part of my yard...among other things:
Growlmy wanted to help me make pictures for Mother's Day, outside but its raining here and thus its  furry wet...I do not *do* wet.....
So these pics will have to do as taken by growlmy yesterday in a small break from the rain showers. Sheesh, its soggy around here! And mosquitoes are already in abundance...

Jack In The Pulpit

They Grow Wild In My Yard
Let Me Guess...You all have these in your gardens, too...BOL!
Some of Growlmy's Favorite Spring Blooms, Just So Pretty, In time For Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day, Growlmy!

You know, my pawrents went to the local shelter yesterday, OMD! They want to find me a furbling...yikes, do I need one?
I shall have to learn a new trick...sharing. Yikes! What if he/she doesn't like my kitty brofurs?? Hey I will let him/her know he/she has to like them or else.....
Time will tell...and I will bark at them and you and whatevfur pup comes into my you'll all know, BOL!!

A Mother's Day Selfie From The Past!

Happy Mother's Day, Growlmy! Can I have some of your yummy dinner, now? BOL!
      This is my *offurcial* Sunday Selfie!
This is a Mother's Day Sunday Selfie Blog Hop; Hosted by: The Cat On my Head

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Shake Your Booty Sunday Selfies ~ Leftovers From My Barkday

 These are some selfies I made on my Birthday a few days ago...I liked them so much I asked growlmy to use them fur the weekly bloggy hopping event!

I was shaking my booty today...growlmy got her booty shaken up good too. OMD!
I had to bark my head off to make sure no further shakes of the booties here happened. Sheesh.

I was relaxing beside growlmy as she was working at her  desk before getting ready to abandon me in favor of her working with her residents at the nursing home. My kitty brofurs were napping in sunpuddles to warm their furs.
Suddenly there was a lot of noise, like a million heavy trucks or a train right beside our den...or hundreds of metal birds strafing it. (Helicopters) The piano was joining in too...all the strings inside it were humming! The dishes in the china cabinet were dancing, rattling and clattering too. Some pictures even decided to change their orientation on the walls, Oh, MY!!
Then it stopped, but just as quick as it stopped it started all ovfur again, YIKES!
Those kitties here spooked and ran fur cover...I barked and barked until it worked to make all this chaos leave me alone. Growlmy stood up and went to the window to see if pawppy had broken the gas line or something, as he was out there cutting down the shaggy blades of grass to even them up...I had been out there with him snoopervising, but came in to make sure growlmy was still there. Nope, he was still working and unfazed by the racket we were having inside.
Growlmy checked the cellar to see if the furnace and water heater were OK, and to see if anything else had suffered from the shakes. No problems there.

Growlmy went outside to ask pawppy if he had noticed anything...he said 'Nope.' Well that lawnmower is nosy and has its own set of shaking and vibrations.

Well, after a bit of time passing, the news came out:
We had been experiencing an earthquake. 4.2  on the Richter Scale. At 1223pm, May 2, 2015. Wow! The last earthquake here like this one was in 1947 at 4.6...that was way befur growlmy was invented!
This shaker event was centered about 14 miles from my den...and the second shaker was an aftershock.

It was the talk of the evening at growlmy's work place. Some of the residents had felt it, too.
It is also a full moon...
Which all brewed up a nice evening of 'the crazies' at her work...the full moon might as well be ovfur her building 24/7, BOL!
As if this wasn't enough, at 1pm the emergency sirens went off as they each month on the first Saturday, to test them.
Howl time!! Arooooooooo-howl-yip-yowl-arooooooooooooooo!
Sheesh, what a day!

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