Saturday, April 11, 2015

I Was Awarded!!

A while back I was nominated to receive an award from


Thanks so much! I am honored!
The award is the Liebster award:

It was rather a long wait for Finley to hear from me and read my take on this affair...BOL! Sorry about that, life gets in the way according to the words I hear growlmy say...

Well, there are some rules that go along with this award.
Furst, let's get all these  rules out of the way…and then  the  fun can begin!

1.  Acknowledge and accept the Liebster Award by leaving a comment on the blog where you were nominated from.
2.  Copy and paste the Liebster Award logo onto your own blog.
3.  Link back to the blogger(s) who awarded you.
4.  Answer 11 questions posed to you by the person who nominated you.
5.  List 11 random facts about yourself.
6.  Nominate and link 3-11 other blogs you enjoy.
7.  List 11 questions for your Liebster Award nominees on your blog.
8.  Inform your nominees by leaving a comment on their blog.

I did the furst three already!Whee!

Here are some questions as woofed by Finley:

1. Duz ya like to watch da tv? Duz ya have any favorite kinda shows or movies?
Mostly here the TV is on boring things like news. Sometimes sports, more maybe now that baseball season has resumed. Go Tigers!

2. Duz ya react to da doorbell on tv-- like bark if ya is a dog, or run and hide if yer a kitty or squawk if ya is a burd??
I bark like a mad dog for the doorbell, on TV, or the telephone ringing, too.

3. Duz ya  imitate any other animal... like try to sound like anuther cat or dog ya lives wiff or an entirely different animal than ya is?
Nope, can't say as I do...Hmmm, growlmy how do you do that kind of trick?

4. Duz ya likes to "talk"... just bark or grumble or meow or chirp or whutevfur likes ya is tryin' to talk to yer folkses and dey is too dumb to unnerstand ya?
Yup! I whine and stare at them and whine some more till I make myself understood. Sometimes I need to yip at them.

5. Duz ya has a favorite food? How duz ya gits it? Duz ya put on a certain face or beg or whut?
Crunchy salad items are one of my faves. Cheese, and yogurt score high too...just about anything the peeps are having...hey can't you see I am starving? I might get a tidbit or smidgen when they are done...else I wouldn't stop 'begging' nevfur know if they might let you have more, BOL!

6. Duz ya have a favorite person? (It's okay, ya can tells us...)

Growlmy, Pawppy and boss boy...not sure of the order, but pawppy says when growlmy is at work, he sees me appearing more nervous than is normal, and I don't relax until she comes home. I always run out to greet her upon her arrival!

7. Are dere any pupperazis -- camera nuts-- dat ya lives wiff? Duz ya need to be bribed fur posin'?
Do ya think?? OMD!!I want to bury that thing, and not only a camera but an iPad as least the flash is not engaged.

8. Duz ya like to wear clothes?
NO! And not even my winter coat to keep warm...
But in the past I put up with it for a ton of treats...but now its mostly pictures with props instead of clothes, well, maybe a hat or a bandana.

9. Duz ya have a favorite kinda music?
Not really, though meowmy likes Classical music and has played some on the violin for me...and I did not howl...nor did I howl when boss boy was taking piano & organ lessons. Not sure I would stay silent for pawppy if he got out his French Horn...

10. Duz ya have any animalsibs and which one is yer fave and why?
I have me two kitty brofurs. I love me my Minko. I want to be friends with Pipo, but he won't allow it...his loss I say!

11. Duz ya evfur wish ya had a Super Power? And if ya duz, whut would it be and why?
To be able to get into those doors behind which hide lots of treats and other delectable goodies.
And I wish I could help Minko be cured of whatevfur his health issues are, he isn't as playful and meowmy feels sad about it too.


Now I have to list eleven random facts about myself:

I was a present for my boss boy’s birthday when he turned 12, only I was gotted about 4 1/2 months before that, BOL! Sheesh, that was so long ago! Soon I will be 13, OMD!!

At age 7 or 8 weeks I made 3 long road trips, a total of about 1500 miles, to see my aunty and her pup, My cousin Murphy. He is exactly 5 days older than me!
After that we all went to see my grandgrowlmy, then we went home. First leg of journey: 350 miles; second leg of trip: 575 miles, trip home 605 miles….adds up to 1530 miles!

Growlmy is Canadian, though I think most of you know that…when she was born, she could have became a Dutch citizen too, because my ‘Opa and Oma' were still not Canadian citizens themselves… I have been to where growlmy came from (Ontario) and from where Pawppy came from: Washington DC.
I speak woof-eh, blaf-blaf, and bark!! BOL! I hear other words too sometimes…in German and Italian and boss boy speaks Mandarin!! Oh, and I am supposed to know French, but that aspect of my Canadian heritage is buried in the depths of growlmy’s brain these days…

Related to the previous fact…I understand some commands in Dutch!

And related yet again to that fact is that when I learned tricks and ‘obedience’ I also learned a hand signal for them at the same time. But now growlmy, what is obedience??

I have 4 regular places to sleep in, a den/crate with  the door removed, a nest in a wicker basket, which I have never chewed up; (Strange since I am a JRT known fur naughtiness)…and 2 beds on the love seat. And I have a den/crate in the back porch, and on top of that is a heated nest for times of coolness when growlmy goes away, and leaves me on yard-guard duty. I do not stay in there when its too hot or too cold...
The floor is pretty good for nesting on too, esp when the sun puddles are out.
You all have seen the results of my nesting ability, BOL! You can see me being nice with Minko there too...

Speaking of naughtiness…I am not allowed to get settled on a humanoid  lap, or their feet. I used to be good and enjoyed it immensely but at some point in my puppyhood I decided that no one could move a hair if I was upon them…resource guarding of a type I am told. So…if they dared to jostle or get up, or wiggle a toe, I growled, OMD:( 
Bad dog…sigh…but now I have learned to just lay beside the peep of the moment.

This has always puzzled growlmy cause of all the rides to evfurrywhere when I was a pup...
I hate getting into the van, or a car. Grrr…me a JRT, who can jump quite high, will not jump into a vehicle, my tail goes down and sometimes my lip curls, even though there may be a bribe of a cookie on the seat…so I have to be lifted into my seat. However once I am in the vehicle I settle down and sleep, or look out the window. I always wake up when I feel the brakes applied or hear the lane signal indicator…that means we are there, right?? I know exactly when we get to the turn off to my auntie that we are almost there and I do not go back to sleep..I start to whine cause soon I will be out of the van/car and running with Murphy!

I hate apples. Go figure, growlmy has never known a doggy who didn’t like those!

I love lettuce ribs, the crunchier the better!
I like tomatoes, cucumber, carrots, peas, corn, cabbage, and nuts…and lots of other stuff that long ago have been removed from my list of things I can have, because growlmy found out they were bad for doggies…like grapes, avocado. Sheesh, I enjoyed those…

I like to munch on the mulberries that fall off the trees in my yard each summer. But I won’t eat berries that growlmy lets me sniff and encourages me to try and sample them. Go figure!

I know which clothes growlmy wears to her work..and then I just go in my nest or den and ignore her.
On the other paw, I also know what clothes mean she is going to do yard work in…then I get excited and try to make her go faster, because I love to snoopervise her work out there. Never mind that I can go out there at anytime I want through my doggy doors; its just better when the she is there with me!
If I am not sure, I sniff her pant legs to make sure about which ones she is putting on.

I bark at the moon sometimes, not at night, but if I see it during the daylight. Once it was a full moon, visible after sunrise…and I thought it was one of those most evil hot air balloons! BOL!

And yes, I hate those with a passion, I go berserk!

Evfur since we have had our yard all fenced in, I rarely am able to indulge in my fave activities…running away and rolling in deer doo-doo…though sometimes I have managed a bit of a roll on my stroll times...

Recently I was The Dog Of The Day On Dog Channel!
That kept me busy, BOL!
I got some badges for that, too:

I don't know how to count, so this has to do it for the random facts and tidbits.

And here I will break the rules, BOL! Since I am so late posting about this award, I am not going to nominate any furs. I know lots of my pals have already been nominated, and some others that are far too busy/ if you want to pawticipawte, feel free to grab that Liebster Logo/Badge and do a blog such as this one yourself.
Afterall, all of my pals are Liebster to me.That is a nice word in German I think about being the most loved, hey, no one I know here should be more loved than another, right? Equal rights, BOL!

So no comments of nomination to put on anyfurs blogs, Tee-hee!

If you wish to do one of these, here are my questions fur you:

What is the longest car trip you evfur went on?

What season do you like the best?

What holiday is your favorite?

Do you like running? Or running away?

Are you on a spawsial diet for health reasons?

Do you hate or ignore vacuum cleaners?

Are you a city dog or a country pup?

Can you understand  more than one language?

Do you have any badnesses about you, like a secret hidden in the closet?

Do you beg, by which I mean do you pester the peeps at your den to give them what they have?

Doggies eat MEATZ™ but do you enjoy other things?

OK, That was hard work, BOL! So now I am going to take me a nice long nap...



  1. Wow, dat multilingual stuff are impressive. Bout da only command I's ever heard in anudder language are "cállate!" - it means shut up in Spanish. My momma tries it sometimes, it don't work no better dan da English vershun does.

    1. lets see...shut up in Dutch is 'stil zijn'... or a bit more vulgar would be 'houd je mond' (Hold your mouth).
      sta' zitto,is italian...
      den Mund halten is German

  2. We know about ghostwriter's work clothes too! When she starts putting on her boots, we get excited because she's going to go out in the yard with us. But when she has the white pants and shoes on, we barely lift and eyebrow because she's going to work. We hate it when she goes to work. She always comes home grumpy.

    1. Grumpy...yes, I can relate to tonight when she gets back, growlmy will be tired hot and furry grumpy indeed. sheesh! She won't even let me kiss her woes away! BOL!