Sunday, February 1, 2015

Snowy Sideways Selfie Sunday

Look at all the snow!

The wind is whipping the snow into drifts...
Wowee! Its all white outside, and getting whiter by the hour. I could hardly find my steps, let alone a good spot to leave some doggy-donations...And we can't even see the front steps:(
Getting started on the cleanup...

Growlmy had to clear me some snowless space...which filled up again pretty soon. UGH!
We have been dumped upon by Linus, as this mess is named.
Early in the morning, we found out that the churches around her and in other nearby counties have all been cancelled, and schools will be closed tomorrow, too. Pawppy got a notice that his office will not be open either...but of course growlmy will still have to to go to her work, Nursing homes, and any health care places just do not stop on account of weather...hopefully the roads will be better by then, and the driveway will have been cleared again. Growlmy and pawppy started the daunting task of snow clearing and in all it took three hours:(
How they have those aching arms and shoulders...backs are OK, at least. They have to throw the snow up ovfur the fence which adds to the fun they say, sheesh! And they have to make sure the snow mountains they create are not too tall to see over so they can safely leave the least they do not have to worry too much about me trying to climb on them to escape, I can't be bothered, cause I hate snow so much, BOL!
After they got started and had done about 1/4 of this dump, a young man walked up with his snow-blower and said he would clear us out:)) OMD! What a blessing this young man was fur my peeps!
Then he grabbed growlmy's shovel and finished off what she had been working on that his snow blower couldn't get at! He surely was an angel:))
Funny thing was after this was done, he walked ovfur to our neighbors and worked on their driveway! Theirs is much longer than ours, going all the way around the house...and not paved at all.

This young man was such a good example of good neighborliness fur sure! Thank you!!

Growlmy was too busy to let me woof a wordless Wednesday bloggy, so now of course I am furry wordy, BOL!
This was at about 330 pm...8-1/2 inches and its still coming down... all night long we are told:(

Growlmy measured the snow on the sidewalk befur she started to clear it...8-1/2 inches...and counting. When the peeps were done there was another 3 inches or so again...and the winds are whipping up deep drifts now, too. The weatherman dude says we might get up to 18 inches total, OMD:(
That means in the morning when the big light in the sky returns, the peeps might have even more snow to clear than what they just finished...sigh...maybe they won't be able to find their vehicles! BOL! Oh yes and just wait until the plow drives by...Whoosh - Whump - Dump...even more cleanup duty needed...
Snow mountains are growing; the road is an unplowed mess...

The snow is so deep you cannot see the tires anymore...

Yesterday it was a beautiful sunny day, what a tease this weather in Michigan can be.
My wood pile...grown up again after last spring's squirrels today.

I wouldn't be able to chase em anyways:(

Snow, snow and more snow...

Got a shovel?

I did not get to see Boss-boy today either, he mostly comes on the Sundays when growlmy is off...but no driving was done by my peeps, nor is more important. Travel was highly discouraged anyways by the police. So I won't grumble, my den is nice and warm and I got my peeps with me!

So we have been amusing ourselves now by watching the Super Bowl, the Puppy Bowl, and yes even the Kitty Bowl!! Fun times!!
Time to curl up and nap...

Well, pups and folks; enough woofs from me fur now...I am pooped from snoopervising the snow crew here.
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  1. Crikey ...... what a wonderful neighbourly gesture from that young man. How good was that?? All that snow ..... OMD!!!!!! Mum just made herself a cup of tea and is now sitting looking at your pictures. She wants to know about the second last one. Is that taken through a window or something? When's garbage night and how are you going to wheel that outside?
    Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... you don't look too happy lookin' out that window, aye?? Stay warm!!

    1. That boy was a blessing sent from heaven! We had nevfur even met him befur:))
      Second last piccie was taken from my back steps, over the railing, you can see the snow on top of it.

      Garbage day is on Thursday, we fill up the bin, and wheel it down the sidewalk and to the end of the driveway...should be room fur it by then, BOL!
      (After we dig it out of the drifts...)
      Nope, I am nevfur too happy when I see snow, esp when there is snow that can touch my belly...I might be a tall JRT, but not that tall...sigh...

    2. Arrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! She's got it now. That's a real optical illusion thingie. Mum was looking at it like the snow that is on top of the railing was pushed up against a window. Hence the straight line. Does that make sense?? It's the way you look at the picture.
      I'm not seeing any sidewalk to wheel that bin down.

    3. Ha-ha! The pictures of the back yard where the shed it *were* taken out of an upstairs window, but not the one you were checking out, BOL!

      The sidewalk was gone fur sure...and its several hours since we cleaned it out, but its all filled in again or drifted ovfur. Sheesh:(

  2. Whut a load of snow!! Yikes!! Whut a wunnerful naybor to help yer folks wiff all dat snow... y'all stay warm and dry and don't send dat stuff my way!

    1. I think if we put the flakes all in a row, they might reach out to you...if the wind doesn't blow em away! Our windows are all snowy from the wind blowing that sticky white stuff against them.

      That young man was a Godsend!

  3. Replies
    1. He saved growlmy and pawppy from hours of hard labor...some young peeps are still nice and helpfur!
      And we are gratefur!

  4. Stay comfy and warm Snowy, I'm still looking at your stretch kitties :D Pawkisses for an Enjoyable Monday :) <3

  5. Thank you for sending all that snow to us! We love it but our humans don't!

    1. Bwahahaha!!You're welcome...
      I was so sick of it, It had to leave fur other venues, BOL!

      Be safe!

  6. We gedded yur snowz, Fweckles! Fanks fur sendin' in my way! No, sewiouswy!!! Dadda jus' spended 2 1/2 hours snowbwowin' da sidewalks an' my -pwibacy, pweeze- awea an' da dwibeway. Den him wented out an' helbed da hole nayberhood, 'cept him r nod a nice yung man! BOL :D Now him r warmin' up an' waitin' fur da snowpwow tu fill in our dwibeway, so him can ged out dere 'gain! BOL!

    1. Yup! We got even more ovfur night...and pawppy, growlmy and more nice neighbours cleaned it all up...and then...that plow came past, sheesh...out came the shovels again:(
      Now growlmy is all tired out before she has to go and work hard at the nursing home...sigh...

      Want any more snow?? BOL!

  7. Your snow was just like ours' Mr. Jack Freckles. We had 9 inches though, and 13 at Gramps. Mom was shoveling when Uncle Kevin came with his snow blower. Mom stayed home today with a migraine triggered from that nasty barometric change :(

    1. Migraines from weather used to plague growlmy least not so much anymore:)

      Methinks maybe a snowblower will be in our shed by next winter...only it will have to come out of there before the snow comes, else we won't be able to access it...right now the snow is 1/3 up the doors of our shed on account of the drifts...OMD!

    2. Dat sounds wike a weal gud idea, Fweckles. Jus' keep a watch out fur sales an' yu cood score a weal gud deal. Shobellin' r weal hard on peeples bodies. Dem r nod tuff wike us pupses! Sumtimes bad stuff habbens when peeple shobel snowz an' we want nuffin habbenin' tu anyone!

    3. We think the baddest thing that happens when we shovel the snows is that mire comes after we are done...sigh...and the plow leaves hard packed chunks that stick like glue to the driveway...and even a snow blower can't deal with that too well...but...we may still be getting one anyways:)
      It sure is fun watching those things eat up the snow like its butter and throwing it 20 feet away!! OMD!

  8. You have the cutest selfie. We thought all woofies liked to go out in the snow. Mom says the woofies she and Dad had in the olden days loved it; even though, they were really small and could get lost in it. Hope you don't get too much more. Stay snuggly. Thanks so much for joining and supporting our blog hop. Hope to see you next Sunday. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

    1. I nevfur have enjoyed it, even as a wee one! My doggy cousin likes it better than I do, he does have more furs than I do, he is a Cairn...he even doesn't mind getting wet...shudder!

  9. I heard some parts of the U.S. got a lot of snow, but wow! That is a lot! So far we have been lucky and have not any major dumps of snow. You were very smart staying inside to supervise from the warmth of the house, BOL.

    Take care and stay safe in all that snow.

    1. At least we didn't get as much as those poor peeps in the Boston region...Oh MY!

      I heard you have been having a load right now. Pawlease do not send it this way...BOL!