Saturday, February 7, 2015

Remembering Keighty - She's A Pretty Angel Pup Now

Just a brief note here...

Many of you may know the Dogster furmily, that makes picture mementos for furs there, on Dogster and in Catster. Redford, Cooper, Nina, Forrest, Mick and some good kitty members too, Tundra, Manytoes, Rory and Lynzee. This morning their beloved doggy sisfur Keighty, passed away.

So we here are sad with them and send them our sympathy at this difficult time.

You can pay them a visit by clicking on this link:  Keighty

Here is a picture of Keighty...


  1. Oh no! Thanks fur lettin us know.
    Could yu please let them know we are thinkin of them? We can't leave comments ofur there no more.

    1. After a while so that pups can send comments here, I will C/P the lot and mail them to her.

      I think it will be nice for Esther to see them.

  2. Oh that's sad. I am dogster pals with them. I'll head on over ....