Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Does It Always Snow When I Go To *That* Place?

I am in pawppy's chair, all curled up...I am sad that it is cold and snowy outside...the cushions are to keep the furry deposits off the chair, BOL!

Why does it always snow when I go to *that* Place?
You know the place where you get stabbed and prodded…and they even put a muzzle on my biters…cause I do love to use em so much, BOL!

Growlmy says that’s not too funny though…I just feel overwhelmed when I have all those strangers swarming over me.
They said I am fine, just rather too portly. I gained almost five pounds. OMD! So now growlmy will likely starve me of treats…
I got in the van, and even the kitties were going along so I was entertained by their choruses of kitty travel carols.

The weather was atrocious, but at least it wasn’t as bad in the morning when we went as later in the day. Its been snow squalling most of the day, with heavier ones this evening. Weatherman dude thinks we could have 5 inches of snow by morning. Hey! The leaves have not been all cleaned up yet, and the grass still needed a chop job. And there is now doody under the snow, YUCK!!

I tried to smell Minko & Pipo when we all got back, but they both hissed and smackey-pawed me. Sheesh. Minko nevfur does that.

Well, I think that growlmy sure got  lot of phone calls today. Way more than usual. And a pile of snail-mail on her desk. And emails too.though I didn’t see those myself…
Something about Growlmy’s spawsial day?
Oh! I know…she got presents too. so maybe its Christmas? Wait, its snowing outside, growlmy got presents and its not Christmas?
Um…a gotcha Day, yes, thats it; her Gotcha Day. Do peeps get gotcha’d? Well some do like my doggie cousin Jakie, his boss boy was gotcha’d.  And he has a birthday too. OMD!
Its Growlmy’s birthday!
Well, it was on the thirteenth. I was so busy with all the snow and stuff that I didn’t get to woof about it on time…so now its Happy Birthday Growlmy, belatedly.
She now an ancient of days lady…about 600 billion years or something. It must be that long, cause she remembers a horse and buggy collecting the trash and another delivering the cow-juice when she was a little girl. Those things are in museums now…the buggies that is, not the horses…they are in horsey Heaven I guess…

Well, on those thoughts I gotta go. To hibernate until the snow is gone…well, at least until the sun comes up!

Sorry I didn't get with it enough to woof growlmy to take some pictures of our snowy day...


  1. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... It was Growlmy's birthday and WE missed it. How bad is that?? Happy birthday Growlmy - belatedly!! I sure hope you had a good day. Did you get icecream?? Crikey ..... I hope so. She remembers horse and buggies collecting trash?? She MUST be ancient?? My Mum remembers the cow-juice horse and buggy man. AND the prop man!! Does Growlmy remember the prop man. He used to sell rabbits too or so Mum says. What about the sani man?? Crikey ..... what did he do??? I shudder to think!!
    They put a MUZZLE on you??? Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... I'm impressed!! You bite the dogter???? Good on you!! I bite NO-ONE!! Does that make me a coward or something?? I hope not!! You've put on 5 pounds!! OMD!! Crikey I hope they don't starve you to DEATH!! Mum put on that much while she was away overseas. She's starving herself now. What the heck for. I think she looks ok.
    Sorry about the snow but I find it hard to sympathise. I sure would like to see some of it soooooooooooo bad and it's sure gotta be better than bushfires, aye??
    Happy hibernating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Snow pictures ...... PLEASE ..... when Growlmy's got the time of course!!

    1. Hi, Charlie!
      I do not think I know what a prop man is?

      Growlmy even has to use a muzzle when she trims my tootsies...

      We didn't get the large amount of snow as forecast...but no one here is sad about that, BOL! We did get about 2 inches...mostly melted now. More on the way later this week.

  2. Hey! Happy Belated Birthday to Growlmy! Sure hope yu are feelin all better by now.

    Stay warm an toasty MJF! This weather is frightful!

    1. Thanks Zoe!

      Snow has resumed as I see it out of my window right now...maybe if I bark it, it will stop? Santa doesn't need any snow just yet, right?! BOL!

  3. Happy Birthday Growlmy! Sorry about the bad weather. We're sure it will come around to us sooner or later. It's freezing out right now. My ghostwriter thinks hibernation is a good idea!

    1. Thanks pups!

      We got flurries right now, and a dump of that white stuff later this week the forecasters say. UGH!

  4. dood...knot ta woree...if de mom puts ewe ona diet ...we will send ewe sum burgerz, dizguizesd in sum fish... we send ta pipo & minko !!

    heerz two a happee week oh end with plentee oh pie rat perch on yur platez ♥

    1. Ha-ha, Tabbies! Pipo would likely try to eat it furst...and leave me the crumbs!
      But hey, its maybe worth a try? Like sending a Trojan Horse...MOL!
      I shall watch fur that UPS truck...

  5. Habby Bewated Birfday, Gwowlmy!! We r a bit tu far inwand tu ged any wake-effek snowz, bud we r geddin' fwurries dis day! Wast nite we gedded 'bout half a inch witch wuz da perfek amount tu cauze mayhem an' madness on da woads dis mornin'. I gess sum peeples furged 'bout dwivin' in snowz. So many fender-benders! Oy bey...

    1. Growlmy thanks you, Zaidie!

      Yes, we had that mayhem on our roads too...sheesh.

      More dumping of white stuff later this week...Oy bey is right!