Monday, November 10, 2014

Remembrance Day ~ Veteran's Day

Today it is Remembrance Day...for Growlmy at least since she is a Canadian...and it is also Veterans Day here in the USA.
Always take time to thank veterans you see as you go about your doings. If it wasn't for them, freedom would not be as we know it today.
In Canada when growlmy was recently visiting, the 'legion' volunteers were offering poppies for peeps to put on to remember those who gave more than just service of time, they gave lives, their that we can live ours. *Thank you* Yes, she has one too...and a whole row of them on display from years past.

Growlmy had to learn this poem in her school days:
So at 11am today, take a moment of your time to think of why and how we are  free today, and say thank you to those who have given their lives for it.


  1. Momma remembers dat poem, Freckles! Veteran's day always makes her think of her uncles who fought in WWII-- her Uncle Tom lost his arm, but still played golf and evfun hung wallpaper!!

    1. Growlmy had some uncles who were in the war, too.
      They fought for the Netherlands, and then they had to go into hiding or be caught/killed by the invading Nazis.
      Another was in Indonesia. He could tell some lively tails!
      Pawppy had some relatives who were in the civil war, and others who were in WWl & WWll. He lost one uncle in France.

      Growlmy's pawrents were in the Netherlands during WWll, and when they were still alive, they didn't like to talk much about it. Only did growlmy ever hear things was when the family would be gathered together for some occasion. Growlmy always listened intently, not only because she had to to understand the Dutch, but she new she wouldn't hear anything like them again till the next family gathering.

  2. Crikey Mr JF Sir .... We remembered today. Mum got VERY emotional at 11am. She always does. All those lives lost. Too sad by far!! Lest we forget!!

    1. Yes, Charlie, war is a sad thing. Too bad there has to be war...sigh...

  3. We are remembering and we are thanking our veterans today for their sacrifice and service.

  4. We paused to thank our veterans for our past, present and future freedoms on Nov 11. Lest we forget.