Sunday, November 9, 2014

Barking Like A Dog ~ Non-Selfie-Sunday

Freckles Wishes You A Happy Season Of Harvest and Thanksgiving


Growlmy got her just rewards…at least in my eyes for abandoning me while she went on her vacation.
She drove to aunties house in pouring rain…had to wait in a traffic snarl due to an accident…and then some dog stole her identity and traded his voice with hers. So now she is barking like a dog. BOL!
And on her drive back she had to wait for yet another accident, and more rain combined with snow showers….UGH!
And she says she feels her vacation was a waste because she was sick…and still is. Off to the peep-vet tomorrow. Running a temp for more than 5 days isn’t good. Sigh. (The only good thing is that she doesn’t have to miss any work for now…she hopes to be feeling well enough by the time she has to resume her duties with her residents…who surely do *not* need any barking dogs taking care of them, BOL! And she hopes that this upper respiratory crud won't trigger an attack of the nastier Ee-Bee-Vee...aka Mono.)
She can’t talk without coughing like that dog, I wonder what kind of dog it is, I had to have a good sniff of her when she got back. I smelled Murphy and Mr Cat from his neighbors...but no dog that might have traded voices. All she had brought back for me was a Christmas collar…OMD! Are you kidding? She says her excuse is…well that barking stuff.

She didn’t even get out her camera for a selfie, today…but she did get one of my doggy cousin Murphy sporting that new collar. (I am showing an archived harvest time picture from my old Photobook.)

My Great Auntie has settled well into her new abode in a long term care facility. She seems happy enough, and is eating better now, so she has regained some strength. She motors around with her walker, though its more of a mental crutch than a mobility aid.
On Nov. 7th, she turned 95!

Great Auntie Arendina On Her 95th Birthday

A Small Gathering For A 'Big Number Birthday'!

So it was a momentous and busy day.
In the morning coffee was had in an alcove just off of where she has her room…(she is in a huge complex, 6 apartment buildings, and 2 nursing homes, as well as many services such as a bank, a teeny grocery store, 2 hair salons, even a church. All under one roof, all attached by a series of tunnels, like a rabbit warren! Easy to get lost in, but most of the peeps who live there have it all figured out!) (Great Auntie lived in her own apartment there until just now, for 22 years already!)
Everyone passing by said Happy Birthday and stopped to greet the lady of honor.
A cousin who lives in Europe called in via the confuser and Skype, that was fun!
Great Auntie just smiles back, because she is so deaf she can’t hear a thing…
After growlmy was gone, one of her cousins popped in on his lunch hour.
Then she took a rest, and later she was picked up to be driven to another city where growlmy’s other cousins live. And they took her out to dinner…she ate with a voracious appetite! BOL! Must be yummier than the nursing home fare…
Of course they met up with yet another huge traffic jam…and a trip that is about 35 miles took 90 minutes, OMD.The return trip was much faster!
Growlmy says at least she wasn’t barking then yet. Or she might have been thrown out as a doggy impostor!

Now growlmy says that there are almost 100 unread blogs to check out…um…no way will she be able to do that. But she soon will try to pick up on the latest entries.
And maybe even she might find some time or barkless moment to reply to all your comments.
Sorry about being AWOL…or missing important stuff.

Growlmy is going to keep a low profile for a while until she feels better…and gets her own barkless identity back.

Maybe if I furgive her and send her some POTP along with all of you it will help speed the healing up?

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  1. Your great auntie looks pawsome for 95! Hope she had a fantastic day. Sorry your growlmy is barking her head off. My momma also has a head cold. She says she feels like she is in outerspace. I just think she is spacey most of the time, BOL. Much POTP for growlmy to feel better soon!

    1. Thanks fur that POTP, Buddy. And we send a load of it to your Momma, too.
      You be nice to your Momma, OK?

  2. Sorry to hear growlmy has the nasty cold that is going around. Our mom had it for 2 weeks. She barked like a dog too. It is no fun being sick on vaca!
    Auntie looks great for her age!
    Glad you're back MJF! Happy barking.

    1. Yes, this crud is making the rounds fur sure. UGH.

      I am back, but still not caught up...growlmy - aka- dogretary is slacking off to get better, she says...Um...we shall see!

  3. Your great aunt looks pawsome!

    I'll send your growlmy some POTP - I hate when da humans bark like dat. I'll bark back at my momma when she does it. She says it do not help matters, but I disagree.

    1. I met her a few times when I was at Murphy's den...and she *is* a pawsome lady! She was a teacher. Just like her Pappa.

      Thanks fur that POTP! Growlmy sure needs it, now while the barking is less, the ears are not working too well, being plugged...she sure hopes the Aunty Bio Tic she is visiting in the medicine cabinet works.

      I only bark back once in a while...BOL!

  4. Argh, I have a hard time findin where to comment on these blog hop thingos.
    But jus wanted to tell yu the great antie looks super duper fur bein 95! Wow! I hope I look that good!
    Hope yur growlmy gets to feelin more like herself than a sum tuff pup.

    1. Hi, Zoe! The comments in a blog hop are mostly at the bottom of all the thumbnail piccies...or so growlmy tells me.
      But...if'n your doggy nose works well, you shouldn't have too much trouble sniffing them out!

      My Great Aunty *does* look super! And she is super! BOL! She used to take the train to our town all the way from Canada!

      Growlmy is working with an Aunty Bio Tic, to make those germs stop her barking machine.

  5. We hope Growlmy feels better soon! Mom says they should convert abandoned malls into communities like that: everything under one roof.

    1. BOL!
      Thats an interesting idea!

      Growlmy is visiting Aunty Bio Tic in the medicine cabinet to have her chase the barks away.

  6. Crikey .... your Great Aunt is 95 and looks that good?? By the time my Mum gets to be 95 (if that ever happens of course) she'll be like a wrinkly old prune. Too much sun where we live and Mum's ALWAYS out in it.
    Poor Growlmy ...... not much of a holiday for her, aye?? Maybe she won't be in such a hurry to abandon you next time. I hope she gets better real soon though and leaves all the barkin' to you. Nice Christmas collar ...... bet you can't wait to wear that!!

    1. Hi, Charlie.
      Great Aunty was *not* a fan of the sun...ever. It seems to have been a good decision. She has reddish hair, and very fair skin, she would have burned to a crisp. Growlmy is like that too, though not the red hairs, BOL!

      Growlmy is dutifully taking those yucky meds in hopes to get mended enough to go back to work on the 15th...

      That collar is too small for me so if I have to endure it, it will need some adjusting, OMD! But...I think it will fit a kitty or two! BOL!