Monday, October 27, 2014

Cows And Bovine Thoughts



I am referred to as a cow sometimes. Hmmm…a bovine? Me??
Growlmy says she sees me grazing, and munching grass quite often. Well, why not…I am an omnivore, right? BOL!
She thinks I must be a type of Guernsey, or an Ayrshire, on account of my colors and national heritage…sheesh, I think she is nutzo, but I will show you some pics, and you can all make your own judgement.

Hmmm...the grass looks tender and tasty today. I think I'll go and sample the grazing, now...

Sniffing fur tender shoots.

Gotta get my jaws around this.

Delicately I pick a juicy blade.

This must be a tough blade.

Chewing my grass.

Yummy! My schnooter in a grassy patch.

Um...that wasn't too delish. Bleah! Gotta move on fur better pastures.

Hunting for the tastiest morsel.

Here is a good munchy bunch.

Chomping away...
She's calling me what??

Now,  tell me,  Am I a bovine or a canine??

A chart of various bovine breeds.


  1. I do da same thing and my momma tells me to stop bein a cow.

    Just cuz she don't like green veggies doesn't mean I don't!

    1. BOL!
      Growlmy wants to use weed killer here and there, but she doesn't dare on account of my indiscriminate grazing...I nosh on more than grass sometimes.

      But I do like the veggies, and so do all my peeps!

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm! Bit of a guernsey look I'd say but definitely canine. I LOVE grass but Mum thinks I'm more like a horse. It's the long leg thing! I graze just like you do Mr JF Sir..

    1. I hope you will be out in your own pastures soon to graze and munch on tasty blades, Charlie. Take it real easy fur now, though.
      Gotta let yourself get all healed up.

      One day growlmy expects to see me taking a break to rest and chew my cud, BOL, BOL!!

    2. I'm taking it real easy Mr JF Sir.. I'm still a bit wonky but a lot better. Chew your cud??? Crikey. That could be painful, aye?

  3. We do the same thing. Do yu poop out yur grass? Or even sumtimes uh, hack it up?
    Bol! Mommy wants to have sum cash cows on our farm in Color Red O.

    1. Oh, you betcha! Barfing that green barf on our biege carpet is least it is fur me to watch the peeps try to clean it up!
      Dingle berries happen sometimes, too...OMD!

      Have a cow! Wow, you are gonna be a real barker then, as if you weren't already.