Monday, October 27, 2014

Cows And Bovine Thoughts



I am referred to as a cow sometimes. Hmmm…a bovine? Me??
Growlmy says she sees me grazing, and munching grass quite often. Well, why not…I am an omnivore, right? BOL!
She thinks I must be a type of Guernsey, or an Ayrshire, on account of my colors and national heritage…sheesh, I think she is nutzo, but I will show you some pics, and you can all make your own judgement.

Hmmm...the grass looks tender and tasty today. I think I'll go and sample the grazing, now...

Sniffing fur tender shoots.

Gotta get my jaws around this.

Delicately I pick a juicy blade.

This must be a tough blade.

Chewing my grass.

Yummy! My schnooter in a grassy patch.

Um...that wasn't too delish. Bleah! Gotta move on fur better pastures.

Hunting for the tastiest morsel.

Here is a good munchy bunch.

Chomping away...
She's calling me what??

Now,  tell me,  Am I a bovine or a canine??

A chart of various bovine breeds.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Selfie From The Basket

I am in an old basket...and as you can see, I have made this nest super comfy by digging it almost to shreds...JRT style, BOL!
But its still a fave spot fur me to curl up in. Or to make that selfie shutter click. Wow, Growlmy got an IPad, and it doesn't even need I guess its an experimental low light selfie. Woofs!
Now we can all hop...hey, I thought only bunnies did that?

                   This is a hopping bloggie, so I am saying that the hopping host-bloggie is:
                                                               The Cat On My Head

Have a woofingly great Sunday!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Falling Fur Digging & Sniffing & Also A Selfie

I am liking a lot about the fall...except maybe fur all the sogginess lately. Sheesh. When the sun does show up, its only a brief time afur more clouds and rain comes down upon us.
Fogginess is happening too sometimes. Plain rain isn't so bad or a storm, cause they mostly are over quickly, but the drizzly dank days we have had a lot of lately are well...boring.
 On a rare day recently I did some garden self guided tours.
Under the Dogwood

In a thicket

Somefur...a varmint, Grrr...was here.

I know you were here too.

And here, all ovfur the place, you naughty rascal varmint. Watch put, I am lurking to snag you.

Hey! I see something ovfur there!


And sight works too...

And intent listening skills are needed.

Homing in on 'it'.

I need to dig you outta there.

All inside the shrubbery

Hey, I still have you in my sights.

Sniff, sniff, sniff...

So on a brief occasion when it was dry(er), I did some snooping about the shrubbery. I unearthed a snake, some old walnuts...and likely a host of other unrecognizables. Growlmy 'stole' my snake to rescue it from my fun her,  she says the snakes are good to have...even though I beg to differ.

Good sniffing here!

And even better sniffing here by the fence.

I 'hunted' and sniffed under and in the shrubs...always interesting smells there, esp if the bunnies and squirrels have been by. I sniff along the fence line, too..if doggies have been strolling past we can exchange our pee mails and other ideas that way. Growlmy found a baby snapper...way cuter than the huge one earlier this summer, and it was going to be squashed by cars in the driveway, so she put it in the grass...outside of my rescue it.

The big cranes are still around, they are gathering each evening in a marshy preserve, OMD, growlmy and pawppy went there and it was neat to see...and furry noisy!

 Then I climbed the weeping cherry to get a better view...(not of the cranes, BOL! Just my own yard...)

There is something edible here...

Its a long way down...Yikes!

But I am still here nevfur-the-less...

Solid ground is far better...

I got my attenshuns diverted.

Hmmm...where to go now?

 Halloween is coming around again, but I didn't want to 'do' costumes, so growlmy will retrieve some oldies out of the deep dark recesses of my archives, BOL!
My selfie with my opinion of wearing a costume...

                                    This opinionated selfie is hosted by the Cat On My Head.