Saturday, September 6, 2014

Selfie Sunday...A Furst Attempt

I decided that growlmy could help my try a 'selfie'...without a cell phone mind you!
Hers is furry simple and has no camera. She only does 'Hello - Goodbye' on it, BOL!

At furst I wasn't gonna look after all...

But then I relented!

So there you have it!
Woofs! Gotta go and make sure growlmy goes to bed, so that she'll get up in time to give me my breakfast!
(We had big thunderboomers here yesterday, it was hot and muggy, but today is beautiful and not hot or humid. Too bad growlmy has to be at work and not enjoy the cooler weather.)


  1. Good selfies! Next time make a contract that says you will look at the camera only if you are rewarded with a yum yum. It's a good thing that Mom usually has yum yums in one pocket and her camera in the other so she can catch a photo at any time.

    1. Thank woofs!
      Good idea, I shall give that a try. Except with no camera in her cell phone there is nevfur a camera in her pocket. Her camera is too big to fit in any pocket, BOL! (Canon SX40)

  2. That's a good first selfie. I bet you'll be a pro in no time.

    1. Thank woofs!
      Pleased to meet you Raven!
      Have you met my meezer brofurs??

  3. Hi cutie! Found you from Molly's blog! We are in Michigan too! What part of Michigan are you in? Mom and I want to follow you but you don't have "follow by email" on your blog. Would you please add it? Thanks! Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  4. Hi!
    Pawleased to meet you!
    We are in the Battle Creek area, just north of there, we live in a village, about 8 miles from town. Have an acre fr me to run in...all fenced!

    I got growlmy to put that link in there, its near the bottom now. The regular 'follow button' is at the top. Also a link to Bloglovin.

    Wasn't it lovely weather today? Except that growlmy had to go to work, that's why we didn't respond till now, she works second shift in a nursing home. Well, hope that the weather will still be nice on her days off!

    Woofs to you!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank woof so furry much!
      Pawleased to meet you also!

      Woofs!, Oops, I mean soft woofs, cause you're a kitty, BOL!