Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Writer's process Blog Tour!!

Mr Jack Freckles ~ aka Sir Lick~a~Lot    Surveyor & Protector Of My Terriertory

I just heard I was nominated to join up with the writer’s process Blog Tour!
Now growlmy finds it kind of embarrassing, cause she got asked to do that by a kitty furmily and asked to not have to do it due to all the other things on her plate as it were. The not so yummy things on there that peeps have to keep at until they are all done…and mostly they have nothing to do with pups nor kitties…though the chores we make them do fur us also are on those plates, BOL! But she means the extra ones…

Here is a picture of Charlie:
Charlie    (Disregard the Sorry Ass and Why Its There...)

He is the pup who nominated me.
Thank Woofs!!
He has a blog too, naturally!
He lives over in Australia, or should I say, he lives ‘Down Under’!
He is here in his blog: (And if you search you can find the entry about his really sweet Sorry Ass)
I will link you up to the entry about his writing Process,  you can read lots of his other fun entries through the links on the sidebar.
Charlie Down Under in OZ

Isn’t it fun that nowadays we can just travel in an instant and say hello to our furends at all ends of the globe?
Charlie is a most fun pup to know…you will not be able to suppress giggles furry well, once you start reading what he woofs in his blog.

OK. I have to answer some questions…sheesh, always these questions! BOL!

After I answer the questions or at least try to get the essence there of what is wanted...I will need to find three other bloggers to nominate. Hmmm, now *that* could be interesting!
Well OK, Here goes!


I am working on ridding my terriertory of varmints, namely squirrels, groundhogs…they seem to have learned how to dig under the fence which is buried a foot deep by the way…and rabbits and others. Also snakes! Yes we have garden snakes there and they are not allowed. I still do not understand why growlmy makes me leave them alone. Sometimes the locusts, butterflies and froggies that come to the flower area are varmints too. And birds. They all get chased off! Except fur Miss Red Hen; I don’t know why, but she seems to enjoy our yard and even roosts here at night.

I know there's a varmint in here

I can smell you in there...

This varmint doesn't seem to be scared of me...

I bark up those who dare try to pass by my pup-erty in the front…on pretense of strolling down or up our road. And the kid lets that ride their bikes, sheesh, how dare they!?!
I also work at staying young by being a silly pup now and then. When I see growlmy coming through the door after she gets home from errands or work, I go to my toy box, grab one and off I go to shake that toy all up, and beg fur some tug of war games. Or I will do a major zoomie all around the pup-erty. Like the wind, and sailing over branches or other obstacles. I would have had fun with agility if that was in my area when I was younger. Now while I can hone these skills at home, not so much going to be doing that in competition…
One has to be silly and young at heart to be younger feeling…it helps me to forget the slowly starting signs of getting older such as some creaks in my bones and some  allerrgics  that I nevfur had in the past. And of course I have to work hard at keeping the batteries charged…and recharged. I nap lots!
After I dogtated this bloggy to growlmy and snoopervised the typing, I went to one of my many nests to stock up on Zzzz’s.

I work to keep peace between my kitty brofurs, BOL! When I want to see Pipo all I need to do is give a bit of a too frisky kiss to Minko and voila there he is! Only he usually is in hissy mode, so I have to go and find other unfinished doggy work.

I do a lot of digging. I am not a ‘go to earth’ doggy fur nothing! I have been working at this dig site fur a while now, but growlmy isn’t too pawleased, she says that it will just make it easier fur new varmints to take cover!
Hmmm, I still need to dig some more...

Digging, digging and did I say digging?!?

Standing on the pile

The 'fruits' of my labors.

Well, then I shall guard the pile of left over patio junk, by climbing on top of it. That way no varmint dare get close. We got a new patio, and these were what the old one and the old sidewalk were made from…growlmy shudders just thinking about that, BOL!

Now I have a new job sort of, cause Boss-Boy doesn’t live here anymore, he has his own (dogless) apartment now. He does visit now and then, but then after a few hours he leaves again…this means my guard duties and pup-perty protection duties are that much more important. WOOFS!

I also work at scanning the side yard from inside through the large dining room window. Its just made fur Me!

Me barking a trespasser...a pic from my archival collection.
And I once taught my doggy cousin how to go through the doggy doors. That was hard work…not fur me, fur him! He took furevfur to ‘get it’!

I guess,  now I have to work at helping my pawrents to stay on their new dietary program, designed to help pawppy avoid health issues from being too heavy…and growlmy is doing it with him to give her support…and …um… well, I will just woof my ap-paw-roval to help them along.

Growlmy is working on keeping our yard nice along with pawppy’s help. And cooking…with my snoopervision of course!
And she goes to work, 3 evenings a week, though she says sometimes she feels like she is living over there! She works with the elderly in a nursing home. I worked my paws in there once, OMD! I wasn’t allowed in the dining room though. Sheesh I would have had a great job there cleaning fingers and the floor even! I went there to work my charms on a lady who had asked to see me, so once right after a  bath, I went…but the poor lady had forgotten about it, and didn’t know growlmy in her street clothes, BOL!  After a few minutes I convinced her. Now I do visit her a lot…per some of the pics even all of you have seen in my blog entries, or in Dogster…which if you do not want fleas to attack you with all their fur-strations, just hang out in Blogville!

I work hard at playing the Catch-Me game if growlmy wants to put medicine on my itches, brush my teeth or clip my tootsie nails…hey, I *need* those to do my good diggings!

Some peeps and pups say I should woof up a book or some memoirs...but OMD, I am too busy digging and woofing at trespassers and varmints to write a book. My auntie said, just compile all your writings as a collection and call that your book, BOL! Well, it might work, it just might, WOOFS!

Just lil ol me!


I think doggies and probably kitties and not a few peeps enjoy reading about what is going on in doggy worlds around the Blogoshpere.
They need affirmation that what *they* do or are into, is the same or similar as me…as in ‘there is nothing new under the sun’. But yes, it is fun to know that I do get into trouble or things that are rather naughty…and to read about my pup-perspective(s) on things.
Its fun to write about what I do, the mundane, the exciting, the silly, and of course the naughty!
And here if we care to divulge them others can know our secret lives and desires.
We can gather support for when sickness comes or worse. Trust me on this one, that is so furry important to be able to share those times.
Ask me how I know…
We can even spill forth our thoughts about not doggy/kitty things. I have woofed about things happening in my village, and further down the road in my city. Or the not furry things pertaining to my peeps.
Blogging: Where else can a pup woof and write about anything under the sun!
And show pictures and link ups when helpful or when they add to the particular flavor of the  thought strings.
And getting comments on these thought strings is so fun too. Sometimes you add things that I nevfur thought of!
Blogging is mostly the way I or my kitty brofurs see the world through our eyes, and in our woofs and purrs.


Mostly I just woof about whats on my mind at the time of woofing them...

My growlmy works at these blogs cause she thinks they are a fun way to ‘keep in touch’ and hence she helps me…and of course my kitty brofurs too.
Picture taking doesn’t happen too often, so sometimes I have to search the archives, BOL!
Sometimes I have to remind growlmy with a gentle nudge or woof that she better save a thought in her post it notes fur future reference fur my dogtations here. Like when I do something but she is not able to tell you all about it fur me…if she doesn’t make herself a reminder then she won’t blog anything! Her 'post its' have a few thoughts, about this and that...but she said…leave them until the writer’s block comes, then we can use that mutt-erial, BOL! Writers Block? Is that like a chip off the old block? I am always in woof mode, or ready to woof mode…so personally I don’t have that trouble, it must be a peep thing.

Sometimes I have to make her sit at the confuser and post something cause its furry needed to be out there in Blogville fur you all to see/know. I try to woof here at least once a week, but often its more like once every 2 or 3 weeks. At least there are no competing doggies here in my den to delay the blogs *I* woof, BOL! The kitties have their own blog:

Pipo & Minko
So they’re my dog-com-pet-tion! OMD!

Sometimes growlmy has to take my dogtation in bits and pieces (like kibbles and bits, BOL!), cause she is working and still wants to help me post  a woof. One time the woofs were long and complicated, and OMD, she hit the wrong thing on her confuser and poof, it was vamoosed furevfur:(
She had to start ovfur, and I was impatient…oh well, humans can be so dumb…so…take heed pups; She uses post it notes on her confuser! Actually she has a MAC and there is a *notes* ap-pup-lication, that saves her and my thoughts fur future wooference! Hooray! All she has to do is remember to use it…
Cee/Pee is another furend of ours…Cee/Pee links, notes, titles, whatevfur!
Sometimes I see that growlmy is stuck…stuck…stuck…and knowing that its not the confuser shutting down, but growlmy getting deep into the quagmire of not knowing something, I send her thoughts to go and find help! BOL!
Like to the knowledgeable furends that can get her out of a jam! (Too bad some of the Baseball pitchers can’t get out of their jams that easily…sigh…),
We are indebted to them fur even us having a blog, let alone getting it kept up and stuff. I know all is fine with the world when growlmy is asked how *she* does something…

Sometimes others ask me or challenge me to woof something…so the other day I helped growlmy put this ditty into writing fur me so you could share it. I was challenged by Whitley to be poetical…

                          ‘Dis Turf'

Dis turf is my turf, yup its fur sure my land;
Ya better stay off it; Barkety-Woof-Woof-Bark!
From Da U-Pee, all da way to D.C.
The whole of Mitchygain, is owned by Freckles.
Dis turf were designed just fur me.

As I went strolling thru backroads in Bedford,
And saw some canines and a varmint or two;
I woofed em hard, and barked em to vamoose-
Cause dis turf’s only just fur me.

Dis turf is my turf, yup its fur sure my land;
Ya better stay off it; Barkety-Woof-Woof-Bark!
From Da U-Pee, all da way to D.C.
The whole of Mitchygain, is owned by Freckles.
Dis turf were designed just fur me.

I am the owner of my turf in Mitchygain. Pardon the dirt on my schnooter from my digging patrols.

Now if I had my own way to get on growlmy’s confuser…OMD, this blogging writing process might be way diffurent! BOL!

This is what Charlie my furend from way down there in Down-Underland woofed at me is his blog:
No pressure and no worries if it can’t be done, aye??   So my 3rd choice is my dear friend Mr JackFreckles. Mr JackFreckles is one real good bloke and a very dear friend.  He likes to lick a LOT and he leads a very interesting life.  He lives with his folks and a couple of siameezers in Michigan USA.  Pop on in and say G’day. I’m sure you’ll get a warm reception.Well maybe not in winter. It gets pretty cool over there. Mr JF Sir once showed me some photos of Lake Michigan in Winter.  Fair dinkum ..... I got cold just lookin' at ‘em.

So. Well…um…OK then:
Crikey, you good Bloke! It was a heap of fun to tell you how I make my blog, BOL!
G’day to you or G’night or whatever time is is there in your section of our huge globe! They don’t call this a Blogoshere fur nothing, BOL! Crikey!
(Come ovfur here to visit in the summer, your tongue will hang out! Maybe not as hot here as in Texas where some of our other good blogging furends live…but plenty warm and humid to boot, UGH!)

Now it’s time to ask three other bloggers to participate so here goes:

Whitley Westie
Whitley is a great blogger and a wonderfur source of help if you are being in need of that. Thank woofs to you Whitley fur all the help you have given me!
She is funny too...not trying to be sassy, but when you read her blog entries, you will know...she is also furry purdy and photogenic!
When pawppy sees pics of her, he always says, 'Look a Westie!'

Jelly is known as The Affie Princess! And she is a sweetie fur sure. She has lots of interesting woofs to read, too!

 Buddy The Dawg
Buddy is another Canadian pup but he lives miles and kilometers away from Jelly. A diffurent province as well! Buddy loves to dig, so he and I are digging companions. Imagine if we were in the same yard...

Milton & Mr Stubbs ~ The Bark Brothers
Milton recently got a new brofur...you can jist imagine all the fun things to blog about from that den, BOL!

All you pups, do not feel you  *have to do this*,  I want you to have fun and enjoy yourself here, along with your peep that takes your dogtations. 
Send your (Three) nominees the same questions as I woofed to you.

Bark On!
Woof A Lot!
Lick A Lot!


  1. Bol! MJF yu sure do woof it up in yur doggy bloggy thingy!
    Gotta tell yu, in that firstest piccie? Dood, yu got the buns o' steel! Good job goin affer all those stinkin critters who dare invade Yur space!

    Gah, I'm still stuck in a riter's block thingy.

    1. Buns of steel, OMD! BOL!
      Can I go and hide, cause now I am blushing...

      Aw, Zoey, you can surely find something to woof about? Afterall, you live out n the country, have a doggy brofur, and some kitties to spice things up...and I just know there is stuff going on over there in Idunno...

  2. Fanks for da nominashun Freckles, but I already did dis posty a couple of weeks ago.

    I work to keep my terriertory free of varmints too. It are a neverendin job wif all da sassy skwerrils.

    1. Oops, How'd I miss that one?
      Well, not to feel bad its a 'my bad', BOL!

      Them varmints, they sure know how to give us work. Grrr!

      I hope you're feeing good enough to bark & chase em out!

  3. Good job digging! I did a bit of digging yesterday and caught a shrew. It got away though. I love to stand at the window and bark too!

    1. Hi! I saw your comment elsewhere, and haven't yet gotten to it, as growlmy was making a late supper...for her & Pawppy, not me...

      Digging is the best activity evfur!
      We have moles and shrews here too, but I rarely go after those, only if they are dumb enough to get above ground.

      Anywoofs, I'm pawleased to meet you. I shall woof growlmy to visit over your way!

  4. I'm in total agreement with Zoe, you sure do have buns o' steel! I'm impressed!

  5. Um...thanks!
    I think growlmy wishes she had some of those...she says she has flab...shhh, don't want her to hear that.....

  6. Crikey Mr JF Sir and you said you weren't very amusing. Not only are you a good writer you're also a POET. Now, that's impressive!! Mum really enjoyed her cuppa and we both really enjoyed your story. Thankyou for doing it. We learnt lots of new things about you. I could sure do with your diggin' prowess. With your help I'd be into our Jen's chook pen in a flash but fair dinkum, mate .... what's with your red hen? You let her sleep in your yard? I thought you would have had her by now. I didn't know you visited Growlmy's work with her one day. That was a nice story about the sweet old lady that didn't recognise Growlmy in her non work gear. They do get VERY forgetful, aye?? My Mum's nearly there already. She doesn't know what time of day it is most of the time. I have to remind her when it's time for my walk.
    Oh and Mum said thanks for the post it tip. She now has post it's all over our computer too. Good thinkin' Growlmy!! AND I loved that last paragraph!! Too funny, mate!! You might get it one day but it just doesn't sound right coming from you. You've got a bit of everything happening in your accent, Freckles. Dutch, Canadian, US. Ok Mum's finished her cuppa now. It's almost time for my dinner. Thanks again, mate!!

    1. Hi, Charlie!
      Well it was fun to conjure up answers to all those deep thought provoking questions...hence I did it in those bits and pieces in the Notes part of our confuser...that way growlmy didn't feel too stressed out, BOL! One has to be carefur of the peeps, treat them with Tender Loving Care and Licks...Hmmm, does growlmy do that at her work...yup she says, only furget the licks!

      Miss Red Hen stays n her yard most of the time, and its early in the eve that she comes in mine...to rummage around fur grub, and then she just hops up in the fence and sleeps all night. I don't think she will like that spot in rainy, snowy or way cold wintertime, there is no shelter or cover there...IE: use at own risk. Somehow I am not too interested in her...her feather didn't taste to anything worthy of eating, maybe she was smart to donate it to me, BOL! Besides, have you evfur met the business end of a beak? YIKES!
      But now digging to get in the pen would be a load of fun, yes-siree!
      Only times growlmy watches the clock is on her working days. I wonder why?

      Now growlmy's coffee is all done...and off she goes to do errands, leaving me to do a yard-guard-duty-session.
      Its a nice 25C here today, sunny & bright. But last night there were really bad floods in some parts of our state and others east of here...some had 6 inches or more of rain all at once! Wowee, too much....so we feel blessed, all we had was drizzle here.

  7. Freckles?? HEYYYYYYY!!!!! My pal from Dogster!! I didn't realize you had a blog!
    Nice to see ya! It's your husky pals, Mika, Lexus and Koda. xoxo
    Thanks for linking up with our Thoughtless Thursday blog hop today!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

    1. Hello there to you too!

      Yes I do know you, BOL! We are refugees from the same pawlace...

      And the blog hop is fun. Don't always have time to get growlmy to sit down and do a bloggie though...sigh...

  8. What a fun post! That varmint was skeery! You had a busy day!

    1. Hello! pawleased to meet you!
      Keeping busy is my hobby, BOL! JRT's have ADD, BOL!

  9. We have those 'varmints,' too. Only difference is that ours move. Yours ever move, too? They can be quite speedy little critters 'round here.

    Nissy #Niss4Senate - tell the PM, today.

    1. Hello there. I am happy to meet you!

      Those critters can move in their tunnels at alarming speeds. And the rabbits and groundhogs are not too slow either, though the groundhogs are kind of lumberingly clumsy.

    2. And snakes, wow they can slither into a hole or under something furry fast!