Saturday, August 2, 2014

Stuff In My Yard

I decided to show you some of the things and sights in my yard. The WeBees had a blog about some of the same things, but I know that not all of you follow the kitty blogs, so I thought I would share them with you, too. Since, well, I get to see/sniff them all furst!
Watching fur interesting stuff in my yard
 Dragonflies, frogs, bees, and grasshoppers among others. I am in my yard too of course, BOL!
Look closely and maybe you can see the bee.

I do not know what this flying bug is called. It sort of looks like a kind of dragonfly.

Another unidentified bug...

Closeup of a resting dragonfly.

A butterfly (Species?) sunning in the dappled shadows of our patio table.

That grasshopper and a lot of its relations are in growlmy's flowers  all the time munching away. Sheesh:(
Those grasshoppers and locusts are way bigger and hungrier now...

Surveying my terriertory

Wait - What is that??

Sniffing the trails.

Distracted by a bird in the distance.
 I have decided to chow down on the white mulberries instead of letting them go to waste. You can see some of them in the bottom of this picture.
They are just so ripe they fall right off the tree. And so I have to get them befur the birds do…I never knew they were so yummy, BOL!
Growlmy saw me munching away, and didn’t know what I was doing, so when she checked all she saw were all those berries on the ground. And I was grazing like a goat or a cow, BOL!
Closing in on some mulberries

Picking up and munching the mulberries.

A frog in my blog, BOL!

Yup this dude is in my garden all the time, and sometimes it startles growlmy when she moves or lifts things. Its quite pretty and likely eats a lot of bad bugs, so it and others like it are allowed to stay. In the evenings sometimes they attach to the window panes. Years ago there was one on her van, and it went 50 miles round trip, BOL!
One morning there was one in the rain gauge, another popped out of the watering can spout when it was in use, OMD!
I think they are a type of tree frog. This dude has gotten bigger and fatter, but...blech, I do not want to try to eat it!

Snooping and sniffing...

I found a big dragonfly!

Next time I will show you some more pics of me and this dragonfly.

Another distraction!

That silly chicken...remember her? See my previous posting...

The wild blackberries are all done, picked and eaten! There were bunches of them. Growlmy likes to make a type of cobbler with them. She puts flour and some other  ingredients in the bottom of a dish, and then the berries. When the baking is done, they are buried in the dough! YUM! Too many pits to make jam with, unless you take a ton of time to strain the pits out. Of course they are yummy just as they are or with some cream. While I like those mulberries, I really am not interested in the blackberries or strawberries, either, fur that matter!

Woofs to all! And see ya next time!


  1. Ya got some interestin stuff! Momma luvs all da butterflies and dragonflies, we get lotsa dose too. No froggies though!

    1. Thanks Whitley! OMD! Growlmy just figured out how to add the blog hop stuff, Wow!!

    2. Crikey Mr JF Sir .... haven't you got that chook yet?? Mum loves your little froggy mate! Did you know you can hand feed them? Mum and Dad owned a motel/holiday units once and they had lots of green tree frogs living in the garden. They used to get the children to collect grasshoppers and at night they would have a green tree frog/bearded dragon and possum feeding half hour. The kids loved it. The animals knew they were going to be fed and would congregate in the courtyard every evening. Well the bearded dragons didn't. They got fed in the mornings.

    3. Pawppy says we have enough pets here, BOL!
      Those froggies have more than plenty to nosh on, though.Mosquitoes aplenty here! I think the dragonflies eat those too...good thing, we do not need any bites. Bees are OK, if we leave them alone. Wasps...well, they gotta go bye bye!

      Bearded dragons, are those lizards?

  2. PepiSmartDog: Oh My Dog!!! Mum said you remind her of me and she had to reach for a hankie cause of leaky eyes.
    We have fallen instanly in-love with you Mr. Jackfreckles!
    Love your name too! *golden oldie cute alert*
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop.
    Big apologies for being late with my comments - I'm late to everyone's blog. *blushes*
    We look forward to getting to know you and we appreciate your support. *fury hugs*

    1. Hi there. Pawleased to meet you!

      I'm sorry I made your Mum's face windows leak a bit...but glad that you love me nonetheless, BOL!

      If growlmy has time she might join up with more of the TTWBH's...but she works each Thursday, so it might be later on in the week, BOL! Late...does your Mum know how that goes?? Mine sure does...