Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday, Setback In Time I tried to get growlmy to post this yesterday and this was supposed to be the title: Friday Frolic Into The Past
Then this was going to be my intro:
Freckles wanted to post something today, seeing as its Pet Parade Day, so not having anything much new to divulge, he woofed to growlmy, why not post some oldies? Sounds good to both of us, BOL!

So…today its about toys..

From the archives that is, BOL!

Well, its now almost 11pm here on Saturday, good grief! Bad dogretary, can't get good reliable help these days.
Anyways I thought you still would have fun looking back with me a bit.
So here is my Not Friday Frolic!

I seem to not be the most toy-boy around, I actually have a toy box, but it seems to collect more dust from standing there, than I make dust by grabbing one to shake. Hmmm…in my way younger years I got some toys/stuffies only when the peeps left the den. Now I get full access to them but I just mostly ignore them.

Not sure why.

Sometimes I will snag one and either shake it, rip it open to destuff it, or just take it and make growly annoyed when she steps/trips on it.

Years ago, Pawppy fell down our stairs and hurt his knee, (had to have surgery)when he tripped on one of my toys that I abandoned  on the stairs, OMD:(   
(That was befur I even was a Dogster pup...)

I used to enjoy a game of tug-o-war, but this wasn’t encouraged too much, something about how that could make me aggressive…

When there is no tug-o-war partner, you just gotta chew....

That tug-o-war toy came out of this box one Christmastime, along with all these other things. Cooper From Dogster sent these ones, too! Minko & Pipo are having some fun-times too, Pipo sure looks like a zombie kitty, BOL!

These socks were in the same box fur growlmy...why didn't she get toys?

Growlmy says its a good thing I didn’t destuff this dude, BOL!

Growlmy made me a furbling! It earns its keep as a draft dodger, BOL! Like in front of the door...

I do love me a good tennis ball! You know, I figured out that they too are good for more than fetch/catch me games…I can strip all the fuzz off of them!

This pic is really old, taken with an old 35mm camera, not digital

Got to take a break sometimes!

This toy was sent to me by Cooper (from Dogster) a while back, for some reason I love this zombie(!), and haven’t destroyed it yet. Its one of my go to toys when growlmy comes home from work. I want to play catch me or tug-o-war.

Grrr...I'm gonna get you Zombie, Grrr!

I do like to CHEW! A lot, almost as much as barking...



And of course there are stuffies, and there are stuffies.

Here is one that I borrowed from my doggy cousin, BOL!

I am daring Murphy to take back his crabby patty...

I got it!



Now that pup is a real stuffy hound! He takes them and lies on them or even sucks on them, OMD!!
Murphy with his crabby patty...

That burger is one of his faves, so I knew he wouldn’t mind too much if I borrowed it fur a bit…um, growlmy was there to make sure I didn’t try to eat the burger in it. BOL But Murphy was lurking nearby, too...snoopervising the session.
Once when we both were young and silly we would play catch me with this big old jug...its so full of holes, couldn't hold anything anymore, BOL! Here we are resting befur we start again, maybe we are deciding who gets first dibs!

Its a hot day, Murphy, we need to go and slurp in the water bowl.
Of course after any play session a pup needs a good snack...
This was a set of new treats, so I am making sure they will be good.


Now I need another nap.
Till next time.



  1. I guess I are like Murphy, I luvs my stuffies. I lies on em and licks em and all.

    1. He makes his all wet. He doesn't destuff them, either, sheesh, I love to do that, BOL!

    2. Mine have been known to get stiff wif dog spit. BOL!

  2. Crikey Mr JF Sir you sure like a good chew, aye? You made a mess of that tennis ball. Which do you like best? Chewin' or lickin'?

    1. Hmmm, now that's a hard question! Got no good answer, Charlie. I love to lick my peeps and give sloppy kissies, esp to pawppy, but chewing, OMD How I love my chew time!

  3. So I'm likin to see alla yur toys an stuff then we come to the big draft doger thingie.

    Crochet. Mommy goes Ohhh! Cute!
    I go Yawn.

    Our folks are so sneaky bout gettin that stuff in Our Doggie Bloggies.

    1. BOL, Zoe!

      Growlmy made that befur she was married, and he lived with my auntie fur a long time, then we 'dopted him back...

  4. OK, here's what you do: 1. Unstuff all the fuzzy ones, and take out the squeakers. This will make them easier to store and no one will trip over them. 2. Roll the tennis balls under the sofa. When you decide you want to play with one, just bark at the sofa. Your humans will soon get annoyed and will get the ball out from under there for you. 3. Finish up the rawhide chewies. 4. Chew the plain plastic squeaky toys to little bits. 5. Grab that furbling thing and run around the house with it as fast as you can with it. The humans will chase you so they can get it back in front of the door where it belongs. 6. Take a nap. You deserve it! 7. If you're really tired of toys, send them all to me! I love toys!

  5. PepiSmartDog: you git some great chew stuff there Mr. Freckles!
    Biggest burger EVER! BOL!
    Thank you for joining our Thankful Thursday Weekly Blog Hop and we look forward to reading more of your posts and getting to know you even better, *waves paw* :=o

    1. Yup, that were some pawsome burger fur sure!
      Murphy didn't let me take it home, though...
      Thanks fur visiting me too!