Saturday, August 30, 2014

Most Influential Blogger Award/Share It Sunday

I heard the call to go and help growlmy woof a bloggie fur me!

This bloggy today has two parts...a Saturday one and a Sunday one! That's because I am posting it on Saturday and Molly the Wally is sharing it on Sunday...but not until September 7th....due to technical difficulties...oopsie!

(Growlmy got caught up in the doings of life around here....)

This award was given to me by Finley. Thank-Woofs Furry Much!!
For this Influential Blogger Award, you gotta  pass it on to ten other bloggers and post your favorite song.  So I thought I'd share this one…

Personally I as a pup don’t care fur music, and I only sing fur sirens…so this video had to be dug out of the deep nets of the inter webs...

                                      Singing, piano playing pup

Then growlmy said maybe peeps want a wee glimpse of
where I live…

And well, who could resist the song of the University of Michigan where my boss-boy graduated from, and where unfurbro is now going to grad school…

                                            Hail To The Victors

                                      Another version of this song

                       Still another version, BOL! Well we are fans!!

                 The Yellow and Blue ~ This is another U of M song.

Now who on earth can I nominate? Sheesh all the pups I know have gotten this already, or my kitty brofurs have beaten me to it, BOL!

So…I don’t think I will do that rule…I guess that might ‘break the chain’ as it were…but what JRT can resist doing things his own way, Teehee!

If you want to do this fur a pup or more that you know, then by all means go right ahead.  Its made to be shared!!


I was also asked by Molly the Wally to share a posting, so I think this will be it.

Thanks Molly, for thinking that my bloggie was worthy of sharing about in the big wide web-world of what our furmily calls Blogger Land.

So I will post this ahead of the Share It Sunday, so that Molly can get it into her doings, BOL!

I need to decide who to nominate as the next blogger she will share. Hmmm...
I think Zoe might like to be shared!!!

Sorry, pups and peeps, that I haven’t posted much lately. All is fine here, this  gang is just swamped with loads of not furry things, as growlmy puts it.

Could you also say pawyers fur my Great-Auntie? She broke her wrist, needs surgery, and at age 94 1/2 she may need to go into a care facility. My Auntie is helping her right now, and also she gets in-home care…but my Auntie has a job with 12 hour shifts…and lives in another town. Sheesh, always something.

My doggy cousin, Murphy, who is my Aunties pup has to spend a lot of time all alone now, until this is all settled. He usually goes to the peeps across from him, but they too are out of town. Bummer.


There’s a piccie of my Great-Auntie in this blog posting.

Now I'm going back outside,OK!
Just relaxing!


  1. Sendin your great-auntie some POTP and prayers.

  2. Yep, sendin prayers to yur great-auntie an uthers helpin.

  3. We loved the Michigan song!!!! Sorry to hear about your Great-Auntie. Hope she gets better soon. Our dear Oma was sick and had to be in the hospital for three days last week. She's OK now, but that was very worrisome three days.

    1. Thanks!
      Nice to know that your Oma is OK.

      You have an Oma too? I used to have an Oma and an Opa, but they are both in heaven now. Opa liked to have me on his lap when I was a wee pup!

  4. OMD, Fweckles! Yu an' yur fambly shur r U ob M fans!!

    I hope yur Gwate-Auntie r gonna be okay an' dat eberyfing geds sorted out soon. Poor Murphy, bein' all awone :(

  5. Hi, Zaidie!
    We do like that U of M..and Ann Arbor is a nice city, too. Growlmy always gets lost there, BOL!

    Thanks fur the good wishes.