Sunday, August 3, 2014

Fungusy-Mungusy Yucks & Dragonfly Tails

One early morning recently, growlmy saw me investigating...

She had her camera handy...and her shadow looms over me, BOL! I think she's making sure I don't try to eat that buzzer.

 It sure was a pretty  and shiny thing, in the bright light.


Well, here I am trying to make Mr D.Fly  fly away!

Another kind of dragonfly, resting on a garden marker stick.

                                                         Now for the yucky stuff...
Does anyone know what kind of fungus that is, it sure is yucky looking! It was growing in the woodsy part of my yard, and when I first saw it, it was almost a lacey & dainty thing. But then it was too rainy to use the camera. Now its so ugly, but it does have a certain 'je ne sais quois' about it!

We never have seen this kind of thing back there in the past, then again this has been a really wet spring and summer, way moister than in many years. Though we didn't get pictures there were even morels this spring! Some peeps would love to have those for their supper...

Now these are growing on and under a stump back there. Kind of beautiful in their own way.

 Ha-ha! Another froggy! This one is furry old, way older than the length of time that growlmy has been married; it came from my grand-pawppy's yard.

Just little old me!


  1. Crikey .... you sure got some interesting looking stuff in your yard, aye?? Those dragonflies are very beautiful. Especially the second one. Even those yucky lookin' things are beautiful. Well .... maybe not the first one. That looks GROSS!! Your furry old froggy looks very relaxed. Those photos are all great but the little old me one is the best, aye??

    1. Hi, Charlie!
      Growlmy went back to check on the 'progress' of that yucky stuff, and it was gone, just a silvery film was left. I guess when the weather dried up so did it!

      Old froggy used to have a mate, but he broke:(
      Growlmy furgot to take it in one winter...

  2. Watch out fur Aliens! I think sum of that fungus amongus is frum Aliens!
    Great piccies there, like Charlie barked, we like the last one bestest.

  3. mite look lika mush room anda slice oh un ripe watermeloz but dont eat it coz itz reely gargantua burd mold caca droppinz gone ba listic....oh kay, not reely but we still dont think ya shuld eat it ....meowloz ta pipo & minko :) ♥

    1. BOL, TT's!
      We do like to eat the puffballs that grow here sometimes, but this is well...Yucky to the max! The smaller fungi are less yucky but not edible either...

  4. I ain't gotta clue what da fungus stuff are - it are kinda crazy lookin! We get lotsa dragonflies by da pool here.

    1. Hi,Whitley!
      Growlmy even looked it up, but still no clue.

  5. Not sure what da woof dose furst fungis is... but da yellow and orange ones we think is chicken of the woods mushroom and they say it tastes like chicken...

  6. That could be...but now it doesn't look like that so much any more...I still do not think it would be a good idea to try to taste test it...

  7. Hi! We just found your doggie blog through Charlie Down Under in Oz. It seems that you like the same things we do, like checking out bugs and mushrooms and looking under rocks. We would love it if you visited our doggie blog too!

    1. Hello! Pawleased to meet you!
      There is always something to sniff out, chase or dig out in my yard...growlmy says its a good thing its not a manicured pup-perty here, BOL!

      Off to pay you a visit!