Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation Takeover

Murphy - My Doggy Cousin
This is a take over from growlmy to relate some of the vacation stuff...Murphy is my Auntie's Dog. He is 3 or 4 days older than I am, BOL! He's a terrierorist like me, he's a Cairn.
One thing he likes to do, that I don't is sing. (I only sing for sirens, he sings almost on command, BOL!)
Singing a-la-Murphy - AROOOOOOOOOO...
When growlmy got there, he went nuts and had to check out the van, and all her bags, he was looking for me! He slept under her bed all the nights she was there.

Growlmy had to wait an hour at the border to get to Aunties house. Sheesh. It was so busy.
On her way back later she only had to wait 30 minutes. At least with me not there with her, she didn't have to worry about doggy noms thievery. (Though if it says 'Made In The USA', its OK...)

While there she had a visit with some friends, and relatives. They had a mini reunion and shared a meal together at a restaurant.

A Family Mini Reunion

The elderly lady in the foreground is my Great-Auntie. She is going to be 95 in November!

Well, growlmy is back at in my den now, but still has a few more vacation days...

So she still wants to show some 'Not MJF' stuff...well, I guess I can let her.

We went on another stroll...and this is all that remains of our Mill. Today it was officially declared a case of arson.

What a sad mess...

Back in my den...growlmy wanted to show you some thing she made in 1985...well, she finished it then, BOL! It took about 3 years of work, on her days off at my Oma's (Grandma) place, there was a large south-facing picture window to make the work easier. Hmmm, now growlmy has to wear glasses. Did all the teeny stitches have a hand in progressing the need for those? Who knows!

A Cross Stitched Picture of Nijmegen, the City Where Growlmy's Mother Grew Up, in the Netherlands.
When Growlmy was a little girl,  her Dad painted the same scene from a postcard as reference.

This Painting, done in 1966 now hangs in Growlmy's Livingroom.
A Drawing of the Same Image. The Church is St Stevens. 

That church is still there, and you can still walk through those gates. The Netherlands is very careful to preserve its monuments, once when growlmy was there, all the big churches and other historic buildings were surrounded by scaffolding to have repairs done, as the following year was called the Year Of the Monuments. Not good to take pictures...
Its fascinating to walk in those ancient places, and be surrounded by the same things that many generations in the past did too!

Many generations ago, growlmy had a Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather who was a 'Tambour' in the Dutch Military. Likely he was a very young man at that time, not even an adult by today's standards. This inspired growlmy to collect them...and now there are over 300 of them, and of all sizes and style, though they are all military. Some are real representations of regimental uniforms.

Drummers in and on the cabinet

Drummers on a top shelf...
These are but a very few of the tambours in my den. Good thing they can't drum...

Geraniums in the foreground were mere bare stems in the spring, having spent the winter in the basement in hibernation. Background plants were purchased.

Growlmy almost threw out the bare tubers of the Dahlias, BOL! They started to grow on the compost heap, so she rescued them! (They also hibernated in the basement.)

Well, next time it will be my turn again!
Meanwhile I was bored so I took a long nap and baked my geriatric bones on the hot concrete, BOL!

Um...Growlmy says I sure look dirty...I better wake up before she gets the water running...

See Ya!


  1. Dat warm sun sure do feel nice, don't it?

    Dat were some cool stitchin stuff and we luvs da drummers. Hope your momma had fun on her trip!

    1. I love sun puddles as much or more than my kitty brofurs.

      Growlmy has a couple of unfinished stitching projects...she says she finds the fine work too teeny too see well anymore and it hurts her hands too...so, will they evfur get done? Who knows, BOL!

      Growlmy had a good time, border crossings not so much...

  2. Crikey ... that Murphy looks like a good bloke. Our Harri used to sing like that too. Mum and Dad could make him sing whenever they wanted to. He was quite the party trick. That sure was too bad about your Mill. It was so pretty just sitting there nestled among the trees and now it's all gone. Some people have no idea, aye??
    Mum loved the needlework your Growlmy did. Mum and Dad are going to the Nederlands in a few weeks time. If they get anywhere near Nijmegan they'll go and check it out. See if it still looks the same. I hope Mum doesn't come home with a whole heap of those drummer blokes. You won't have room to move if Growlmy collects any more Mr JF Sir. She's got heaps, aye?? Your garden is looking very pretty and how lucky are you to get some warm concrete for a snooze. I'd need a bit of cushioning though. I've got NO meat on my bones and I refuse to lie down on anything that isn't soft.
    Looks like Growlmy had a good time, aye??

    1. Murphy will sing as soon as he hears the Happy D'Day song. Or just say 'sing!'

      In 2008, growlmy was there and said that part of the city was still looking the same, except for all the myriads of cars...and bikes. OMD!
      Its a huge university town, near the border with Germany, in the province of Gelderland.
      Growlmy has made the collecting of more drummers reserved for 'real ones' now, those that are in true uniforms...and not nutcrackers. Those are common items to find at Christmas time. These she can sometimes find if she goes to forts and historic places.
      Growlmy by her own admission has 10 black thumbs, no green ones at all.BOL! She tries to limit her garden choices to easy & hardy things. Go figure!

      The grass is right by the place I was on, but it doesn't heat up like that concrete. But I do love me my soft nests in the den!

      Growlmy had a nice visit with her family and friends.

    2. There is a vast lot of info about this city, etc; here:


      The church is a thirteenth century building. Wow!
      Nijmegen is one of the oldest, if not *the* oldest city in Holland, having been 'started' by the Romans.

  3. Yu gots a whole hodge podge of stuff today! Gotta bark that Murphy looks like a good guy.
    That stitchy thing yur Growlmy made back in 1895 looks great! Bol!
    All those drummer doods! Don't Pipo an Minko wander through them an nock them ofur? Cats are mostly why we can't have nice things round here.
    Don't furget to turn ofur an bake the uther side!

    1. BOL, You made Growlmy & Me giggle.
      Bake on the other side, indeed. Um...good idea!
      1895?? Sheesh, thats way befur growlmy's times...

      My kitties have nevfur gone up there, the shelve is so full, there is no way to get a jump going...well, at least they haven't tried!
      Once one of them tried to get on another rather hard to reach shelf...by jumping off the couch, BOL! Failed! Good thing.
      Long years ago, Groucho jumped up there and knocked down a mantle clock...growlmy furgave him, he was spooked by a furry severe thunderstorm, and was trying to hide.

  4. dood...yur cuzin looks de good sort even if him izza dawg ☺ ...N total lee rockin awesum ta growlmy on her crosss stitch N total lee rockin awesum on de painting yur gram paw did !!!!! mega kewl on both !!! hope mom enjoyed her vaycayshunz N hope her getted sum fish frum that restaurant .....sa wheat !!!..N sorree bout de mill.... :(

    1. Hi, Tabbies!

      You know all the restaurants in that chain, have a koi pond and a huge fish tank with beautiful colored salt water fish. They have loads and loads of yummy things to fill your plate with, growlmy calls it a feeding trough...its a huge buffet.

      Growlmy had her some salmon!

  5. Salmon!! Dat's some yummy stuff! Dat cross-stitch yer Growlmy made is pawsome and so is da paintin' her Daddy did! Sounds like she had a great time visitin'--- I thinks I would like dat Murphy... singin' would be a nice change from da yap yappin dat Whitley duz...bol!!
    I likes me a sunny spot, too, but I gets up on da padded lounge chair... yeah, I's spoiled.

  6. Hi, Finley!
    Murphy can bark with the best of them too...and yap and whine and did I say bark? You should hear him when peeps have to go out sans pup...you need earplugs!
    Singing is just another game to him, BOL!
    Only time cushions are outside is when the peeps are sitting in the chairs.

  7. What a fun family reunion. Thanks for sharing with Ruckus :)

  8. Ah, a happy reunion. 95 is a good old age.

    It's terrible someone burned the mill down. :(

    1. Hi, JFF!

      My Great Aunt will be 95 in November, she even lives in her own apartment still, with some help in cooking and chores.

      Even this morning when we strolled past that mill site, you can still smell the smokiness.