Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Am A Shiner!

I got a Shine on award nomination from Whitley. Thanks so much!
It looks like this:

This is Whitley's Blog:

And this is Whitley:

Here are some rules to follow of this award.  If you receive it, this are what you are supposed to do.

1.  Visit and thank the blogger and who nominated you.
2.  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3.  Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
5.  Eat a cookie.  What growlmy?  I made up that rule?  Well, it's a good one, so I'm keeping it. BOL!

OK then, here goes!

I completed the furst couple rules. Now fur number three:

1. I got my name from my nose, though you wouldn't know that now, BOL!

2. I bit growlmy in her hand once, it was her own fault for trying to shove me off the couch...I was about a year old.

3. I am 26lbs of leaded muscle. Way too big fur a JRT...but since I am also 3 inches over the 'standard' fur my breed, its just right to weigh that much. Auntie thinks I took steroids, BOL!

4. Even though I can jump furry well and high, I hate to get into a vehicle. I have to be lifted into them. Growlmy finds this embarrassing on road trips...

5. I live with 2 meezer kitties. I am older than both of them The kitties that were here when I came to this den are no longer upon the earth...I really miss Toki, he was a warm bedfellow, and though Minko & I get along we do not snuggle too much at all...sigh...
Toki & Me 'sharing'
Minko & I sharing a kiss

6. I have dual Dogizenship! Just like my boss-boy and unfurbro!

7. As you can see, I also learned how to hold things in my teeth...for a cookie of course!
And I have hobbies...barking, digging and more barking of course!! WOOFS!

Now I want to nominate other pups, but I see that lots of them have been picked already. So...I am gonna be a naught pup and break the JRT's are known fur our naughtiness, right??
If reading this and you have not been 'picked', your are NOW an offurcial nominee, OK??
 Maybe these pups will play along as nominees:
1. DemonFlashBandit
2. Buddy
3. Hershey/Winkie
4. Jelly
5. Milton & Mr Stubbs
6. Lacey
7. Mazy

Well, that's half, so I guess I tried, BOL!
Now I need a cookie growlmy; now pawlease!


  1. Ya only bit your momma's hand once? Dat has to be a good behavior record for a terrierist. BOL!

    1. Actually twice, BOL! I don't like being 'disturbed' I am not allowed to try and rest on top of my peeps feet either, if they wiggle I growl...

      One of growlmy's pups from childhood, well he took to my aunties arm and even now about 30 years later, she still bears the scars. At least growlmy only has memories of my attempts.

  2. Crikey Mr JF Sir ... we got some things in common. I'm mighty big for a whippet too. I'm not over the weight standard. I'm awful skinny but I'm 3 inches too tall and I'm about 2 inches too long too. I've got awful long legs!! Maybe we were both on steroids, aye??
    You sure got that flag holding technique down to a fine art. I'd say you were very well behaved but the biting of Growlmy's hand kinda made me think otherwise. What did it taste like??

    1. Well, I am not fat fur sure, but I am not skinny either, BOL! Like the three bear, I am 'just right'.
      ( I went to visit the dude who 'bred' me, and he couldn't believe I was one of *his*!)

      Growlmy's hand tasted like a big yell and I had to go in my crate until she came back from the ER where they gave her a tetanus shot and some words of (not) wisdom about JRTs being bitey pups...I was asleep when I was rudely awakened, so i didn't have time to savor any flavors, BOL!
      Growlmy says, I need a do not disturb sign.

  3. Well, steroids or not, yu turded out super cute. Between yur bloggin an watchin "Frasier" on Netflix, I gotta keep remindin Mommy that she is Way Too Old fur a JRT!

    1. Well, when I was 'gotted' growlmy was a stay at home Mom, so I was always snoopervised and given proper dog things to occupy my mind. I got taught a new trick every few days, and they were practiced over and over.
      Only thing I didn't learn(Didn't want to learn, BOL!) was a good recall.

      Growlmy says JRT's are like toddlers, you have to always be several steps ahead of them and know what they are thinking to do next.

      Nope don't wanna have one if ya got no energy/time...BOL!

  4. dood conga ratz two ewe on yur awardz....itz way awesum N ya noe, fora dawg...ewe bee one cute pup !!! meowloz ta pipo N minko ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hi ToTT!
      I'll woof your mews to my kitty brfurs fur ya!