Monday, July 28, 2014


Little Miss Red Hen

Chickens! Sheesh, a lot of my neighbors have them or have had some until they get eaten up by hungry foxes and other predators who are looking for an easy meal...
When I go for a stroll, I am sure to see some of them...clucking and cackling...some even had chicks!
Daisy who lives next door even was naughty and snagged herself a hen or two. Well, they never secured the chicken coop. A neighbor further down has quite a brood of fowl, but they are in a covered run and secure coop.
Anyways, today on my stroll and even some other days, I saw a couple of large turkeys! The big galoots, BOL! They were too fast fur growlmy's camera, though. They like to forage under peeps' bird feeders to scavenge fur noms. Here are some from a past stroll...
A Wild Turkey
Wild Turkeys Scavenging for bird seed

I did see some cranes off in the distance.
They were just standing there preening themselves.
Sandhill Crane, preening; 7-28-2014

Sandhill Crane 7-28-2014

A Sandhill Crane couple in the distant field across from my den. July 28, 2014

One year they were in the schoolfield down the road, and growlmy had her camera at the ready:
Sandhill Crane

A Sandhill Crane taking flight

Well, I was woofing to you about chickens.
There is a young red hen next door, the lone survivor of this years 'clutch'.

Little Miss Red Hen

She has started to come into my yard, OMD, it is so tempting to chase her. Sometimes I do, BOL! But then growlmy tells me not to and I let her be, she is kind of fun to sniff and watch. At night lately she has taken to roosting on my fence. Oh-oh! An easy catch if a fox would get her in his view...or an owl even.
Little Miss Red Hen getting ready to roost.

Growlmy has brought her back to her side of the fence countless times, but she always comes back...the grass must be greener on this side, BOL! They know about it, and growlmy has told them she is not responsible for Miss Chicken's demise if I should gobble her up if I am on yard duty and she isn't home...
Little Miss Red Hen  (Dream on Charlie, BOL!)

Pawppy says she greets him each morning when he leaves to go to work...and most evenings when he gets back. He says she is furendly! Another former neighbor said hens make nice pets!?! Wow, Who knew?!
So...growlmy gave pawppy his own pet a joke when it was their anniversary, BOL!

July 25, 2014 (I am guarding some of the anniversary things...)
Miss Chicken in the garden with the hen & chicks plants

I guess this hen won't need any thing other than a good sniff to make sure its well and healthy, BOL!!

I think I like this Miss Chicken
All this talking about chickens made me sneeze due to the feathery down they wear, BOL!

Growlmy says you might want to check out the froggy that came to our patio, its in my kitty brofurs' blog:

The Frog In WBS's Blog

Well, lots more to woof with you later, right now growlmy says we all need to go and visit our nests.

I will leave you with a picture from when I had to do yard-guard-duty when the peeps all went to dogabrate Growlmy & Pawppy's 27th anniversary...
July 25, 2014 (Boss-Boy; Growlmy; Pawppy; Unfurbro)
                             (They went to this restaurant, growlmy hadn't been there before!)  

...and while some steak came home is one of those so called doggy bags, I only got a wee tidbit....Grrr...


  1. At least ya got a wee bit, my momma never seems to bring home da doggy bags.

    When I lived in Austin, somebody in da nayborhood had chikkens and I was always tryin to chase dem. Momma told me no, but I just figured I'd pick up a free dinner for us. She never let me.

    1. Yup, a taste is better than not. Mmmm!

      I do sometimes try to get that Miss Hen, but I get thwarted by growlmy...shucks.
      I did get me a feather today, though at that point growlmy picked her up and put her in her own yard...and wouldn't you know it...she came right back! Silly, dumb chicken.

  2. Yur own chicken (or chook as Charlie barks)! Maybe she's hidin an egg or two fur yu. She is a lonely girl. I haven't seen our chicks, they still live in the shed/chicken house. They are gettin bigger but could still be hawk snack.
    Mommy Luvs that chicken yur Pawppy got. She has a lil collection of chickens.
    Bless yu on that sneeze there but it looks like a lil snarl!

    We luv yur fam's piccie. Whut a great family yuv got!
    Yur kinda like my fam. Mommy an Daddy will celebrate 27 years in Dec. I have a skinsis an skinbro both off on their own too. But still cool with hangin with their peeps! Bol!

    Hope yu have sumfin Great to bark at today!

    1. Haven't seen any eggs...saw one last summer when there were other chickens ovfur there.
      We do have hawks here. She better be careful!

      I was sneezing there, honest, BOL!Right after that pic was taken I let loose a spray...good thing the camera was gone...

      Its always a good thing when the growed up kidlets want to come back, even if its only to freeload a dinner, BOL!

      Hmmm...I barked the UPS truck, the dogs next door, the peeps walkijg on the street, the peeps in the dumptruck who were fixing the potholes...and...and...oh yes, the kitty next door, Grrr. he better not try to join up with his chicken sister...

  3. faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...dawg dood...we iz ina nite mare durin de broad day lite....all thiz talk bout burdz haz made uz sum thin all rite.... but we canna ree pete it in werdz....


    1. BOL, Tabbies!
      If you don't wanna see burds, the our rural den is not where you wanna be, OMC! Its a burd heaven here, well they think so...once growlmy saw about two dozen varieties all on the same must be shuddering...sorry Tabbies...
      Wanna see my butterflies instead?
      And well, the meezers posted about some froggies, BOL!

  4. MR JF SIR ... WTW!! You got your very own chook and Growlmy says to leave it alone and you do!! You're letting the side down, mate. Crikey .... your a terriorist for goodness sake. Terriorists KILL chooks. Well normal ones do! It's just sitting there!! I've gotta dig my way into my chooks. My Mum thinks you're a Saint or something. That Growlmy must be a tough one for you to take such good notice of what she says. I listen to Dad, sometimes, but Mum ..... NEVER!! Go get it Mr JF Sir. Don't listen to Growlmy. You've been given the go ahead. They've told the neighbours they won't be responsible for your actions. Wait till she's at work and go get it, aye? PLEASE!!!! I can't stand listening to Mum sing your praises anymore.
    What a beautiful picture of you all!! (Mum told me to say this). She also says it is so nice that you take the whole family out for your anniversary. I say ..... what's wrong with you Mr JF Sir. They were ALL out and that chook's still alive!! Did they lock you in the house or something?

    1. Last year I got pecked by a bigger hen, when I tried to get was in *my* yard...but now I will chase her but then she cackles and flaps her wings...I keep thinking she will fly away like the robins and others that I chase out of here.

      I did get a feather today, befur growlmy put her back on her side of the fence...and Miss Hen came right back...she is truly dumb...playing with fire as it day...OMD!

      Well, they did leave me on yard guard duty, but I didn't see her...and that's all I am gonna woof, BOL!

      Remember I am fur sure not a goody four paws...

  5. I would be chasing those chickens, Freckles. You are a good boy for not chasing them. Loved the pictures of the cranes.

    Well, I guess a small piece of steak is better than nothing!

    Congrats to your peeps on their anniversary!

    1. Hi, Buddy!

      Any tidbit is yummy to me...but growlmy said it was too spicy. Humph...

  6. One of our neighbors just got a rooster and we hear him all the time! Momma thinks it's weird cause this is a very suburban area, but I like to growl at him when I hear him cock-a-doodle-doo!

    1. Well, they *had* a rooster ovfur there...but...well you know...

      At least LittleMissRedHen is pretty quiet, most of the time.

  7. Miss chicken is rocking it with you!

    Thanks for sharing on Thoughtless Thursday with us!