Monday, July 28, 2014


Little Miss Red Hen

Chickens! Sheesh, a lot of my neighbors have them or have had some until they get eaten up by hungry foxes and other predators who are looking for an easy meal...
When I go for a stroll, I am sure to see some of them...clucking and cackling...some even had chicks!
Daisy who lives next door even was naughty and snagged herself a hen or two. Well, they never secured the chicken coop. A neighbor further down has quite a brood of fowl, but they are in a covered run and secure coop.
Anyways, today on my stroll and even some other days, I saw a couple of large turkeys! The big galoots, BOL! They were too fast fur growlmy's camera, though. They like to forage under peeps' bird feeders to scavenge fur noms. Here are some from a past stroll...
A Wild Turkey
Wild Turkeys Scavenging for bird seed

I did see some cranes off in the distance.
They were just standing there preening themselves.
Sandhill Crane, preening; 7-28-2014

Sandhill Crane 7-28-2014

A Sandhill Crane couple in the distant field across from my den. July 28, 2014

One year they were in the schoolfield down the road, and growlmy had her camera at the ready:
Sandhill Crane

A Sandhill Crane taking flight

Well, I was woofing to you about chickens.
There is a young red hen next door, the lone survivor of this years 'clutch'.

Little Miss Red Hen

She has started to come into my yard, OMD, it is so tempting to chase her. Sometimes I do, BOL! But then growlmy tells me not to and I let her be, she is kind of fun to sniff and watch. At night lately she has taken to roosting on my fence. Oh-oh! An easy catch if a fox would get her in his view...or an owl even.
Little Miss Red Hen getting ready to roost.

Growlmy has brought her back to her side of the fence countless times, but she always comes back...the grass must be greener on this side, BOL! They know about it, and growlmy has told them she is not responsible for Miss Chicken's demise if I should gobble her up if I am on yard duty and she isn't home...
Little Miss Red Hen  (Dream on Charlie, BOL!)

Pawppy says she greets him each morning when he leaves to go to work...and most evenings when he gets back. He says she is furendly! Another former neighbor said hens make nice pets!?! Wow, Who knew?!
So...growlmy gave pawppy his own pet a joke when it was their anniversary, BOL!

July 25, 2014 (I am guarding some of the anniversary things...)
Miss Chicken in the garden with the hen & chicks plants

I guess this hen won't need any thing other than a good sniff to make sure its well and healthy, BOL!!

I think I like this Miss Chicken
All this talking about chickens made me sneeze due to the feathery down they wear, BOL!

Growlmy says you might want to check out the froggy that came to our patio, its in my kitty brofurs' blog:

The Frog In WBS's Blog

Well, lots more to woof with you later, right now growlmy says we all need to go and visit our nests.

I will leave you with a picture from when I had to do yard-guard-duty when the peeps all went to dogabrate Growlmy & Pawppy's 27th anniversary...
July 25, 2014 (Boss-Boy; Growlmy; Pawppy; Unfurbro)
                             (They went to this restaurant, growlmy hadn't been there before!)  

...and while some steak came home is one of those so called doggy bags, I only got a wee tidbit....Grrr...

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vacation Takeover

Murphy - My Doggy Cousin
This is a take over from growlmy to relate some of the vacation stuff...Murphy is my Auntie's Dog. He is 3 or 4 days older than I am, BOL! He's a terrierorist like me, he's a Cairn.
One thing he likes to do, that I don't is sing. (I only sing for sirens, he sings almost on command, BOL!)
Singing a-la-Murphy - AROOOOOOOOOO...
When growlmy got there, he went nuts and had to check out the van, and all her bags, he was looking for me! He slept under her bed all the nights she was there.

Growlmy had to wait an hour at the border to get to Aunties house. Sheesh. It was so busy.
On her way back later she only had to wait 30 minutes. At least with me not there with her, she didn't have to worry about doggy noms thievery. (Though if it says 'Made In The USA', its OK...)

While there she had a visit with some friends, and relatives. They had a mini reunion and shared a meal together at a restaurant.

A Family Mini Reunion

The elderly lady in the foreground is my Great-Auntie. She is going to be 95 in November!

Well, growlmy is back at in my den now, but still has a few more vacation days...

So she still wants to show some 'Not MJF' stuff...well, I guess I can let her.

We went on another stroll...and this is all that remains of our Mill. Today it was officially declared a case of arson.

What a sad mess...

Back in my den...growlmy wanted to show you some thing she made in 1985...well, she finished it then, BOL! It took about 3 years of work, on her days off at my Oma's (Grandma) place, there was a large south-facing picture window to make the work easier. Hmmm, now growlmy has to wear glasses. Did all the teeny stitches have a hand in progressing the need for those? Who knows!

A Cross Stitched Picture of Nijmegen, the City Where Growlmy's Mother Grew Up, in the Netherlands.
When Growlmy was a little girl,  her Dad painted the same scene from a postcard as reference.

This Painting, done in 1966 now hangs in Growlmy's Livingroom.
A Drawing of the Same Image. The Church is St Stevens. 

That church is still there, and you can still walk through those gates. The Netherlands is very careful to preserve its monuments, once when growlmy was there, all the big churches and other historic buildings were surrounded by scaffolding to have repairs done, as the following year was called the Year Of the Monuments. Not good to take pictures...
Its fascinating to walk in those ancient places, and be surrounded by the same things that many generations in the past did too!

Many generations ago, growlmy had a Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather who was a 'Tambour' in the Dutch Military. Likely he was a very young man at that time, not even an adult by today's standards. This inspired growlmy to collect them...and now there are over 300 of them, and of all sizes and style, though they are all military. Some are real representations of regimental uniforms.

Drummers in and on the cabinet

Drummers on a top shelf...
These are but a very few of the tambours in my den. Good thing they can't drum...

Geraniums in the foreground were mere bare stems in the spring, having spent the winter in the basement in hibernation. Background plants were purchased.

Growlmy almost threw out the bare tubers of the Dahlias, BOL! They started to grow on the compost heap, so she rescued them! (They also hibernated in the basement.)

Well, next time it will be my turn again!
Meanwhile I was bored so I took a long nap and baked my geriatric bones on the hot concrete, BOL!

Um...Growlmy says I sure look dirty...I better wake up before she gets the water running...

See Ya!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Oh, NO - Gone Forever

You telling me bad news?? OMD:(

Folks remember when I posted things about my stroll? I showed you some pics of 'The Old Bedford Mill'.
Well, last night, it was incinerated to the ground. A three alarm fire, and they even needed the help of the Local National Guard's water carrier to dump water on it, even though the creek runs right there. That fire was too hot to get to the creek...go figure.
Pawppy said it even melted the asphalt on the highway in front of it.

Here is a link to the news article.

Fire Burns The Old Bedford Mill

Updated link:
Bedford Mill - Update on fire with related pictures

Here are those pictures I took back in June:

Bedford Mill as seen from Bedford Park, along Waubascon Creek

And if this wasn't bad enough, growlmy told me the Dutch Soccer Team lost their semifinal game with Argentina. Too bad, I was hoping that my old pic of me cheerleading them on would help:

Maybe if I had actually been there they might have won...BOL!


Sunday, July 6, 2014

I Am A Shiner!

I got a Shine on award nomination from Whitley. Thanks so much!
It looks like this:

This is Whitley's Blog:

And this is Whitley:

Here are some rules to follow of this award.  If you receive it, this are what you are supposed to do.

1.  Visit and thank the blogger and who nominated you.
2.  Acknowledge that blogger on your blog and link back.
3.  Share 7 random facts about yourself.
4.  Nominate up to 15 bloggers for the Shine On Award, provide a link to their blogs in your post, and notify them on their blogs.
5.  Eat a cookie.  What growlmy?  I made up that rule?  Well, it's a good one, so I'm keeping it. BOL!

OK then, here goes!

I completed the furst couple rules. Now fur number three:

1. I got my name from my nose, though you wouldn't know that now, BOL!

2. I bit growlmy in her hand once, it was her own fault for trying to shove me off the couch...I was about a year old.

3. I am 26lbs of leaded muscle. Way too big fur a JRT...but since I am also 3 inches over the 'standard' fur my breed, its just right to weigh that much. Auntie thinks I took steroids, BOL!

4. Even though I can jump furry well and high, I hate to get into a vehicle. I have to be lifted into them. Growlmy finds this embarrassing on road trips...

5. I live with 2 meezer kitties. I am older than both of them The kitties that were here when I came to this den are no longer upon the earth...I really miss Toki, he was a warm bedfellow, and though Minko & I get along we do not snuggle too much at all...sigh...
Toki & Me 'sharing'
Minko & I sharing a kiss

6. I have dual Dogizenship! Just like my boss-boy and unfurbro!

7. As you can see, I also learned how to hold things in my teeth...for a cookie of course!
And I have hobbies...barking, digging and more barking of course!! WOOFS!

Now I want to nominate other pups, but I see that lots of them have been picked already. So...I am gonna be a naught pup and break the JRT's are known fur our naughtiness, right??
If reading this and you have not been 'picked', your are NOW an offurcial nominee, OK??
 Maybe these pups will play along as nominees:
1. DemonFlashBandit
2. Buddy
3. Hershey/Winkie
4. Jelly
5. Milton & Mr Stubbs
6. Lacey
7. Mazy

Well, that's half, so I guess I tried, BOL!
Now I need a cookie growlmy; now pawlease!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! July Fourth.

I'm a Patriotic Pup, BOL!

It was a beautiful and furry sunny day. So I had to wear some shades, but I couldn't decide which ones were better, BOL!

Well, growlmy is way late, cause actually its already Saturday.

Her & Pawppy were gone all day long. They went to the airfield, to watch the airshow, complete with hot air balloons and The Thunderbirds. Also a big carnival, noisy stage entertainment, and huge crowds.

Here are some of the airshow pictures.
First there was a funny helicopter and various aircraft.


Then a grand finale was the Thunderbirds. OMD, they are hard to 'capture' in a camera...

Later in the early evening there were hot air balloons flying in.

Some landed right in the airfield, though they were supposed to fly over once they threw out their target markers. BOL!

Then there was waiting until dark. Here is the sunset:

 When it got really dark there was a display of fireworks.

Tomorrow there is more of the same, except the evening twilight hours have a Balloon Illume, and a twilight fireworks display from airplanes & helicopters. OMD!

                                 I hope you all enjoyed a great and safe Independence Day!