Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Not Too Much To Bark About...

Not too much fur me to bark with you all about. Not even pictures, BOL!

Growlmy is busy with Minko, my kitty brofur, as he isn't feeling too good lately...but he is a teeny bit better than he was, hooray!

Its been rather hot and humid here, so not much yard work gets done, as growlmy cannot tolerate those kinds of conditions. It makes her feel sick. Always has, even as a child...

Anyways, therefore I watch her closely to see if maybe just maybe she is putting on her yard work garb, then I know I can go and play back there, or lay down and snoopervise her work efforts.
I can go there at any time when the doggy doors are open...which is always when the peeps are at home...but its that much better to have companionship.

Each early morning, growlmy goes out and fills up the big watering cans, and then she gives drinks to all the big  pots  on our little patio. And some of the more tender perennials get a drink too. She overwintered the geraniums and dahlias from last summer and now they are begging to bloom, Wow!
Our clematis is loaded with buds, it should be pretty. The honeysuckle vine died way down to the ground due to the severe winter we had, but its OK, just teeny...

And when she went to check on another small plant she saw me put my head down...and start a roll...hey! NO! She yelled at me...and went to see what on earth I was rolling in...OMD, EEUUWWWWW! A carcass. Yuck! ( not sure if it was a coon or a groundhog)
Who knows where that came from, and how long it had been there, the maggots were active...and I was trying to arrange for the stank and yuckiness to be part of me...but I do not know why growlmy would want to spoil my fun. I wasn't bothering her at all...
So she found a large bag, shoveled that mess into it and well, now the trash can stinks to the max. Good thing its going out in the morning.
She then shoveled soil over that spot, and as a  final insult to me, poured some bleach on it, too.
Spoil Sport.

And today, she had to go to  meeting, and I got locked in the den. No yard gaurd duty today. too hot, and it was about to storm. And it sure did. What a thunderstorm. I had to bark it away!
It was still booming and grumbling that I had such a nerve to insult it with my barks. All the dark scudding ominous clouds over my den...not going to stay if I have any barks about it. Yup, I let them blow to other parts of the state, BOL!
Growlmy said that she thought some areas wee going to have furry bad weather...the radar was red in some areas. Yikes. All we had was wind and rain...cause I barked it away.

And now I have to snooze the night away...ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Good job on barkin dat storm away. Hope Minko feels better soon.

  2. Keep good watch ofur yur place.
    Sorry 'bout the good stank havin to go away.

    1. Well, maybe soon another one will drop by, BOL!

  3. dood !! a carcass !!!!! how kewl iz that...ta roll ina carcass ta dawgs wood be like uz cats rollin cross de floor in piles N piles oh reel live dead fish !!!! AWESUM !!! heerz two an Antarctic cod kinda week oh end !!


    1. It was a lot of fun and a delight to my schnooter until t got taken away...sigh...

  4. Paws crossed that Minko feels much better soon.

    Good job on that carcass, but too bad growly felt the need to destroy your fun. Why do peeps do that? If only they would roll in a carcass maybe then they would know how pawsome it is.

    Excellent that you barked at those thunder dunders! Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks, Buddy.

      Maybe soon I will get another fun thing to roll upon, ahhh...

      Can you just imagine one of the peeps doing a roll?? OMD! BOL!

  5. Congrats, I has nominated ya for a Liebster Award - ya can check it out here: Ya can play along if ya wants, but no pressure, da award are yours anyways.

    1. Thanks fur nominating me!

      I wrote one , Whitley!