Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Stroll Through My Village Lanes

Recently growlmy took her camera along on my typical stroll. Its two miles around the country block. Some roads have no sidewalks, and some of the stroll is along the local highway. The highway runs south to the nearby town where growlmy & pawppy work, and it goes north to the nearest bigger city, Grand Rapids. That is 50 miles from here..I never have gone there, though growlmy has many times, that is where her oncologist is. At least she only has to go there once a year now:))

Come along with me  for a stroll

Some of the stroll goes by the creek, some goes by thickets of brush and over a one lane bridge…

Here is looking north from my den, I hardly ever go that way, BOL! To go around that block is 4 miles…no sidewalks, and 55 mph speed limits for the cars…growlmy says no thank you!

Looking north

This looks south from my den, and I walk here all the time.

Looking south

There is an empty field across the street from my den, here is where I see those sandhill cranes and not a few Canada geese, too…or deer. At times hot air balloons land there, which gives me much cause to bark my head off!

Empty field

We have a pond just up the road, it used to have a lot more water but right now it is more of a swamp. We can hear froggies there at night. Sometimes we can see herons fishing or a muskrat swimming. Or painted turtles sunning themselves on an exposed log or rock.

The pond

There is a school about a quarter mile from here, I  have played in the yard there when it was better fenced. Right now it is being used as a gathering place for home schooled kids, as the public school system had to shut down the elementary school a few years ago…not enough pupils and too little $$…



We have a corner store. That used to be the Bedford Inn where stage coaches would stop on their way to Grand Rapids. Too bad its so run down…

Bedford Inn - aka corner store and in the foreground the car sales place.

We have a bar too, BOL! They make good burgers too, Yumm!
And a place to buy a car if you need a good used one!

Need a car??
Just after the car sales place is a tall vine covered fence. Behind the fence is a deep cliff and at the bottom is the creek.

Having a sniff in the vines. Once there was a skunk in there, OMD! Not this time.

The creek at the bottom of the cliff.

We have a church, but my peeps do not go to that one unless the weather is really bad. Their church is 25 Miles away, go figure. BOL!

Bedford Bible Church

There is a fire station with 2 engines and a large staff of volunteers. Hopefully they do not need to be called out. They do practice sometimes though so that they won’t forget their skills.

We have a Cemetery too. Its been there a furry long time…I can see some of the headstones from the street…growlmy won’t let me stroll through there…something about respect…

I got to bark and sniff with Willie, a large chocolate Lab. He wasn’t too interested in any romping though…sadly he has seizures and his boss lady says it makes him feel tired a lot. Poor Willie.


I didn't see Asa who lives next door...

We have a lodge…they make roast beef dinners there once a month and sometime a cookout. We have never been there…sheesh we are missing out on yummy noms!

Bedford Lodge

Looking back from where I already walked...Downtown Bedford! There is even a Post Office!

Looking northwards  through my village

At the lodge is where I no longer go north, but we turn west and go up this big hill. It is real slippery there in icy conditions.

Not this way...that goes into town where pawppy & growlmy work...we need to make the turn...

We had to turn west and are going up this hill.

Pretty gardens and this beautiful Japanese Maple are some of the things we get to admire.

We see a lot of pretty gardens along our stroll…and wild things too. Here are some wild blackberry bushes. I think later there will be a tasty crop on those canes.

Up the hill and stopping along the way to sniff, and watch for critters.

I see something worth pointing at...

Hey! Those aren't real, BOL!!
Then down the around the bend to the one lane bridge, over the creek. That house’s foundation is right up against the creek!

Find the cardinal!?!

Wanna live this close to a creek??
There are a lot of potholes on this road, too…UGH! One just at the beginning of the bridge was so big I could have taken a bath in it…on second thought I stayed far away from it, BOL!

There is lots to sniff and a load of thickets and brush.

All that for that fake heron, BOL! Sure looked real and barkable to me!

Sometimes I need a break:

Yummy grass, BOL!

Wait! What's that??
I hear barking...
A little ways further I met two pups who were guarding their yard! I haven’t met them offurcially, though…

Come to think of it, I didn’t see a lot of any critters, feline or canine or otherwise. They must have all been napping, growlmy says she went out rather late in the morning.

Sometimes we have seen turkeys, deer, coons, skunks, (OMD), martens, lots of  turtles, and frogs…herons, etc, etc.Ducks and geese, too.

Well, then the back lane comes back out at the highway, and we go north again towards the village. We pass by the Old Bedford Mill. This was where the farmers of times gone by would bring their grain to have it ground into flour. It is in a furry bad state of dilapidation, and disrepair. It gets vandalized a lot too:(

Recently some naughty peep tried to burn it down, though most of the damage from that is at the back where we couldn’t see it. The creek runs under it, which is how it was powered.

The entrance to Bedford Park. That rock is a war memorial marker.

Another narrow bridge and a fisher dude!

The Old Mill again

This is also the area know as Bedford Park. You can have a picnic down there, or fish in the creek like the one dude was doing that particular morning. There is a nice playground too for wee ones. Lots of wedding and graduation parties are held there. Sometimes they even launch balloons form there…bark bark! I hate those things!

Time for a drink.

I stopped for a refreshment here…

Then I posed on a huge stump. That tree fell down in a storm a few years ago, and smashed up the fence. Wow!

Then I keep  walking down that little side street, past the school yard again and back home.

Woofs! I see my den!

Can I take my harness off now pawlease??!

I hope you enjoyed this stroll as much as I did. Now go and have a good rest to recharge your batteries!



  1. Dat looks like one pawsome walk! And it are so cool to sees where ya live - it are very green!

  2. Crikey Mr J Sir ...... that's quite a walk!! Bet you sleep well tonight. That looks a lot different to the piccies you showed us a few months back. It's all green and very pretty. What a lovely little village. Just about the right size for Mum. She's not a fan of big cities. That heron bloke had you fooled for a minute, aye? Would have fooled me too!! Not the bunny though. I'm a bunny expert! Is a cardinal red? If he is I think I spotted him in the tree. Willie looks like a good bloke. Those seizures are no good. Our Lucy used to have them too. Not fun!! Those other two blokes looked a bit scary but I spose they were only doing their job. Crikey that was a VERY big stump. I wouldn't have liked to be around when that tree fell down.
    Thanks for taking me along on your stroll. I had fun!!

    1. I didn't see any real bunnies this time, though sometimes there are lots of them, OMD!
      Its a tiny spot fur sure, growlmy had a time getting used to it, she came from a fairly large city in Ontario befur she got married.
      The Boxer ladypup is cute, but the other dog gets her going, BOL!
      I remember when Miss Boxer was a wee pup, I called her bouncy-boxie!

      That tree was huge and ancient....and it took down part of the schools fence, too. It took a large crew of workers to clean it all up.

      Cardinals are red....look in the middle of that picture, you might spot it!

  3. So green! Whut a great walkin spot.
    Hmm, I can't see the cardinal, yet. I do see the red newspaper box though. Does that count? Bol!
    Is that stoopid harness thingy sposed to keep yu frum pullin? Argh!

    Thanks fur lettin us tag 'long on yur walkie!

    1. Hi, Zoe! I told Charlie where to find that cardinal...OMD, growlmy is too much not paying attention this morning...
      Check out the center of that picture...Mailbox is red, but nope, not a cardinal!

      That harness is a gentle leader and I think it is a torture device...Grrr!

    2. Mommy put on her glasses an now we see Mr. Cardinal! We don't have them here in Idunno but Mommy 'members them frum her gramma's place in Missouri. She likes their song too.

    3. She meant to add it sounds like they're sayin "pretty, pretty, pretty."

    4. They sure do have a pretty & distinctive song. One of the first signs of spring to come before we even see any robins.
      Don't mess with an angry momma bird though, OMD! Sometimes I might get too close to their nest and they swoop down and try to peck me:(

  4. Mom still can't find the cardinal, but I will keep after her to find it. That looks like a very nice walk and we enjoyed it. You live in a very nice place.

    1. If you make the picture a tad bigger you might see it, Buddy!
      Growlmy wasn't trying to get it in the picture, it just sort of showed up! BOL!
      Need any hints??

    2. Mom found it after she made the picture bigger. Imagine, a cardinal photo bomb!

    3. BOL, Buddy!
      That bird could do more than a photo bomb...TMI...

      Thanks fur strolling along with me!

  5. Mommy made the photo way big and then we could see the redbird! You live in a bootifur place! Thanks fur letting us share your walk!

    1. Yup, that burd is tiny unless you 'blow up' the picture, BOL!

      Thanks fur strolling with me.

  6. I winned! I founded da wed birdie! Where my pwize r, Fweckles?? BOL :D

    Whut a wuffwy pwace tu wive! Pawsum walk, tu, my fwiend. Fanks fur takin' us wif yu!

    1. Hi, Zaidie!
      I sure have a lot of stroll partners, BOL!
      The better to do critter control!

      Glad you found that birdie!
      I had some of them in my own yard today.