Sunday, May 4, 2014

Unfurbro-the-Younger Is An Offurcial Bachelor

May 3, 2014

On Friday May2, unfurbro the Elder, also known as Boss-Boy to me; the dog-guy, came over to the peeps den, which of course is where we all dwell. I thought we were going to spend 'quality time' together. But nope.
He had an overnight bag and crawled into his old bed which is still here for such times as this I suppose…

On May 3, 2014, the peeps got up in the wee hours and we furry ones  just kind of blinked at them, what on earth? So we slept and suddenly they all left.
But not befur Boss-Boy started grumbling and made some naughty words, too…Um I won’t woof more…TMI, BOL!
He picked up a dangly black thing with silver colored ends and threw it away…
He said some fur had chewed through his USB cord.
Boss-boy's chewed up USB cord...

Oopsie, those silly kitties thought it was a worm or a snake that had to be evicted…and they are not telling who killed it either, so there. That’s what you get fur planning to leave us all day…
As I said they all left, and it was barely light.

It was blustery, damp and heavily clouded. Rain on the radar in some areas of our State. And cold, made more bone chilling by that biting wind, Brrr! It didn’t get much above 45 if at all.

They all drove to AnnArbor; final destination: 'The Big House’. That’s another name for the University of Michigan’s Stadium, called that because it is one of the largest if not *the* largest football stadium in the country, the third largest in  the world. It holds 109,901 peeps. OMD! That’s too many peeps fur a couple of shy kitties and a reactive dog-guy. Well, no matter pets are not allowed in there…

They didn’t go to see any sports, though. They had to witness the offurcial becoming of a Bachelor of our Unfurbro-the-Younger. He now is A Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  Otherwise fondly known as a geek, BOL!  An Offurcial Bachelor Geek! He also got to wear a long scarf and some golden tassels, in honor of some of his good grades and scholarships. The kitties think they would have had lots of fun with those tassels, and more fun with the tassels on his cap. We all could even play hide & seek under his gown…but of course non of us furry ones were there…only in thought could we cheer on our newest Bachelor.

As I said it was cold…the clouds were oh so furry thick, and threatened rain most of the over three hours the peeps were sitting on those cold hard bleachers. Growlmy had on a sweater, a scarf, gloves and 2 jackets…and she still shivered…as did most evfurryone there.
But being thankful fur small blessings, it did not rain! Now that would have been terrible. Growlmy was thinking enough already, we are all going to get pneumonia…
For a couple of short moments the sun made an appearance, and how the crowds cheered and clapped. So loud they scared it back behind the clouds, BOL!!
Grads, filing into the stadium
Time to start the ceremonies
Thousands of grads and their families at the Big House, May 3, 2014

It took over 90 minutes fur all the graduates to file into their seats, like a nevfur ending stream…

After all the speeches,  and lots more shivering it was over and my peeps all met out in front of the stadium to make a few pictures…
My unfurbro is a Graduate Bachelor!
Dan: A Newly Graduated Bachelor May 3, 2014

Dan, my unfurbro and new Bachelor with Growlmy & Pawppy  It was cold, but Growlmy took off her jackets...Brrr!

...and then they had to walk the long way back to the car, and drive off to get some hot coffee and noms. Growlmy left her jackets on all through lunch…and even left them on fur a while after they got back home, BOL!

So now Unfurbro-the-Younger is going to go to Grad school, to put yet more learned matters into his head…and then the peeps can sit on bleachers yet another day when he will be a Master! They hope it will be much warmer...
You're going to need a lot of coffee, Unfurbro of ours!


Just for fun here are some pics from Boss-boy's graduation a year was sunny and warm...
May, 2013

Boss-boy May, 2013


  1. Yay fur UnFurBro! My Sissor gots to wear a gold neck tassel dealie too when she gradumated last summer.

    Yu got a furry nice lookin furmily there too.

    Congrats to UnFurBro! He's gonna be a very learned train dood. Bol!

  2. Well congrats to your unfro bro. My daddy is an engineer, but he does things with RF waves and electricity and such. Yawn! Your momma was brave to take off her jacket. It looks cold there and I am used to the cold. Too bad about that USB cord. Maybe yous gots mice in your house that chewed it!

    1. Thank you.

      Unfurbro will be working with stuff like concrete and re-enforced make bridges and roads and stuff like that...I think, BOL! That makes my head spin!

      Mice?? If there are meeces here the kitties need to get to work...

  3. Congwatumatayshuns tu Unfurbwo! An' all da bestest tu him at gwad skool! Tell Gwowlmy hur hair r weal cute! My Momma's r short wike dat, tu!

    Dose notty kitties! OMD!

    1. Thanks so much!

      Growlmy used to have a lot longer hair and it was curly more perms fur her..and bye bye curls...she's had short hair since 2007 when her hair grew back after all the chemo she had...somehow it takes more effort to make it look good, BOL!

      Our kitties do lots of things like that if the peeps don't pay attention, worse than me, BOL!

  4. dood...we SAW yur brother comin down de steps AND we SEE yur mom & dad in de bleecherz !!!!!! AWESUM ....conga ratz two him ....happee bee lated grad ewe way shunz !!! N we willna say any thing bout de stay dee um ....knot notre dame !!!

  5. I know Congratulations are in order and I really mean to congratulate your Furbro, Mr. JF Sir but CRIKEY ..... that stadium ..... I wanna go there real bad.That looks fantastic and BIG and look at all those graduates. How the heck are they all going to get a job? No wonder unfurbro is going to continue studying. All that competition for a job. You got a real nice family there Freckles. Growlmy and Pawppy look VERY proud of their two unfur boys, aye?? Congratulations to them both and to Growlmy and Pawppy for their great upbringing! Now getting back to that stadium .... Crikey!!! I wouldn't want to be in the back row. All those stairs!!!! I'm a bit worried about stairs. The third biggest in the world, aye? Is the biggest one in TEXAS ??.... I hear everything's big in Texas.

    1. Thanks Charlie!
      We think we are a nice furmily, too, ahem...
      Well, a lot of those students are not from local places, and they are all getting different degrees...

      I didn't google about where the bigger stadiums are!

      I think there are 100 rows or there about, in sections...and that is the verticla sections, there are way more divisions to find the seat in your row...let me think...the peeps were in section 16, row 56, seats 15, 16, 17 & 18...4 seats fur 3 peeps, BOL! That was how many tickets they had.

    2. Crikey 4 seats for 3 persons. They did have a seat for you Mr JF Sir. Why'd you have to stay at home???? Just as well you did by the sounds of things. It was COLD!!!!!

  6. Congratulations to your unfurbro!! Woof aroo!