Sunday, May 11, 2014

Ticks & Chicks - Bunnies & Balloons

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Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Growlmy's Day, BOL!

Boss-boy came over today to spend time with growlmy, and me of course.

Unfur is out of town, so he sent a card and lots of love.(He didn’t have phone service where he was, how primitive!)

You can read in the Meezers side of my blog how boss-boy got all annoyed at Minko…

It is now midsummer here, OMD!

Over 80Degrees. That is quite warm for this time of the year. Not long ago we thought spring would nevfur come let alone hot weather.

Growlmy was watching our weeping cherry tree for a burst of pink bloom, but that isn’t happening this year, Only a few measly blossoms widely scattered over the branch. It is leafing out, though. Winter kill is what happened here, I think. Maybe next spring…
Not Many Blossoms

This is still pretty

Only A Few Blossoms To Admire

More Leaves Than Blossoms
Only bare branches and some leaves with a smatterig of blooms....5-11-2014

I have noticed some yummy candies scattered throughout the yard. So growlmy tries to thwart me from my loot. Yuck she says…hey, finders keepers does she want them?

They seem to be close to the dandelions that are having fun growing here…now who gobbles up dandelions? Bunnies!

I think the Easter Bunny got sidetracked here by all the salad greens and has taken up residence here. I get to enjoy his rental fee payments, BOL! Growlmy still says yuck.

Growlmy also said a bit more than yuck the other day. She had me on the counter to brush my teeth,,and saw something sticking up out of the fur by my ears.

Eeuuwwwww! YUCK! DANG!

A Deer Tick - transmitter of Lyme disease. It was partially engorged, stealing my JRT-delish-corpuscles…how dare it do that:(

Well growlmy didn’t have a tick remover, but she got under it with the fine side of the flea comb, and got it all out, even that nasty head. YUCK.

If it had been found on her, she would have called the human vet and gotten some prophylactic antibiotic (doxycycline) but she has read that prophylaxis is not recommended for dogs.What? So now being a senior pup and already prone to things like Arthur I Tis…she all need to be vigilant for lameness.

Nevfur had an imbedded tick befur, though some have been seen crawling over me…promptly removed…

Growlmy thinks the bunnies are bringing me more than candy…so she also warned the neighbors to pay attention to their pup and kids for ticks. They don’t have a fence, and critters come and go. Way more than in my yard.

And speaking of bunnies…on their account I have been called a bad dog, a monster, a murderer…and worse…not suitable to put here…

I was helping growlmy when she was weeding, and OMD, I found a whole bunny nest! I dug and dug…and sniffed and whoops! Out came at least 4 if not 6 wee bunnykins…in all directions. Which one to snag first was my only trouble…I got two…and one went into the neighbors yard and Daisy had it for a snack…*my* bunny…

Could not find the rest…until yesterday, pawppy found one, and befur I could do anything growlmy coaxed me into the den…and shut the door. Hey! I want to play with that one too!

I keep going back to the nest site hopeful to find me a playmate…but growlmy knowing the wee ones were not there dismantled it and poured bleach on it to make it unpleasant for my sniffings…

I was just doing what I am supposed to do growlmy, hunt varmints…esp ones that  bring in nasty things like ticks…

We have not had snow here since early April, but last week, there was a snowstorm of feathers all over the northern neighbors grass…some critter had gotten yet another chicken dinner. At least growlmy knows it wasn’t me…poor chicken…now the southern neighbors have gotten another bunch of them, I wonder how long befur they are a foxes dinner…

The roosters crow all day long, what a racket. I sure do hope they do not try to fly into my yard…they also have nasty beaks and claws.

And today there were balloons! OMD! I *hate* those huge things. They trespass in my airspace, they make lots of noise and they need to be barked loudly and incessantly until they take heed and fly away. And yup, they did…and I barked fur a long while after I could’t see them anymore just to make are they stayed away.

Now I am barking at the thunder that is rumbling and grumbling all around us…Hope that we don’t get a bad storm.

Off to bed I go...


  1. Glad your momma got dat nasty ol tick off!

    We has bunnies round here, but I has never got one. Me and Finley chase dem, but we's always on leash and dey out-hop us. And our mommas like da bunnies, so dey don't let us get to close.

    1. Growlmy so wishes she could have saved those bunnies. She said...poor things...

  2. Crikey .... you got 2 bunnies. I am soooooooooo jealous. I've chased some but I've NEVER caught one and I'm fast. Daisy got on of your bunnies!! That's not fair .... she should have chased it back into your yard, aye?? AND you got a tick!! Now .... that's YUK!! Our ticks in Australia are DEADLY! They not only carry Lymes disease but they are paralysis ticks and if you don't get them out in time .....YOUR DEAD!! Very nasty critters. Mum got heaps of them off Harri and Lucy. So far .... so good with me. None!! Mum reckons they would be easy to see on me. I have to have some medicine put on me to keep them away in summer. That balloon thing sounded like a bit of barkin' fun.
    Sounds like Growlmy had a good Mothers day. I'm off to read about how boss-boy got annoyed at Minko.

    1. I get that stuff on me, too...but further reading and talking with the vet peeps they said it doesn't protects against deer ticks. WHAT?
      So now that will be a changing around body that is...really soon. Don't want any more of *those* on me.

  3. Oh! Watch out fur those stinkin ticks! They are gross an disgustin.
    But bunnies! Oh my! Go get 'em!
    Jus doin yur job, heh?

    1. Ticks need stronger language than that, Zoe! Words not found in the Old or the New Testaments...

      Poor bunnies, growlmy said.

  4. OMD, Freckles, you live in wild country! Bunnies and foxes and chickens and ticks! We don't have any of those things here! Not even balloons out here on the coast, but inland they do. Your barker must be sore!

    1. Not this time, but I do get hoarse sometimes, like during balloon festival time, and around the 4th of July, cause I bark at fireworks too...

  5. We have lots of ticks and mom uses Advantix on me. She checks me regularly and even then, I sometimes have one sucking my life blood from. Mom woke up with a start on Sunday because she had one walking on her arm at 1:30 a.m. She couldn't get back to sleep after that.

    Bunnies are tasty. Umm, don't ask me how I know that!

    Glad growlmy had a good Mother's Day! Give her a hug for me!

    1. EEUUWWWWW! A tick on your Momma's arm...*thud*...Growlmy would have shrieked!

      You tasted rabbit fricassee alike that fox on the cartoons?
      Hmmm...all of mine get funerals instead. All my hard works fur nothing...

      Growlmy had a nice mother's Day fur sure!
      I hope your Momma did, Buddy!

  6. We had hot air balloons fly ovfur our house once (there is a balloon fest here every year)... We both out in da open, Whitley hid under a chair... hee hee...

    1. She had to protect her backside from falling zombies...
      Like I have to protect my terriertory from any zombie that dares to contaminate my sky! Those whooshes sounds they make are proof of living zombies indeed. Grrr!