Saturday, May 24, 2014

Super Snapping Snapper!

I haven’t barked in a while!

Happy Memorial Day to all!
Remember the reason why we have this day.
Not too far from here is Fort Custer National Cemetery. It has ceremonies for this day, and all the grave stones are decorated with flags. It is a beautiful sight, and our country, by birth or adopted as it is for growlmy, is blessed to have had all these people give the ultimate sacrifice for the rest of us. Thank a Veteran today, tomorrow, and any time you see one. They deserve it.
Placing flags on grave-sites at Fort Custer National Cemetery

Growlmy has been doing lots of not doggy things…like yard work, her job and other chores.
She even abandoned me for a whole day when she and 7 other ladies went to some flea market. What? She went to buy fleas? She is nutszo, BOL!
All she brought home was some boxes of greeting cards, presumably not for any fleas, I hope.

The weather has become quite summer like, and pleasant. We did have a very bad round of thunderstorms coming through our area just before growlmy went on her outing. One of the ladies in her group said that her childhood farm home had been hit by lightening and burned down, a 4 alarm fire, OMD:(
No one was hurt and growlmy’s friend hasn’t lived there for many long years, but of course it held a lot of memories for her, and how she must be sad when she drives by it each day. ( Same lady’s own home burned down about 20 years ago, she must have renewed nightmares during storms…the power of lightening is not controllable.)

A few days ago, growlmy was out in the woodsy part of our yard, and doing some more ‘lumberjack’ work…I was hot and too lazy to go inside to the house where it was being cooled by the A/C…so I lay down on the remains of the burn pile. Growlmy about had a fit, here is a mostly white pup laying on an ash heap, BOL!
Of course you all know what happens later in this tail...

Pawppy got himself a new set of wheels, but says I am not allowed to go in it. Shucks.
I still have to do any car rides in the old van…but hey, it won’t knock me out with the ‘new car scent’! And it smells like me anyways…and I mostly get to ride shotgun in it! (With my doggy travel harness on, of course…)
Unfur-the-younger inherited pawppy’s older car, since he needed his own set of wheels.
Our driveway will look like a car-sales lot if evfurryone is at home!

And now the Super Snapping Snapper Saga…

Pawppy came home from work, and growlmy was pulling up those eternally pesky weeds.
Pawppy came in, and quietly went to growlmy and told her to keep me occupawed, and to try to figure a way to remove a large snapping turtle off our property.
So I got called to growlmy, was given a treat bribe and put inside the den, and the doors were shut. Just as if I had to do guard duty. Wait a minute! There was a varmint out there and I got locked in the den?
Growlmy took a look in the front yard, and sure enough there was a snapper there. A big one!

It looked like this one...Super Snapper - UGLY!

Head stuck in the fence fabric, and still trying to get through. Digging wouldn’t have worked either. And woe was MJF if he tried to woof/bite at this angry critter.
So growlmy got a couple of shovels and a yard cart…and first she shooed that snapper to pull its head out of the fence fabric…she put the shovel  in front of its beaky head, and then pushed a bit…that rascal snapped at the shovel, OMD!

I don't think I want this to snap off my schnooter, OMD...

Eventually it retreated enough so that growlmy could now figure out how to get it into the cart and relocate it.
After a lot of snapping, shovel manipulating and more snapping/lunging, she got it into the cart. Now what?

She saw the neighbors to the north were home, so she asked the girl if her step daddy was there…yes.
He gave permission to take snapper to the creek and release it.
Little girl was fascinated by this snapper, and had to be warned not to get close because that dude was angry! It tried to climb out of the cart on the bumpy ride down to the creek, so growlmy laid the shovel over it to keep it corralled. That thing tried to take a bite out of the shovel…and growlmy could feel the shovel being jostled...yikes!
Eventually the creek was attained, sheesh that was a long hike down there, that property is way bigger than ours!
Snapper was released, but needed encouragement to go in the right direction. All the while it kept lunging. Talk about scary!

When growlmy finally let me back outside, I had a good sniff of that cart…but there was nothing in there to get excited about anymore. Growlmy said she was glad I had not found snapper before she did…else my schnooter might have been gone, or my paws…
This snapper was about the size of a dinner plate, and rather tall and heavy, too. It was more than likely a female who was trying to find a good place to lay her eggs…um…not in my yard pawlease!
A long time ago before my time, growlmy said there was a huge snapper in the neighbor's yard,  it was super-duper ugly, too. It was even more scary looking not because of its size which was so big it could have been a living garden stool...and it was likely an Alligator Snapper, we are just at the northern edge of its range. It was like this ugly dude:

Well, growlmy has today and tomorrow off from work, but has to work on Monday, Memorial Day.

Happy Memorial Day to all!


  1. Wow! Whut a 'venture yu din't have with that mean lookin turdal!
    Go 'way frum MJF's yard an don't come back!

    Now Growlmy is gonna have to keep an eye out that no more uf those critters get back in yur yard!

    Happy Memorial Day back at 'cha!

    1. Hi, Zoe! Didn't see turtles of any variety, but I did a whole lot of digging cause there is some digging varmint in my yard...I shall find it soon I hope. I ruined one trail already. Growlmy thinks its a groundhog, OMD!
      Growlmy was so relieved I had no idea there was a nasty trespasser trying to enter my premises.

  2. Yikes!! Dose snappers are some ugly dudes! Glad yer Growlmy evicted it!!

    1. Growlmy says she rehomed it, BOL! And gave it a fast path to the creek area, but it was so ungrateful...and all she got for her efforts was some ugly & dangerous snaps!

  3. OMD, dat are one ugly turtle dude!

    You's so cute though! Happy Memorial Day!

    1. Ugly maybe doesn't quite do it...repugnant and revolting, maybe...the stuff of bad dreams.

      Those pics were from 2010...growlmy likes to recycle, BOL!
      Some of the laying of flags ones were taken this morning.

  4. Crikey .... Mum's going to google those blokes. We've got real nice turtles in Australia. Those blokes look mean!!
    Happy Memorial day ..... Mum loved that picture the placing of flags on grave sites. All those flags! All that remembrance! You looked pretty special too Mr JF Sir.

    1. Hi, Charlie.
      Well, they are not poisonous, but if they snap hard enough and are big enough you could lose a finger or more. They are despicable and vicious!

      If one gets to be there seeing all those flags like that, it is quite moving. To think that all those peeps served their country. And there are so many of these cemeteries..what a cost freedom is. Canada has a lot of them too. Also overseas are many, from the US and Canadian military peeps. There is one quite close to where growlmy's Mom grew up called Groesbeek Canadian War Cemetery. It is so impressively poignant to be there amidst the graves of those who gave all. Growlmy was there in 1975.

      I think growlmy had me 'pose' for those pics back in 2010, my goodness I have gotten a lot lighter in the furs around my schnooter...she didn't have time to make any new ones...

    2. You were VERY handsome then Mr JF Sir ...... AND you're VERY handsome now. Light around the schnooter makes you look very distinguished!

  5. Wow, you have snapping turtles in your area? You have never seen one and wouldn't know what to do if we did come across one. Your Memorial Day photos are beautiful.

  6. If you evfur do see one of those nasty critters, stay away...I repeat, STAY AWAY!

    They will not back down, and retreat into their shells either.
    You want to not have to lose a paw or your schnooter to one of their lunging snaps...and they are really quick with that...they strike out like lightening.

    Growlmy made those pics in 2010, she had to recycle! BOL!