Thursday, May 29, 2014

Harry The Dirty Dog - aka - Stinky Pup

I is a Stinky Pup!
Yes I am!
My nickname sometimes..and sometimes my real name!
Tuesday it was my real name. OMD!

Growlmy was puttering in the yard…and still in her jammies, Yikes!
She went to the wood pile to add some junk from her patio planters that she had clipped in her daily dead-heading.  (OMD, I hope she doesn’t do that to me, BOL!)
So of course that means I took the opportunity to start my own rounds of the back woodsy area.

When I finally emerged, I was no longer a white dog with tan marks, I was a grey dog with black all over. And a cloud of flies even. Eeuuwwwwwww!
At least that is what growlmy yelled. I was quite proud of my accomplishment. Wagging my tail…
Growlmy acted quickly and shut my doggy doors…and than went to get a leash. Hey, a leash on me while I am in my fenced yard?
She then opened the back door and made me come inside, still on leash. Oh-oh. Now I knew I was in big trouble..cause we went into the bathroom. Its not called the *bath*room for nothing…
And I got the royal treatment.
And I even presented growlmy with another tick! Eeuuwwwww! At least it was only looking for a home…nope, not happening, growlmy said and flushed it down the toilet!
She scrubbed and scrubbed me trying to get that awful stank off of me. She rinsed me all off and did it again. That’s better she said…though I was begging to differ, I had kind of liked that  'not-doggy-smell’.
Then she insulted me further by clipping my tootsies. She said that is easier when they are soft…but now how’s I supposed to be a good digger?

And then she still didn’t let me out of there, she got out the hair dryer and  used that on my furs to fluff them up…and what is a dude gonna do with floofy furs I ask? Well she wanted me all dry because she had to put new flea and tick treatment on me, it was time again. And she spayed me ( OK pups...she really meant *sprayed*BOL, OMD!! Typo's are so funny sometimes!)...with *Neem Protect Spray*, too…a repellant of natural oils. Smells not too bad…peeps can use it too.
And then she only let me out on the leash after that. Humph…Pffftttt. She said she didn’t want me to go back to my roll spot, cause she didn’t have time to give me another bath. Well, I didn’t want one…but she also says she can’t have me on the carpet being a Stinky-Pup.

She said all this reminded her of the childhood books about Harry a mostly white terrier doggy and the tail of his called ‘Harry The Dirty Dog’.

And today I found a new spot that was oh so rollable!
Growlmy shoveled dirt over it…Booo….

She wishes she knew what/who is making these rollable spots fur my pleasure and her consternation. There are varmints there, I know it! If they keep making yummy rollables, I might just let them stay, BOL! Actually I only can smell their dens, I haven’t been able to oust any of them…as yet…give me time, give me time.

No pictures today...TMI, BOL!


  1. First off, yu said "And she spayed me " up there. I think, I hope, yu meant sprayed! Bol!

    Wow, whut a venture yu had! Flies efun! Wow!
    Fun times at Freckles place!

    Mommy loves those Harry books. They were lots of fun to read to the kiddos. She wants to know if yu know 'bout the one where Harry's granny knits him a sweater, he hates it an a burd takes off with it fur her nest!

    1. Yes, sprayed, BOL! Typos...

      Growlmy read all those Harry books as a child, and it was so fun cause that was her brother's name...Yes the sweater book is oh so funny...and the birdie makes it into her nest! Recycled things even back then! Imagine a sweater with roses on it...
      Do you know the Angus books, too...about the little Scottie? Pawppy loves those and we have all of them right a matter of fact, I think the Harry books are in a box upstairs!

  2. Oh, I just loves to roll in stinky stuff! Mom gets quite disgusted with me when I do that, but I just love it. You are my hero turning yourself from a white dog into a black dog. I certainly hope that growlmy did not "spay" you. That should be left for a vet to do to a female doggie. BOL!

    1. spaying occurred here, only spraying. BOL!

      Rolling in doggy stinky stuff and recoloring our furs is a great talent, right Buddy?!

  3. Gud gwief, Fweckles! Gwowlmy r weally intu intu da 'du-it-yurselb' pet care, huh?? BOL :D

    My Momma wuffed all da Harry books!! Hur wememers dat one, tu, Zoe!

    1. Hi, Zaidie! I see the chain leash, and I start to think what is she gonna do now? Cause its used only at bath times...not like my walking leash.
      It was a doggy-matic-washing-system...BOL!
      Those Harry books are classics!

  4. Rollin' in stanky stuff?? You boys and stanky stuff! BOL!

  5. I got a baff today too - glad I escaped dat toenail trimmin stuff - I HATE dat!

    1. I hate the tootsie part too...only way she can do it is with me up on the counter and wearing my leash...better than before when she also had to use a muzzle, OMD!

  6. Replies
    1. I sure did, and I wasn't happy to have to leave it to go down the drain...what a waste!

  7. Crikey Mr. JF Sir ... errrrrrrrrr ...... Stinky pup .... I sure would have liked to see a piccie when all your fur was fluffed up. Did you stand still for that hair dryer thingoe? My Mum tried that on me once. I nearly broke my neck getting away from it. She hasn't tried it since!!!!

    1. I do not like that hair dryer but I do tolerate it...I figure its better than being damp, cause then I just start doing my torpedo rolls again on the carpet...or I will run outside and roll in the grass...

  8. dood....did ewe get ta roll in mud....we iz mega gel uz if ewe did...we wood love ta roll in mud....troo lee all catz due...ask pip & minko......itz all most az fun as sprayin treez !!!..ya noe ya mite wanna roll in perch sum time .......ya onlee knead bout 57 slices...toss em on de ground N roll a way ....itz grate sport & ya WILL smell grate♥♥
    heerz two a flounder fries & fun week oh end !!

    1. It might well have been some deadly sure was stinkier than any mud!
      Hey! The peeps had them some cod tonight! OMD!!
      I should have snagged some to roll in!