Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Dogster Diary Still Works, BOL! It picked me as a DDP!

When I got up today, growlmy told me I was a furmouse pup!
You are honored for catching bunnies and acquiring a tick. YUCK!
You are a DDP in Dogsterland.
Well the DDP isn’t yuck, BOL!

Here is a nice picture Cooper and his gang made fur my DDP. Thank-woofs so much!
Thanks Cooper and furmily!!

I have not been able to scare out any more bunnies.
Growlmy hasn’t found any more tick on me thankfurly.
It has been rather quiet, other than all my barking racket.
And it has been raining and raining and raining…maybe I should turn into a duck until the rain turns back to sunny times!
And the nice warm days have gotten dank and chilly with a cold breeze.
Its been raining so much that our grass is growing like the proverbial weeds…and pawppy says he can sit in a chair and watch it grow…and it will just have to wait until the rain stops to get another mowing...

Pawppy is getting a new vehicle, and unfur the younger will get the used one. I think when unfur drives into our driveway, I shall be all confused when pawppy doesn’t get out of it…and I need to relearn the new one. Today I was watching the street from my inner dry sanctuary in the dining room…I can sit at the picture window and look out over my terriertory…and I started to bark and woof and wag…pawppy was coming home from work…and I knew it befur growlmy did, BOL!

Hershey and Winkie sent me a blue ribbon:Thanks!
I got a Golden Bone too, that was fun to gnaw on, kept me busy for quite a while...
 I got some balloons, too.At least I don’t have to get all bent out of shape about those balloons, they are a lot less threatening than hot air balloons, BOL!

And now being as it is so furry late…I shall woof my goodnights and hit my nesting spot…you know; a good turn around, and a better scratching to ready the place and then I shall sink down and ZZzzzzzzzz…………zzz…….zz…….z……..


  1. Congrats! I luv balloons - I bounce dem off my nose - dat's how I came up wif pool ball - I'd already been playin wif balloons!

  2. Congrats on yur Diary Pick.

    Bark on! It's whut I do!

    1. Bark on and on and on...Love to Bark!
      Its my calling second only to digging...

  3. Congratulations!! A DDP is a fun thing to get! We got rain fur a coupla days, but now the sun is back. Whit is kinda cheesed off, though, cuz it's too cool fur pool ball...

    1. It still a lot warmer over your way than here where it is now only 35*F...
      Growlmy had to put jackets on some of her plants!

    2. You put jackets on plants????? CRIKEY!! I'd like to see that ....

    3. Growlmy places sheets or old table cloths over them to keep the frost from damaging them. Plastic sheeting works too. They are all covered up again tonight. Brrr!

  4. Congrats on your DDP. What kinda vehicle is pawppy getting and will he take you along for the test drive to see if you approve. Angel Abby used to always bark to alert mom when dad was coming home. I have not learned how to do that yet. Bark on, Freckles!

    1. Hes is getting a sedan, an Accord...I have not been in his other one, and growlmy says I won;t be in this one anytime soon...I do my riding around in the van.
      I bark too, a happy yappy one when I hear pawppy/boss-boy coming in.
      And I bark a nasty one if that UPS truck dares to even come on my road, let alone my driveway...

  5. bout bee in LATE !! happee bee lated DDP...with all de crazed nezz goin on over ther...may bee dogster will give ewe a CASH prize !!!!!

    1. Hi, TT's!
      Thank Woofs!
      Cash...hey that would be neato and fun!
      I can only wish...

  6. Congratulations Mr. JF Sir .... You might get to join me on the merry-go-round. I've been having a bit of trouble getting in over there again.

    1. Thanks!
      If I spun enough, merry-go-rounds would make me so dizzy...
      If I get an error message, I just click the refresh button,that mostly gets it working. Its kind of a pain to have to double click all the time.