Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dogabrationing of My Barkday Continued...

Yesterday was my barkday/birthday, but I still got more comments, prezzies and messages after growlmy went to her own nest...
So of course I have to write all about it!

And thank woofs to all of my pawsome pals!!

I got a couple more pictures from Droopy and her Momma, and of course that means that Rascal helped, too, Woofs!!

A Birthday Picture from Droopy and Her Furmily

Another one from Droopy, too:

A Second Birthday Picture from Droopy and Her Furmily

They did a nice job!

I got to bark at that truck that comes by each week to steal the junk in the big bin at the curbside...its so noisy, it doesn't even pretend to be stealthful in its deeds...

I had to do some yard-guard duty last night, as the peeps went out to dinner, but even though it was my barkday, I had to stay home...shucks.
Oh well, I got more treats when they got back!

I gotta go now, ore barking work out there....WOOF!


  1. dood...wadda ya meen ya getted....treetz......ewe shulda been given a dawgie bag that inclooded steak ham samiches N wuz YUR birthday afturr all....N yur pick sure cards iz rockin !!!

  2. Um...they went to a fish plaice, TT's, BOL!!
    My kitty brofurs wodda been jealous...

  3. Good job on the yard duty, I know you keep on top of things!

    Those are some nice pictures! Glad you had a pawsome day!

  4. Our trucks come down da alley - I make sure to bark dem good!

    1. And when we bark them they always drive off, BOL! We know what needs to be done!

  5. Sounds like you had a treat-filled day-- a great way to celebrate!

    1. The best, some of those treats I had nevfur tasted befur, YUMMERS! I shall ask growlmy to get more of those.

    2. They were called 'whimzees', gluten and allergen free. They are made in the Netherlands...