Monday, April 21, 2014

Spring Is For Digging!

It has been pretty nice weather here the past few days, including Easter.
And rather quiet, too, since growlmy had to work over the weekend. At least pawppy was around to beg tidbits from. here was no Easter Bunny here...though growlmy took some bunny ears to her work to cheer up her way she said was she going to let any pictures be taken of her with those ears on, though she did wear them all shift at her work. Lots of residents giggled, so it was worth it!

Our Bluebells are in full bloom, and I like to watch over them.
Enjoying some rays by the patch of Bluebells.
And I like to prance through them...growlmy says it reminds her of the song; "Tiptoe Through the Tulips"...
Just ambling along...
I had me a good sniff of them, too...and now those daffodils should be abloom in a day or so.
There are daffodils here too!
Here is a closer look at my patch of Bluebells. They are under the weeping cherry tree, but that isn't anywhere's near blossoming yet.
Closeup of Bluebells
After growlmy and I finished admiring the Bluebells we went to the back part of my yard which is kind of a woodsy area. While growlmy started to do some weeding chores, I started a different project.

First I had to check out the woodpile to make sure no varmints were trespassing.
I wonder if them bunnies are in here.

Yoo-Hoo! Varmints come out of there!

Hey, what is it growlmy; can't I dig in here?

I can smell them rascals!

They were HERE!

And in here...

In the snowy times my woodpile looked like this:
Sure looks different now! Its bigger now too, because lots of limbs and branches have been added...

 Well, after I checked that out, I found a bunch of garden snakes...and bad growlmy rescued them all from me and put them on the other side of the fence, sheesh, I was having so much fun trying to snag them. Afterall, aren't they varmints too? They eat them so they must be...

Then when the snakes were gone, I rolled in some yummy stinks, and then I got to work...right here:
Got to get this all excavated...

Here are some of my digging project pictures:
Getting a good start.
My claws are getting a workout!

I just know that there's something diggable here...
I think I have lots of work here.
Taking a break...
Digging is such dirty work, but somefur has to do it.
Back at it!

I won't stop till I get the job done...I am not called digger-dog fur nothing!
Listening for that pesky varmint

Growlmy said she could plant a garden where I did the roto-tilling...
That work warrants a rest now.

But wait, I hear something over there...

Maybe I should start an excavation here.
Hmmm...where to start?

Wait, what is that I hear now?

Its close by!

Its way up there in the tall tree...but...
All that digging and now I am too pooped to chase it...yawn...

OMD! What a long blog I made growlmy put up...
By the way,my schnooter is all cleaned up now...



  1. Luved all your photos! Dat diggin looks like a lotta fun.

  2. Those flowers is sure purdy. But that woodpile thingy! It's like a partment house fur vermines and varmints!
    Good job with yur rototillin. Yu are a big help out there in yur yard.

    1. We were going to have a nice bonfire last fall, but the snow beat us to it...and right now its too dry and I just enjoy it while I can...

      Digging is a fun hobby!
      Yes, growlmy needs more places to plant they sell bacon or meatball trees at nurseries??

    2. I du nod nod kno' if dem du, Fweckles, bud dem shur shood!

      OMD!! Cood yu 'magine whut dat wood be wike?? :"I be wite back, Momma. Da bacon twees r weady tu harbest." BOLBOLBOL :D

    3. Trees full of all kinds of delish MEATZ™, Mmmm!
      Ready fur us furs to nom on anytime we need a snack...OMD! Drooling happening here...

  3. dood....SNAKES !!!!! ??????

    we wooda been outta ther faster N de race carz travel de indy ta stix ta eatin pizza pies with pawppy.....seer ee iz lee ♥

    pea ess...that sound ewe hurd be vizshuz squirrel.....

    1. I have to keep up my reputation as a Terrier...we 'go to ground' to get vermin...

      Yeah, dem red squirrels we gots here are furry vizshuz indeed,,,and they make as much if not more noise than I do.

      Pizza with pawppy?? Hey what'd I miss? Woof?

  4. Funny...I r nod much ob a digger, bud, den 'gain, I r neber gibben much ob a chance tu du it! *clears throat and stares at Momma*

    1. You need to ask fur your own corner to dig up, Zaidie, Its so much fun!
      don't worry about getting a dirty schnooter, when the mud dries it just brushes off...

    2. crikey Mr JF Sir .... all that diggin' work and all those great pictures of you and what does my Mum say. 'Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Bluebells and daffodils - How beautiful! I can't wait for the photo of the cherry tree in blossom'! Fair dinkum!!!!!! What's with Mothers'?
      That was one mighty big yawn at the end of your VERY busy day, aye?? Bet you slept like a log that night ...

    3. Charlie, at the end of my entry for March 19th there is a picture of that weeping cherry tree in blossom.
      I can't put it in my comments else I would...

      And I should have posted this blog today as it is Earth Day, I was a go to earth doggy! BOL!!

      I always sleep like a log, until I hear something, then I start up my barking machine...I think I sleep with my ears awake!

  5. Those flowers are beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Sometime in May we should finally have some things blooming in the yard. Did you catch that rascally varmint!?

    You are a pup after my own heart and I love all your digging photos! You and I should have a contest!

    1. That varmint eluded my efforts...and growlmy took the snakes away from me...sigh...
      Digging is a great hobby!
      Once Murphy, my Cairn doggy-cousin from Canada, was here, and between us we almost got to China. BOL!!

  6. Freckles, I nominated you for the Yoo Hoo! YOO HOO! award. Please see my blog! Do not feel pressured to make an entry but know I think you are pawsome and that is why I nominated you! Hugs!

    1. I shall go and check it out...soon...

    2. Sheesh, my dogretary needs to get with it, she didn't even let me say my Thank-woofs!