Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Blue Stuff…Exterminator Duties Thwarted…And A Screwy Tail

Today, growlmy found  me in the yard hunting!
Nose to the ground...then munch-munch-lick the chops and repeat.
This started after I ran lickety split through my doggy door to bark at the neighbors cat. (A handsome tuxedo kitty, growlmy says.)
Well, something else caught my eye, actually my sniffer. Yummy stuff!  By the time growlmy had caught on to this I had cleaned up a whole lot of cookie crumbs…and there was blue icing and easter egg sprinkles on it, Mmmm!
Now how on earth did all those yummy crumbs get on my side of the fence??
The older kids over there know that I am not supposed to have that kind of thing, and they wouldn’t want to share yummy cookies with me anyways.
The youngest rascal over there is about 4 years old. Likely he was the guilty pawrty, BOL!
Goodness only knows why he would want to part with a cookie. And no the icing was a light blue, so still no clue as to how my schnooter turned blue a while ago, Tee-hee!

Monday I was enjoying helping growlmy do her yard work. OMD What a load of limbs and branches came down over the course of our harsh winter.
That stick/wood pile is humongous!
I cannot even try to climb it, its so full of sticks all in a tangle and evfurry-which-way! Only those pesky rude red squirrel dudes are able to maneuver their way through it to the top…where they sit, munching left over 2013 walnuts and taunting me. Grrr!

Well, growlmy was trying to be a lumberjack, and was removing a dead honeysuckle shrub. She must have disturbed a lot of underground varmints…cause suddenly she saw me in pointer mode. And then I pounced…pointed and relocated the sounds and pounced again…YES! I got it!
A vole. It kept trying to escape, and even tried to dig itself underground again. No Way! I wasn’t going to let it go, I worried it and grabbed it by the neck…and it was a goner. But then growlmy spoiled all my fun…and wasn’t going to let me even try to sample that prize…she gave it a vole funeral, whatever that means, BOL!
And then it tarted to drizzle…sigh…even the weather spoils my fun...

Our yard is already showing lots of those typical trails from the work of all the underground moles, voles, and gophers. UGH, say the pawrents, fun say I!

Growlmy says her work is cut out fur her…so many weeds are already coming up! Sheesh, they are so dang frost hardy and a constant cause of hard labor. And the real gardening work of the season hasn’t even gotten underway!

Today was a great day, about 60 degrees! And sunny all day long!
But…growly couldn’t do anything in the yard…she had to go and find out why one of  her tires was looking so tired. OMD! There was a big screw stuck in it. So, well, now her van will need to be retired, but at least it won’t have to go to the pasture, BOL!


  1. My neighbors stink, dey never gives me no treats at all!!

    1. Well, mine are not supposed to , but that wee one is known fur helping me...cookies, sandwiches, chips and the like, BOL! He is my snack source!
      (Until growlmy tattles to his mommy, I guess...)

  2. That cookie sounds yummy but we hope yu never find anything Bad that might make yu have a sicky!
    Why the peepoles always gotta work, work, work? They should jus relax an enjoy the sunny shine times.
    An good job catchin that lil vole dood!

    1. That's why growlmy doesn't want me getting things from them...

      Well, if growlmy didn't work, I suppose my treats and toys stash would be smaller...
      Off to hunt and snag me another varmint!

  3. dood...just watch out coz thoze squirrelz can bee vizshuz....sittin ona wood pile one minit lookin like de nutz they eat N de next thing ya noe they be throwin stuff like logs at cha....hope yur mom geeted her tire fixed sew it doez knot hafta ree tire.......benny fits aint what they used ta bee :)

    1. Hi, Tabbies.
      Then squirrels are more than a bit of a pain...

      And the tire has a temp-y fix, until growlmy does get 'retired'...cause these things got about 80,000 miles or maybe a million on them already...

  4. Crikey Mr JF Sir .... you've sure been having a good time lately. Maybe the Easter Bunny has been to your place a bit early and left all that yummy stuff for you. You killed a vole!!!! What's a vole??? I've heard of Moles and gophers but not voles. That's a new one for me. Shame you didn't get to have a taste. Maybe they are poisonous or something and that's why Growlmy took it away. It was nice of her to give it a funeral. I think a funeral is when they put things in a bin or flush them down that toilet thing.

    1. Hmmm, growlmy had to research that one...

      Question: What's the Difference Between a Mole and a Vole?
      A mole is a mouse-like garden pest that causes subterranean damage. But so is a vole. So what's the difference between a mole and a vole? And why is it important to know the difference between a mole and a vole...?

      The preferred diet of the mole is a carnivorous one. The mole will eat worms, grubs and adult insects. Neither the eastern mole nor the star-nosed mole is a rodent, so any gnawing damage you find on plants is unlikely to have been perpetrated by a mole. But rodents do exploit mole tunnels to wage subterranean war on plants, thereby making the mole an accessory to the crime!

      The vole, by contrast, is a rodent. A vole will gnaw at the base of a tree or shrub, especially in winter; thus the metal guards sold to prevent such vole damage. A vole may also damage flower bulbs and potatoes in the garden. But mainly, the vole will eat the stems and blades of lawn grass. And the runways they leave behind in the process make for an unsightly lawn. Voles can also inadvertently damage plants by burrowing into the root systems of trees and shrubs, causing young specimens to experience dieback or to begin to lean.

      Why is it important to know the difference between a mole and a vole? Well, here's one reason:

      If you realize that the mole is mainly a carnivore, whereas the vole is a primarily a vegetarian, you'll know that they won't necessarily be attracted to the same baits (should you decide to try to catch one of these garden pests). A vole may be attracted to peanut butter as a bait; a mole most likely will not.

      Don't know if they are harmfur to eat...but growlmy tries to err on the side of caution, besides who wants to eat those anyways, unless you are a wild hunter, BOL!

      Growlmy almost choked when she read your comments about the funeral, BOL!

  5. Crikey they both sound crook to me. It's not important to know the difference between them in your house, aye? Just show their ugly heads around you, Mr JF Sir, and they're goners!
    Crikey Growlmy .... I made MORE work for you. So sorry to do that. Just tell me to google it next time. I don't think to do that ...... I should!! That was all very interesting though so thankyou for telling me. Rodents, aye??? Glad we don't have things like that out here. They must be a real problem in the garden and they are underground so you can't see them. Sneaky little blokes! I kinda admire them for the sneakiness being that way inclined myself...

  6. Oh, I don't think it took growlmy too long to find that info...and little work to C/P it to here...Our yard is a mess with evidences of these pests...tunnels, piles where they came up, and dead grass patches where the roots got chewed...I only sometimes try to snag to chase bunnies and squirrels they are more fun! BOL!
    Then when I do try to rout them out, I get into the bad books fur my digging...

  7. We ain't got gophers, moles, or voles down here.. probably gets too hot fur 'em in da summer. Good job on getting dat vole... only good varmint is a dead varmint, I always sez...
    And Charlie is right, I's seen Momma officiate at a rat funeral... It are very short and to da point. No words is said. It basically involves da transport of da not-so-dearly departed on da ceremonial shovel and da dumpin' of da deceased into da giant outside garbage can wiff wheels. Den da funeral continues with da transfer of da decedent into a white hearse with writing on da side--also known as a garbage truck...bol!

    1. BOL, Finley!

      Been there and done that, right??!

  8. And Whit's right, our neighbors stink. Dey don't evfun gives belly rubs. Harry usta live next door and he gave belly rubs... I luved Harry...

  9. sounds like you have a nice Spring! We are still waiting for ours (pout). And score for the blue cookie!

  10. JF-keep those kids next doors! pretty special to have 1 that shares cookies......
    I'd be there buddy forever...I'm a cookie girl.......kisses,mazy

    1. No kidding! I love me my treats, but I am not supposed to have wheat...makes me itchy...
      Growlmy actually gave all my treats to that furmily fur their doggy after she realized I was having those issues...did I get a whole lot in return from growlmy...nope..what nerve!